The Art of Effective Prayer
by Betty Rhodes

          Praying to the Great Spirit can be very effective if you follow a few suggestions. The Great Spirit is ENERGY in the purest of forms, it is a benevolent energy, which is the source of all WISDOM that was ever obtained in the past, and will ever be known in the future. This Great Spirit Creator is OMNIPRESENT, so it is possible to contact this Spirit anywhere, any place, by anyone on the face of the Earth – or even high above the Earth in an airplane.

          Our connection with the Great Spirit is through our own tiny spirit that exists within our bodies. Some may say this spirit resides in our hearts, while others may say it resides in our minds. No matter how you define its resting place, we all have, for our very own inheritance, a small essence of that tremendously abundant, Spirit Creator. The tiny personal spirit of ours, which the Creator shares with us, comes to our body at the very first moment of birth. When we took our first breath we breathed in this little spark of a spirit and it stays within our body until the day that we die, at which time, this little spirit returns to the Creator to become part of that Great Spirit Source once again – until we are born again, which is to imply 'reincarnation'.

          Our little spirit connects to the Great Spirit directly; no ‘middle-man’ or 'god' needed thank-you very much. There is no special deity needed to direct our prayers through some mysteriously secret channel in order to reach its destination. Nor is there a special church or religious structure needed for this connection to the Great Spirit. There are times when prayer in numbers are definitely called for, but on a personal level, you have a 99% better chance of obtaining results on your own behalf, and I will tell you why.

          When we pray or meditate effectively, there is a spark released from our little spirit, which instantly provides a pulsating current, opening up a direct connection to the Spirit Creator. When this happens, more energy flows back to us just by the contact itself, which increases the potency of our little spirit. This sudden surge energizes our little spirit, renews it like a recharged battery, and gives us amazing power right there within our own little self. Once the connection occurs, and the extra surge of energy strengthens within us, our little spirit has the potential means to generate additional power, therefore enabling us to obtain results. There is no guarantee however, because we may not be fully implementing the process on our end - this takes patience, experience, and practice. We must also 'clear our minds of impure thoughts, for during prayer to our Creator, we venture where only purity is recognized.'  Remember radio static? Years ago before television, when listening to the radio on a clear evening, one could pick up radio stations 500 miles away, which was impossible during the daytime because of static. This same principle works in prayer - we need to fine-tune the connection to get rid of the interference [sins].

         You may be very surprised to learn that it is actually your OWN little spirit that provides the answer to your prayers. Everyone reading this probably has seen the movie, ‘The Wizard of Oz’; remember what the good witch told Dorothy? She pointed to her ruby slippers and said, ‘you have always had the power to go home at any time you wished.’ Of course, Dorothy did not know she had the power, and you did not know that you could obtain enough strength to manifest results either. There are entities out there that do not want you to know that fact because they do not want you to have this renewed energy source at your disposal. Another example is from the Bible; the shepherd Jesus told his disciples, that ‘with enough faith you could move a mountain, raise the dead, heal the sick, etc’. What do you suppose he was talking about? There is no follower of Jesus that I am aware of that can do these things. Oh, some televangelists may give the impression that they can do wondrous things, but they cannot. Do not get me wrong – I have not figured it all out either – but I am working on it. I usually do get what I want using this method eventually, however.

       From experience, I have found that the best results also involve powerful emotions, which help to strengthen our own little spirit at the onset of prayer. This sets our spirit up to be ready to make that connection with little distraction. I am not talking about undesirable emotions but rather, empathy emotions, emotions of desperation, or intense anxiety for self or another person. For instance, when dozens of people pray for a specifically defined and particular thing, the results can be quite amazing. There was a time when our family asked dozens of people to pray for our grandson’s safe return home from an undesirable situation - across many state lines. The path taken to get him home was miraculous to say the least – such that none of us would have imagined, but return 'safe and sound' that very day he did, and we attribute it to all our combined emotional prayers. Did everyone involved pray to the Great Spirit specifically? No, the people were of different faiths and beliefs, but the actual SOURCE of energy that they were all reaching knows no ‘name’. A rose is still a rose by any other name, sort of thing. We were all connecting, in emotional desperation, to the Great Spirit Creator and a surge of energy was released giving strength to our spirits - and there is greater strength in numbers. With renewed energy on all parties involved, the desire to get the young man home safely was successful.

          When people pray, their spirit connects directly with the Great Spirit, whether they are aware of it or not. Some may think their prayer is going to Jesus, some may think it is going to another Deity, but actually all prayers of meditation connect with your Great Spirit Creator - which some refer to as the 'Holy Ghost'. Some people's prayers may seem to be more effective than other’s prayers; it could be that the person praying has a more pure spirit. If a person is by nature - angry, coarse, mean, and nasty, his little spirit will reflect all these negative elements and will have a more difficult time getting results because his pathway is obstructed – these obstructions are what is known as ‘sins’. On the other hand, take a sweet, innocent, loving individual with a compassionate heart and soul, when in prayer this person has no trouble connecting to the Creator easily and effectively. The Creator is pure, sweet, loving, and caring, and like-qualities bond more readily, thus creating a faster, better connection for the rejuvenation.

          The Pure and Potent Energy of the Great Spirit releases a spark of renewal directly to our little spirit allowing us to have the extra boost of strength needed to accomplish wondrous things.

          Your prayers contain strength. You receive enough strength to make yourself well, strength to make another person well, and strength to bring about many beneficial things if we were to just spent a little more time on the art of prayer. Sad that many people claim to know the source of righteousness, but deny the power thereof.