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In this image we see the following objects for consideration:

1) A Pope
2) The Wolf who wants to remove the pope's tiara [hat]
3) A hand 'speaking' to pope in 'anger' it would seem
4) The banner of the pope - keys with an X mark.
5) A Tree, from which the hand may have spoken.

Pope = Clement V - Wolf = Death loss of sheep - Tree = ancestral tree, denoting a family line. The voice of God speaks on behalf of innocents from the grave, such as murdered Grand Master of the Templar Knights, whose curse upon the papacy and king of France is tremendous. Hand Speaking: = The curse of Jacques de Molay has reached the ears of God and He takes revenge upon the Holy Roman Empire. Seven plagues spread across the unHoly Roman Empire and in some areas wiped out half the population.
The House of France (la maison de France), or simply the Capets, which ruled the Kingdom of France from the year 987 to 1328. The direct House of Capet came to an end in 1328, when the three sons of King Philip IV all failed to produce surviving male heirs to the French throne. [from the curse].

The Curse from God
Before he was burned at the stake on March 18, 1314, Jacques de Molay, Grand Master of the Templar Knights, said approximately this to King Philip of France, and to Pope Clement V, seated in France, by whose hands murdered the Templars and disbanded their Order:
'Before the year is over, meet me before the judgment and seat of God - and your generations should meet with the same before God.'
King Philip and Pope Clement V both died before the year 1314 was over. The 300 yr old 'House of Capet' collapsed within 14 yrs. The Black Death [plague] fell upon Europe when the Pope Clement VI took office. The Great Famine of 1315 - 1322 was the first of a series of large crises that struck Europe during this 14th century, causing millions of deaths. This after two centuries of growth and prosperity. Starting in 1315, there were extreme levels of disease, crimes, and numerous other horrible disasters. To be honest, the writing is on the wall, the Templars were protected by God and their abolishment, torture thereof, and horrendous deaths by the King and Pope brought a curse upon Europe. This 'unHoly Roman Empire' was itself abolished in 1806 - thank you Napoleon. At this time the curse of Jacques de Molay ended - nearly 500 years after he was brutally murdered. The Knights were protecting more than pilgrims - they were the divine order - not the Church.

WOLF: From mythology and story telling from all parts of the world, the Wolf has carried a sense of contradiction: a wild and fearful animal that can represent death and Satan; but at the same time a companion to the goddess Artemis and Scandinavian god, Odin.  Throughout ancient history the Wolf was admired and respected as a symbol of strength, intelligence and courage. Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome, were reportedly nurtured and raised by Wolves.  But, eventually, this noble legend became the "bloodthirsty savage" of European lore.  Many cultures included the crafty Wolf in their legends. Vereticus, king of Wales, was converted by St. Patrick into a Wolf. Source: AG-Heraldry Symbolism.

Also biblically, 
it was an emblem of the tribe of Benjamin.