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South Salem Presbyterian Church Cemetery on

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 1752 - 1823

Records of South Salem Church of Westchester Co., NY - 1752 - 1823, have been made possible by the transcribing efforts of Betty Matteson Rhodes, as taken from the files of the South Salem Church archives. This lovely little Church is still in existence and is located in Westchester County, New York. 
Please note that many of the surnames are misspelled by today's standards and for the most part these errors were left exactly as found. There were 61 pages from the old records found, which date from 1752 to 1823, and are separated by headings found below.

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This is a site search engine. Keep in mind that the surnames listed in the old church files were spelled basically as they sounded so if your name doesn't come up during the 'search engine search' - make a manual search of the pages - there are only four pages with the church documents but each page has quite a few names listed on them - Thanks.


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