by Betty Rhodes
Re: "Researchers prove astrology is junk"

And I, as a real astrologer, say the report by so-called researchers, is Bunk -
Ignorant people only see what they want to see.
Remember that all religions were created by man - but the kingdom of the Heavens, and their heavenly rule, was created by the Great Creator. This kingdom is known as the holy Mazzaroth, and the reason 'man' doesn't approve of it is because 'they' can't tamper with it.

    Two persons with the same sun-sign will be less than 10% 'alike' in personality, looks, interests and talents - any good astrologer knows that - do the researchers? Why don't all Aries sun-sign people look the same and like the same things? Because one's physical build is determined strongly by their ascending sign, aka the Ascendant - rather than the Sun sign. The personality, while gaining much positive momentum from one's Sun sign, is largely based on the placement of that Sun in the natal chart and the degree and house it occupies, depending heavily too, on the chart's ruling planet, and one's Moon sign and house the Moon occupies. So much enters into the natal chart - it is an intricate mathematical science that was created with wisdom, ordinance, and logic, of the Creator.

    The report printed by 'THE AUSTRALIAN' as 'disproof' of astrology does not mention that a natal chart has hundreds of characteristics to consider before making any conclusions about one's talents, personality, or physical characteristics. It would be like saying a chocolate cake is made of cocoa solely, never considering the flour, eggs, salt, baking powder, milk, sugar, butter etc. that go into the recipe.

    Furthermore, who are we to question the handiwork of the Creator and the Heavens. Only a fool would suggest that God couldn't create a heavenly kingdom rule so orderly, systematic, and precise - one that revealed cycles and patterns that reflected here on Earth in man's lives. A kingdom so divine and out of reach that man couldn't get his greasy paws on and manipulate to his own choosing. Scientific researchers and debunkers are so jealous of Astrology because they cannot discover its workings. As Albert Einstein once said, "God does not play dice with the universe."

    Did you know that 98% of all married couples will have their moon, sun, mid-heaven, or ascendant in the same zodiacal sign? Out of the 12 signs, 10 rulers, 4 strong points [ascendant, descendant, mid-heaven, and IC]; couples share one very important sign. For instance, my sun is Sagittarius, my husband's moon is Sagittarius; my sister's ascendant was Taurus, her husband's sun was Taurus, my mother's moon was Scorpio, dad's sun was Scorpio, my mother-in-law and father-in-law were both Gemini suns. My daughter has an Aquarius sun, her husband has an Aqurius moon, my son has a Pisces sun, his wife a Pisces moon - you get the picture. This pattern repeats in 98% of all married couples. It doesn't mean they are soul-mates or well suited for each other at all, because there is so much more to consider in the relationship itself and other placements in the natal chart. This was first discovered by Carl Jung, the famous Psychologist, and I have since found the pattern absolutely incredible.

    To show you how an astrologer reads a chart, consider the following summation of Einstein's chart by astrologer, Dorothy Oja, of Watertown, MASS

Inspired Dreaming

Albert Einstein was born with the Sun in Pisces, the most romantic, imaginative and dreamy sign of the zodiac. Legend has it that Einstein's Theory of Relativity was prompted by a dream. Scientists today are still puzzled at how he managed to arrive at the notion of Relativity. It was inspiration, the muses of sleep and dreams, the ability to shift and dissolve boundaries and to tap into the infinite and collective unifying knowledge. All of these are the special province of Pisces.


Still, dreaming is never enough. The grounding and discipline needed to deal effectively with the tangible world (materiality) are reflected astrologically, in part, in the earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Einstein had planetary placements in all three of these signs. Earth signs represent physical reality and are often interested in science and the workings of the material universe.

Mars  represents one's energy, and in the chart is the thrust of one's actions, or the manner in which one leads or initiates. Einstein's Mars in Capricorn understands discipline and loves constancy and habit. It concerns itself with basic principles and necessities, and it translates the Pisces dream into a tangible form.

Neptune, ruler (key planet) of Einstein's Pisces Sun, is placed in solid and earthy Taurus, adding structure to the typically elusive and watery  energy of Pisces.

Singular Mark of Genius

The planet Uranus in Virgo, separated and standing apart from the rest of the nine planets in Einstein's chart, may be the most reflective of his unique genius. A planet set apart in this way, called a singleton, typically exerts a proportionally greater influence in a person's life than the other planets in the chart.

The planet Uranus is noted, among other things, for science, technological aptitude, inventiveness, brilliance, the unexpected and eccentric, sudden insight, rebelliousness and defiance of convention. In short, it is Uranus that allows for concepts that are ahead of their time or breakthroughs in society and culture.

Uranus also represents the sky, the brain, computers and light. "Lightning flashes of insight" is a phrase often applied to Uranus. In the earth sign Virgo, Uranus adds precision, sharpened skill and, in part, Einstein's mathematical capability.

More Aquarian Influence

Einstein's chart also has Jupiter in Aquarius, further emphasizing his Uranus theme. Uranus rules, or is associated with, the sign Aquarius, and Jupiter enlarges, expands and develops. So, Jupiter in Aquarius enhances the genius, the quick flashes of intuition and the inventiveness already evident in the unique position Uranus occupies in relation to Einstein's other planets.

An unexpected result of Einstein’s work was the development of the atomic bomb. Peace-loving Pisces Einstein never intended for his work to lead to the creation of weapons of mass destruction. In fact, as late as 1934, he said that there were no possible practical applications of his theories. History, unfortunately, proved him wrong. Even a genius isn’t always right.

Still, Einstein’s profound scientific contribution and his words continue to echo through time, perhaps because he was equally a man of spirit and science. He gave tribute both to the divine and to astrology when he stated, "God does not play dice with the universe." by Dorothy Oja

Needless to say, I will defend the Creator's True Kingdom of Heaven with all my being - but I also know not to cast too many pearls before ill-born debunkers.
'On Earth as in Heaven'
Remember that religions were created by man - the heavenly kingdom of Astrology was created by the Creator!
- Betty Rhodes