Why such a controversy over the origin of man?
"Keeper of the Celtic Secrets" answers that very question - and intelligently!
You will be absolutely amazed at the answer!

What Science Refuses to Reveal, "KEEPER OF THE CELTIC SECRETS" reveals!!


All this and a whole lot more - never seen before wisdoms !!!

As a researcher - writer, and a woman with a mission, Betty's research work on ancient wisdom, was accumulating to such an amazing collection that it seemed a pity not to share this knowledge with others. However, she had one major problem, she had no ‘clout’; nor did she have a PhD after her name. Needless to say, the question that haunted her was, ‘who would read her important work - without the necessary clout?’
Friends and family members suggested that she incorporate her research findings into a book of 'fiction', to make for an exciting novel - which seemed to be an excellent idea, so she embarked upon the project with great enthusiasm.

Author: Betty Rhodes

published by OutSkirts Press

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USING THE ISBN # 159800283X

This daring book presents the most controversial subjects
that will ever be presented to the public in your lifetime!


   This book had to be written as a work of ‘fiction’ as the subject material was much too revealing to present otherwise. Betty Rhodes had several requests NOT to publish this book, but if she removed certain sections from its contents, they would consider the work. The sections they wanted removed were the whole reason for the book in the first place so - no deal. Finally, Betty got the go-ahead with Outskirts Press, and the book is now available for the public.

   This book is written after twenty years of research, and after much decision-making and contemplating concerning the subjects contained within its pages. You will find this book well written, easy to understand, interesting, exciting, heart wrenching, eye, heart and soul awakening - and you won't want to stop reading it until you have finished all twenty chapters. Chances are that most of the material will be new to the reader as the secrets revealed within have been hidden for thousands of years.

   This book is interwoven with captivating true-life experiences to give the reader an amazing, exciting, and provocative, story line that is based on 60 - 70% real-life events and experiences, and the rest was added for mystery and intrigue - to tantalize the readers imagination.

   This book has a heart wrenching love story, full of mystery, danger, and excitement, but more importantly; it contains the unveiling of secret knowledge from the St. John families old secret journals. Journals that were scribed in 1650 have passed down in the family of our leading character, Samantha O’Brian, who then decides to share the amazing secrets with the world. These secrets will open your eyes to wisdom so astounding that you won't believe your eyes.

   Revealed in this book is the mystery behind the Missing Link, the answer to the ‘creation or evolution’ question, the origins of the races, the origins of Rh-Negative blood, the Red Thread, the Origin of the Hebrew people, the wandering planet of Hibiru – yes, Hibiru, and much more. See how patterns can reveal the future, what the Garden of Eden really was, and learn about the ancient Gods of Sumer, the Mazzaroth trail, and much more.

If you are not afraid of the truth, then this book is for you! However, if you must be politically correct at all costs - at the expense of truth, this book is NOT for you - do not read it!

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Unbelievable Drama with Real-Life Experiences

If you want the truth about the origins of mankind; if you want to know where the Garden of Eden really was, and know who the real Creators [the Elohiym] actually were, then this book is for you!

If you have ever wondered what Life is really all about, then this book will answer ALL your questions.

All this, and a whole lot more.
Many Ancient
Secrets Unveiled!

Upon interweaving her research findings together, with many strange but true-life experiences, Betty then proceeded to add an interesting portion of romance and excitement to spice up her story. The end result was truly amazing. 
This is how the story of “Keeper of the Celtic Secrets” was born, and we leave it up to the reader to determine which portions are actually from Betty's real-life experiences, and which portions are merely fiction.
Nevertheless, once you have read the book - you will never view the world in the same light again, for your eyes shall be opened - and the veil of darkness will have been lifted.