We publish paperback books and booklets. Images, photos and art can also be added to the interior of your fiction or non-fiction book. Interior contents will be black/white, however, we will create beautiful front and back covers in full color for your book. Samples of our covers are displayed below.

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How we will see your book to completion:
You will do the interior of your book using a word processor, MS Word, or Open Office software. You will save it in a .doc format, adding your images where you wish to place them in your book. When you have completed your final book or booklet, send it to us as an attachment to an email. We will set the formatting (margins, etc.) according to the size of book that you want to have printed (see available sizes below). We do not edit or change anything in the interior except the page setup margins. We will then covert your newly formatted book into a .pdf file and upload it to our printers.
For the covers of your book, we will work with you as to what you would like to see and say on your covers - we do all the creation of covers using your suggestions and ideas. Title and author's name of course will be displayed, and whatever artwork that would appropriately correspond to the content of the interior and your subject matter. We will then put together your front and back cover art with spine wording. From the time you send your document to us and upon converting and designing your cover will be about two weeks. Once we send the completed work to the printers it will be about 14 days before you get your finished copy. These times are approximate of course, but you should have your book approximately 4 - 6 weeks after sending us your final .doc.

Paperback Sizes

Letter = 8.5" X 11"
Trade = 6" X 9"
Royal = 6.13" X 9.21"
sm Square = 7.5" X 7.5"
lg Square = 8.5" X 8.5"

Below are samples of book covers published through Betmatrho Publishing