I have kept my mouth shut on this group since the beginning but after listening to dealings coming out of Washington for the past 100 days I can no longer keep a lid on it. It is time to part the waters here folks.
What I mean is this - think patterns:
Abraham led his family [probably an entire group] out of the Mesopotamian Valley
Moses led his people out of Egypt
Jeremiah led his people out of Assyria
Capt. John Smith led his people to America
It is time for the great Mississippi River to 'part' the continent known as 'America'. Just as in making a covenant we pass between the two sections [let them with understanding be wise], perhaps by earthquake literal or figurative, not too choosy at this stage of the fight. Conservatives who love FREEDOM, INDIVIDUALITY, and GOD go West - Liberals waller East and take your corrupt, sinful, disgusting smuck with you!
Now, who wants to take the part of Capt. John Smith and lead the conservatives West.
No, not Rush, he lacks good judgment, no, not O'rielly, he rides the fence, no, not Beck, he's a showman first, no not Hannity, he lacks tact, no, not Ron Paul, he is getting too old for the job and isn't taken serious enough;  I nominate Lou Dobbs.
The only answer is to have our own form of government - for conservatives - liberals need not apply. I am getting so I can't stand what is happening in this country and why should we have to settle for what is going on? I am a genealogist and 95% of all my family lines came to America in the 1600's. My ancestors fought and died for this nation, they took part in the Boston Tea Party, they marched for freedom in the Revolutionary War, they were Governors of states, they served in the Mexican War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, WWI, and WWII. They all believed in FREEDOM of speech, LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS - and yes, THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. So, why is it that we can have a handful of sexually perverted, drug sucking, Constitutually unfit usurpers, egg sucking liberals take everything away that our forefathers fought so hard to get.
We are darned fools to allow this - they would be ashamed to call us their descendants.
I am a great grandmother and refuse to lie down in the mud and play dead to these s.o.b. liberals.
They want to destroy our Constitution, which ranks right up there with treason, then by God, I can think to stop them from doing so with every inch of my aged body.
Case closed!