Enlil Saturn pattern
[From: "Keeper of the Celtic Secrets"]
A STUDY OF THE ENLIL PATTERN - Enlil was the chief Lord of early civilization on Earth, and part of the Elohiym godhead, aka EL.

      The pattern for Enlil portrays responsibility exercising the ultimate in endurance with Enlilpurposeful restrictions and controls, intended to preserve, teach, stabilize, and regulate life on Earth in the most productive manner. Enlil was the driving force behind the organization and structure of man's environment and he always exercised extreme caution before making advancements here on Earth. Following the life pattern of Enlil meant many hardships, setbacks, suffering, and unpopularity. However, ultimately, after traveling the long road of perseverance, enduring hardships, keeping one’s nose to the grindstone, remaining faithful to one’s credence, and striving for perfection, the final reward is, at last, reached, This is the pattern of Enlil.

      To be isolated from all trials of endurance, suffering, and hardships, without experiencing the lessons that come with these character-building tests, is not the way of Enlil, for it does not bring balance and strength to one’s soul. The freebee programs set up by the federal government, and offered to those unwilling to endure the character-building tests of life on their own merits, present a good example of this point.  Enlil would prefer that one ‘walk the walk’ on their own volition, to experience life’s hardships as learning experiences, and not accept a free ride for the major part of one's life, for in the process of the experience, many character-building attributes can be gained. [Note: there are times when assistance is actually needed, and it is not wrong to accept help occasionally. When this help is abused, is when the pattern shifts away from the Enlil-way, to a more liberal pattern.]

      The pattern for Enlil consistently seeks to preserve that which is natural to the Earth, as well as providing for humanity the best possible scenario overall. Enlil has the ability to see the [end] result in advance, and knows, which road must be taken in order to avoid destruction and chaos ahead. He is both determined and willing to adhere to what he believes is right, knowing that if he remains loyal and steadfast, the rewards will be long lasting, sound, and eternal. The pattern for Enlil is the ultimate in seeking perfection, order, conservation, caution, and ambition. Here, there is no allowance for waste or non-essentials.

      Following the pattern for Enlil was considered the ‘way of life’, as it would preserve that which was natural, strengthen that which was weak, implement without destruction, and it was a hard-tedious life of living off the land. ‘If you want to eat – you labor’, ‘if you want a family – you become responsible’. This is the way of Enlil – hard, but it brings the most long-term benefits, success, and experience.

      In order to adhere to the strict pattern of Enlil, sound discipline is necessary – both self-discipline and karmic discipline becomes highly essential. Without discipline, the way of Enlil quickly falls into that path more heavily traveled – that of Enki.


“Father Enlil” - Lord of the Airspace [Aquarius]

Shepherd of the multitudes

Builder of cities, stalls, settlements, sheepfolds

Strict, determined, cruel, modest, disciplined

Law & order type, restricting, hard hearted

Protection only when merited

Unhesitant to deliver punishment

Wanted to destroy all the Adams in the flood

Lofty Deity, God of Heaven & Earth,

Final Authority in all earthly affairs, Sage, Elderly Deity, Firstborn of Anu,

Remote abode, sat on his throne with a flamboyant headdress, uncompromising

Epithet of a bull [which stood for Earth]

Executes orders, the all-beneficent

Revered out of fear and gratitude

Would bestow friendship and blessings to the Adams when things were going well

The teacher of farming skills and how to work the land

Grants kingship to man, Chief Executive of Gods, Granter of Agriculture, Far reaching powers, Authoritarian, ambitious, leader

Pronouncements unchangeable, decreed the destinies, made a ‘bond’- covenant with heaven and earth—liked to make bonds/covenants

Had favorite city which he ruled from: Nippur,

Faithful and loyal to spouse—not promiscuous like his brother, Enki


Old father time, insecurity, severity, a perfectionist, falsely accused, suffers sorrows

Restricting, serious, limiting, self-restraint

Authoritarian, melancholy, egoistic

Inhibited, shy, unsympathetic

Lonely, defensive, anxious, poverty-stricken

Sad, depressive, awkward, sacrifices

Pessimistic, self-disciplined, shy

Cruelty, physical suffering, separations

Obsessive, selfish, perseverance

Determination, practical, patient

Unyielding, stoical, ambitious, ‘house’ cleaning

Self absorbed, alienation, suffers losses

Hard hearted, ruthless, public troubles

Hard worker, loyal, devoted, dutiful

Thorough, sacrificing for others

Paternal, modest, retiring, foresight

Fidelity, eventual success after struggles

Saturday, slow & methodical, steadfast

Rules earth sign of Capricorn & co-ruler of air sign of Aquarius