Enki-Jupiter Pattern

Enki - god of HibiruA STUDY OF THE ENKI PATTERN - Enki was part of the Elohiym godhead, and was brother to Enlil.   [taken from the book "Keeper of the Celtic Secrets"]                         

      Enki is always seeking a higher form of knowledge, a greater sense of adventure, and a bigger environment in which to explore - to his heart’s content. Enki is quite generous with material things – even when the things are not his to offer, and he will freely give of his vast wisdom. He will cover a lot of territory in his lifetime, wanting to know how everything operates, will then offer his advice on how it could work better, and is probably right. He is not only a genius, but also a philosopher, and his knowledge of legal matters is second only to his medical expertise.

      A true Enki pattern believes in the term ‘live and let live’, and as long as he is free to experience life in his carefree, jovial, manner, he is a happy camper. He would like to give to the entire world everything that life has to offer, so they too can experience the joy of having the best technology, the biggest helping of whatever suits ones fancy - the bigger the better and the more the merrier, becomes Enki's motto.

      Following Enki’s pattern creates a mountain of waste and debris harmful to the Earth and humanity in many ways. Enki’s pattern is the same pattern as that of ‘the tree of knowledge of good and evil’ – which [Enki's brother] Enlil, saw as damaging, non-beneficial, and would ultimately destroy the ecosystem of balance and perfection. However, Enki is a good sport and wants everyone to be happy, free, and wanting for nothing, so will give to Eskimo’s iceboxes in which to keep his or her, soda pop cold. However, Enlil could foresee the mountain of abandoned refrigerators heaped high along the landscape, after a fifty-year supply of unnecessary luxury, and the affliction of diabetes that native people would face from consuming all that sugar [and would oppose vehemently]."


Prototype of the Sea god, Poseidon

'He Whose Home is Water'

Serpent symbol, mineral copper

Deciphers, a researcher & Medical Scientist

He who solves Secrets, extremely wise

A Developer and Craftsman

Fashioner & Creator of the Adams

He of the [gold] Mines

More patient and tolerant [than Enlil]

Less Stringent [than Enlil]

Sexual Promiscuities [loves the women]

Work focused on Biology & Mineralogy

Chief Scientist, 3rd highest [male] god in the Elohiym godhead

God of Knowledge and Great Wisdom

Irresponsible, Generous, and Extravagant


Jupiter ruled the ‘Seas’ [water sign of Pisces]

Wasteful, rebelliousness, seducer, always dissatisfied

Extreme indulgence, father figure, romantic

The favored king of the gods, religious institutions

Grandiose, regal, extravagant, vast distances

Optimistic, good-humored, crafty, researcher, beholder of great wisdom

Nobility, successful, wealthy aspirations

Bragging, boastful, sociable, legal matters

Enterprising, influential, developer, ingenuity,

Honest, philosophical, heroic, leader

Desire for knowledge, integrity,


Altruism, visionary, generous, speculative,

Religious arguments, self confident, independent

Desire to be important, popular, speculative, irresponsibility

Charming, humane, sense of duty, lucky

Great achievements, confident, sociable

Association with wealthy influential people

Desire for freedom, good fortune, dreams

Oracle-giver, higher learning, wisdom