PLATE # 51

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In this image we see the following objects for consideration:

A HAND HOLDING OUT A RED ROSE TO AN INVISIBLE POPE - see heraldry image at right.

England is extending a rose to the Pope.


ROSE: The bearer of good tidings. The Christians adopted the Rose as a symbol of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and hence became a symbol of motherhood and purity. Could also represent the mother of Jesus' children, Mary Magdalene. When shown stalked and leaved it has the added symbolism of protection because of the thorns. The Rose is the emblem of England and still the two counties (Yorkshire and Lancashire) replay the Wars of the Roses on the cricket field each English summer.
In heraldry, the Rose is used as a mark of distinction for the seventh son, degree, house, level, etc.  The Red Rose is one of the badges used for the House of Lancaster and is mentioned severally in the early days of heraldry in the reigns of Henry IV and Henry V.
The Rose can be shown as a heraldic rose or as a natural rose; symbol of providence, divination, love, beauty, purity and passion.