PLATE # 12
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In plate #12 we have much to consider:

1)The pope holding a sprig of evergreen & the keys to the kingdom - and
2) The bird he kidnapped [seen on prior plate image]
3) A little holy lamb that is being killed - as a sacrifice??
4) A person that is half serpent and half human who represents the church as there is a popes hat on his/her head, which contains a cross [see middle picture]
5) a large sword held over the lamb's body, and a smaller dagger at it's throat
6) branches in pope's hand

If this is a continuation of plate 11, the pope is Innocent VII. He had stollen the 'bird' [child or children] of a divine mother and rode off on his horse in the previous plate. However, there were a number of anti-popes around this time to. Some that had been declared pope by France, but rejected by Rome, so a different pope was installed. There were Spanish, Italian, French, Scillian, and Lord only knows the nationality of some of these popes. There was really no rhyrme nor reason to the installation of peopes during the medieval years. There were many murders at the orders of the popes, dirty dealings, the selling of indulgences, and all sorts of immoral activity going on withing the unHoly Roman Church, some of which was never recorded. Even with the happenings that was recorded being disgusting, one can only imagine what atrosities occurred that were not recorded.

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INTERPRETATION OF PLATE 12 [& plate 19 shown here]

The bird dipicted here is the one that the pope kidnapped in plate #11, which he may or may not sacrifice to please the serpent goddess. The half human, half serpent represents the church as an evil entity. This serpent god or goddess instructs and assists the pope in the act.The creature is out for the blood of the very innocent.

Here the pope is sacrificing the lamb, which in fact, represents Jesus, or the descendants of Jesus - the sacred bloodline. This plate may be implying that it was the Roman Church that also killed Jesus - yes the church run by the devil. Did the church come after the death of Jesus, or, did Jesus come after the church was already in existence, perhaps carried over from Babylon? Jesus was teaching against evil institutions and disavowed the church of Babylon, but his truth has been destroyed and all truth seekers at that time were killed by the church, after first being tortured, disfigured, maimed, and left to be burned while still alive.

Rome, and then the unHoly Roman Empire, is an extension of Nebechadnezzer's Babylon. The serpent represented ancient Babylon, the devil, Rome and the church - as depicted here. Jesus taught against this evil organization. "Get out of Babylon"

"A story about a half human half serpent, Lamia" by Micha F. Lindemans
The ancient Greeks believed that the Lamia was a vampire who stole little children to drink their blood. She was portrayed as a snake-like creature with a female head and breasts. Usually female, but sometimes referred to as a male or a hermaphrodite.
According to legend, she was once a Libyan queen (or princess) who fell in love with Zeus. Zeus' jealous wife Hera deformed her into a monster and murdered their offspring. She also made Lamia unable to close her eyes, so that she couldn't find any rest from the obsessing image of her dead children. When Zeus saw what had been done to Lamia, he felt pity for her and gave his former lover a gift: she could remove her eyes, and then put them on again. This way, though sleepless, she could rest from her misfortune. Lamia envied the other mothers and took her vengeance by stealing their children and devouring them. In Lamia and other Poems (1820), the English poet John Keats writes about Lamia too. In this version, based on the information he found in Anatomy of Melancholy of the 1600s, Lamia has the ability to change herself into a beautiful young woman. Here she assumes a human form to win a man's love. Another version of this myth states that Hera killed Lamia's children and that it was her grief that turned her into a monster.