There are many authors dealing with the subject of the 'Lost Tribes of Israel' and perhaps the first to present their identity was J. H. Allen, a Christian writer at the turn of the twentieth century. One hundred years later, writers are receiving a much broader audience in bringing forth their message [thanks to the Internet] on the discovered 'lost' tribes of Israel and their re-unification, which is that of Ephraim and Judah.
[Note: Betty Rhodes believes that the re-gathering of northern and southern tribes has already occurred, and the Re-Unification under ONE KING, took place in 1603, with the crowning of King James I].
Each author, listed below, brings a new look at the same subject, told in his, or her, own perspective, so if one writer hasn't covered all the necessary territory in the best possible way, in your opinion - there are others who probably have done so. Each author has a varying range of information on the lost tribes of Israel, as well as, information that may or may not be true, original, or factual, but the important thing is to remember that they are fulfilling a much needed mission in history whose time has definitely come. Possibly the reunification has already taken place and time is later than suspected - for an explanation of that statement see Betty's article on "Reunited Israel"
[Note: most of Betty Rhodes research is no long available to the public.]
Below is a list of authors who write on the Lost Tribes of Israel

Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright (1902), by Rev. J. H. Allen. An Analysis of the Prophecies of the Scriptures in regard to the Royal Family of Judah and the Many Nations of Israel, the Lost Ten Tribes. Click here to read Allen's entire book online.

"God's Covenant People: Yesterday, Today and Forever" by Ted R. Weiland

The Story Of Celto-Saxon Israel, by W.H. Bennett, FRGS, a Christian scholar and long-time Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society of Great Britain. This work is the result of over 50 years of research.

The Lost Tribes Of Israel... Found, by Steven M. Collins, American Christian scholar. 435 pages. Third edition is currently available.  This is a great introduction to the subject.

The Lost Tribes Of Israel Series, by Steven M. Collins
, American Christian scholar.
Book 1: The Origins and Empire Of Ancient Israel
Book 2: Israel’s Lost Empires
Book 3: Parthia: The Forgotten Ancient Superpower
Book 4: Israel’s Tribes Today

Fact and Fiction Concerning Israel and Judah, by Rev. J. H. Allen. Pastor of the Wesleyan Methodist Church (California) and was a popular speaker in his day.

The National Number and Heraldry of the United States of America (1919), by Rev. J. H. Allen.

The United States and Britain in Prophecy (1967), by Herbert W. Armstrong. Recognized and respected by leaders in government, industry and education around the world (in his day). Pastor general of the Worldwide Church of God and editor in chief of The PLAIN TRUTH magazine, both of which he founded in 1934. Sadly today, many leaders of the WCG have diminished Armstrong's followers to something called "Armstrongism". Never the less, he did much (before his passing) to identify and awaken Joseph within Christianity.

Heritage of Eber The prophetic fulfillment of the Covenant People colonizing Western Lands in early times!

Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets
, by E. Raymond Capt, M.A., A.I.A., F.S.A. Scot
. Practicing Archaeologist for several decades. ISBN 0-934666-15-6 Artisan Publishers. This work unveils remarkable discoveries that reveal the fate of the long lost tribes of Israel.

The Traditions Of Glastonbury - Christs' missing years - Answered!, by E. Raymond Capt.

Heirs Of The Promise, by Sheldon Emry.

ISRAEL-BRITAIN or Anglo-Saxon Israel (1934), by Adam Rutherford.

THE LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL, by Richard Reader Harris, founder of the Pentecostal Movement (London, England). Richard Reader Harris (1847-1909) held the prominent and respected position of British barrister and King's Counselor. This was a lifetime appointment that recognized his success and skill in the legal profession.

The Assyrian Invasions And Deportations Of Israel, by J. Llewellyn Thomas.

Tracing Our Ancestors, by Frederick Haberman.

Generation eXodus, by Charles Allen.


EPHRAIM WHO?: A Bible Study, by Jill Chamberlain Hulley. A step-by-step Bible study on the lost tribes of Israel in the Old and New Testaments.

Next of Kin - The International Family of Israel, by Arthur J. Bridle. Fast moving and highly relevant, this vital work wittily conveys a deeply significant message and challenges the living descendants of the Tribes of Israel to stand up, accept recognition and take hold of their destiny. Essential reading for anyone concerned about the state of the Western World, and especially for those who seek a fuller understanding of their ancestry.

Restoring the Two Houses of Israel, by Eddie Chumney.

Galations, by Avi ben Mordechai. Alludes to the link between the galut (exile) and the region which became known as Galatia.

History Of The Jews In Great Britain (1846), by Dr. Moses Margoliouth (1819-1871) This Hebrew scholar was born in Poland and emigrated to Great Britain. He later pastored an Anglican Church near London. This study is his finest of the many wonderful books he authored.

Restoring Israel's Kingdom, by Angus Wootten. Answers the question: As the students of Yeshua stood on the Mount of Olives-knowing their Messiah was about to depart from them, "what mattered most to these men?"

Who Is Israel?: Past, Present, & Future, by Battya Ruth Wootten. Messianic Hebrew scholar.

Ephraim and Judah: Israel Revealed, by Battya Ruth Wootten. Will cover the mystery of the "Fullness of the Gentiles" and explain the "Blindness" of Israel.

Israel's Feasts and their Fullness, by Battya Ruth Wooten. ShowS believers how to celebrate the Feasts of Israel in a way that honors Yeshua and helps to restore the two houses of Israel.

The Two Houses of Israel: Q & A with Judah and Ephraim, by Mordechai Silver & John K. McKee.

Return to the Land: An Ephraimite's Journey Home, by Ephraim Frank.

Nazarene Israel, by Yosef ben Ruach.


A Black Africian Israelite website:


The Red Thread -  Bloodline of the Ancient Hebrew People by Betty Matteson Rhodes Betty includes the entire white race as descendants of the 'lost tribes of Israel', and sees no reason to exclude Slovic, German, and other white peoples. Betty believes that the white race descends, not only from the Hebrew peoples, but that the Elohiym godhead were the also their ancestors. There is also a section on genealogy and coat of arms that is quite popular on the 'red-thread' website.

The United Hebrew Congregation with Charles Voss   Unaware of any other group or groups, large or small, that use only the Hebrew Scriptures as their Rock of Salvation before our SOVEREIGN.  Thus the "Hebrew Scriptures," commonly known as the Old Testament or the Tanakh were chosen for our Quest to search for the Almighty's Plan for mankind.  According to Voss, the Tanakh is the only approved writing by our SOVEREIGN.

Mass Deportations and Deportees in the Neo-Assyrian Empire, by Bustenay Obed, Wiesbaden, 1979.

Quest For The Lost Tribes (1999), Directed by Elliot Halpem. From A&E! What really happened to tribes who vanished from Israel over 2,700 years ago? Filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici takes on the role of a real-life Indiana Jones to find out. Trekking through countries as far flung as China, Afghanistan and India, you'll unravel one of history's most perplexing riddles.

Journey to the Vanished City: The Search for a Lost Tribe of Israel, by Tudor Parfitt. New York: Vintage Books, 2000.

Letters from Beyond the Sambatyon: The Myth of the Ten Lost Tribes Edited by Simcha Shtull-Trauring. New York: MAXIMA New Media Ltd., 1997.

Y Chromosomes Traveling South: The Cohen Modal Haplotype and the Origins of the Lemba, the "Black Jews of Southern Africa.

The Might that was Assyria, by H. W. F. Saggs. London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1984.

Antiquities of the Jews, by Flavius Josephus, book xi, chpt. v, par. 2

The Sakas and Indo-Parthians.  Puri  1994. In: History of civilizations of Central Asia, Volume II. The development of sedentary and nomadic civilizations: 700 B.C. to A.D. 250. Harmatta, János, ed., 1994. Paris: UNESCO Publishing

The Word: The Dictionary That Reveals The Hebrew Source of English , by Dr. Isaac E. Mozeson. 312 pages, 2001. THE WORD is the greatest revolutionary book about Hebrew, which proves that English are ultimately from Biblical Hebrew and that all languages ultimately link up, and only through variations of the original, universal language - Hebrew. Its author, Dr. Isaac Mozeson, is considered by many to be innovative, inspiring and surprising. His discoveries will affect the world for many centuries to come. Although many have seen the connection between Hebrew and other languages throughout history, no one has ever traced the English so deeply into its Hebrew roots than the brilliant author Isaac Mozeson.

A Matter of Return [Nachkora V'Nashuva], by Rabbi Eisenberg. An English translation of Rabbi Eisenberg’s Hebrew work entitled, Nachkora V’Nashuva (Let Us Scrutinize and Return [Lamentations 3:40]). Translated by his wife, Mrs. Ilse Eisenberg. In her forward to the translation, Mrs. Eisenberg writes, “Throughout his life, my husband felt an unrelenting need to help hasten the coming of the Messiah and the ensuing rectification of the world by enlightening our generation with the necessary ethical and practical motivations towards t’shuva, return to God. A gifted educator, systematic thinker, and an inspired, persuasive writer, he put these talents into the realization of this ideal”

The Exiled and the Redeemed, by Itzhak Ben-Zvi. Publisher: Jewish Publication Society.

The Jews of China. Volume: 1, by Benjamin I. Schwartz. Other  Contributors: Jonathan Goldstein - editor, Jonathan Goldstein - editor. Publisher: M. E. Sharpe.

The Mystery of the Lost Tribes, by Yehoshua Benjamin.

Comets, Jews & Christians, by John Hulley.

The Thirteenth Gate, by Tudor Parfit.

Lost Tribes in Assyria, by Rabbi Avihail.

Historical Atlas of the Jewish People, by E. Barnovi.

Yair Davidiy, co-founder of the Brit-Am Organization of Jerusalem, Israel.