It is interesting that a bird is attempting to remove the keys from the hand of a pope - this could be one of the 'antepopes', but it is possible that this particular 'antepope' was a descendant of Jesus/Mary Magdalene and had rights to the keys.
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 Plate # 9 has the following for our consideration:
   1) 3 birds - one rooster and two miscellaneous birds
   2) A pope holding the 'keys to the kingdom' who appears to be killing a bird with a dung fork
   3) a male figure watching passively while the killings take place.

The Pope, after the murder of the Templar Knights, sought to murder also, three family lines, represented by the 3 birds, those of which the Templars were protecting. You will learn more about these 3 lines on plate #70. It seems that someone from one branch of the family wanted to [rightfully] remove the authority of the 'keys to the kingdom' from the pope, so to prevent this from happening, the pope attempted to kill all remaining blood relatives of these 3 family lines - some of which were members of the Knights of Templar. After the disbandment of the Templars, some family members left France and went to England. Remember the witch hunts? The church insisted that all blood was drained from the victims and burned before burning their bodies. The church had to rid the world of the blood of these descendants as there must not be anyone to hinder their power and control.

For the life of me, I can't understand how anyone in their right mind would pay homage to these horrible men that claimed to have the keys to the 'kingdom'.
This Pope will be unnamed for now, as it really doesn't matter which one it was - they were all cut from the same cloth and belonged to the church that did these most horrible acts.

What plate #9 is telling us is that the Pope, as the head of the Church, murdered, some of the 'birds' [members of 3 different family lines] while the man in back [representing the bishops, cardinals, and the church itself] did nothing to halt the murders.

The significance of the killing of 3 birds will become apparent as the plates progress. We have learned that the Templar Knights were disbanded and murdered on previous plates. What was their true mission? Was it merely to protect pilgrimages to Jerusalem, or something else?

Matthew 10:29 "Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? And one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father [knowing of it]."
The Rooster represents St. John, The black bird represents St. Martin, the bird under the dung fork represents St. Clair.

Origin: Normandy > Scottish
Coat of Arms: Silver with a black cross engrailed.
Crest: A gold rooster.
Motto: Commit thy work to God

Spelling variations of this family name include: Sinclair, Saint Clare, Sancto Claro, Singular, Sinclaire, Seincler, Sanclar, Sincklair, Sinclear, Sincler and many more.
The Sinclair surname was a Norman name originally found at St. Clai-sur-Elle in La Manche and in St Clair L Eveque in Normandy before arriving in Scotland.

First found in the barony of Roslyn near Edinburgh in Scotland.