NOTE: The Great Spirit Creator, and the 'gods' are not the same thing.

Gods, i.e. the Elohim: indicates plural gods and goddesses belonging to the royal godhead family, i.e. the Elohiym.
Strong’s Biblical Concordance, # 430

Lord God = EL or Adoni. There are plural gods mentioned in the Bible. There is also a single ‘Lord God’ who was EL, a.k.a. Enlil. In addition, the inferrence of a single ‘god’ in the Garden of Eden story - a strict disciplinarian, unsympathetic, unyielding, and a firm administrator, has all the attributes, astrologically speaking, of the PATTERN for astrological Saturn. The ‘Lord’ in the Garden of Eden was the Elohiym god, Enlil, brother to Enki - the 'serpent', i.e. 'he who knows great wisdom'. See Strong’s # 113

Serpent = the text could indicate a ‘serpent’ [Strong’s Concordance #5175 nahas]; or as in the 'Keeper of the Celtic Secrets', it is NHSH, [same as Strong’s # 5172] implying ‘one who deciphers great secrets’,  such as a scientist. The two words are very much alike and both represent Enki in different expressions. Rather than ‘serpent’, biblical scriptures could, and should, read -  ‘the one who knows much wisdom’. Also see comparisons of YHWH and Marduk - son of Enki.