ABIDA: Hebrew name meaning "my father knows"; also an Arabian name meaning "she who worships."
ABIGAIL: Hebrew name meaning "Father rejoices."  Also  AbagaelAbagail, Abagale, Abagil, Abaigeal (Ir.), Abbe, Abbey, Abbi, Abbie, Abbigael, Abbigale, Abby, Abbye, Abbygael, Abbygail, Abbygale, Abichail, Abigael, Abigal, Abigale, Abigall, Abigil, Abigayle (Eng.), Avigail (Jew.), Gael, Gail, Gaila, Gayel, and Gayle. (Eng.),
ABIJAH: Hebrew unisex name meaning "God is my father." Also Abiah .
ABISHAH: possibly the feminine form of Hebrew Abishai, meaning "my father is a gift." Also Abisha .
ABITAL:  Hebrew name meaning "My father is dew."  Also, Avital, .
ABRA: feminine form of Hebrew Abraham, meaning "father of many." Also an Arabic name meaning "example; lesson." Also  Abame (Afr.), Abarrane (Basq.), and Abrahana (Dut.).
ACHIMA:  Hebrew feminine form of Achim, meaning "the Lord will judge."  Also  Acima, Acimah, and Achimah."
ADAH:  Hebrew biblical name meaning "ornament; decoration."
ADALIA:  Hebrew name meaning "God is my refuge."  Also an Old German name meaning "noble one."  Also  Adal, Adala, Adalee, Adali, Adalie, Adalley, Addal, and Addala.
ADAMINA:  Feminine form of Adam, "of the red earth."  Some Also Adamine, Adaminna, Addie, Mina, and Minna.
ADARA: Hebrew name meaning either "fire" or "noble." Also an Greek name meaning "beauty," and a Arabian name meaning "virgin."  Also  Adar, and Adra.
ADENA: Hebrew name meaning "decoration."  Also  Adene, Adina, Adine, Adinah, Denah, Dina, and Dinah.
ADIELLA: Hebrew name meaning "the Lord's decoration."
ADIN: Hebrew unisex name meaning "slender and delicate."  Also  female Adina and Adeana, and male Adiv.
ADINAM: Hebrew name meaning "tender."
ADIRA: Hebrew name meaning "noble; powerful."
ADLAI:  Arabic and Hebrew unisex name meaning "just."
ADMINA: Hebrew name meaning "of the red earth."
AFRAIMA: Arabic and Hebrew name meaning "fertile."
AHAVA: Hebrew name meaning "dearly loved." Also  Ahave, Ahuda, and Ahuva.
AILSIE:  Hebrew form of Scottish Ailsa, meaning either "pledge from God," or named for Ailsa Craig. Also  Ailis, Ailse, Elsa, Else, Elsha, and Elshe.
AKIVA: Hebrew name meaning "protect; shelter." Also  Akiba, Akibe, Kiba, Kibah, Kiva, Kivah, and Kivi.
ALEEZA: Hebrew name meaning "joy." Also  Aleezah, Alieza, Aliezah, Alitza, Aliza, and Alizah.
ALISA: Hebrew name meaning "great happiness," and Russian form of Eng./Fr. Alice, meaning "noble." Also  Alisah, Alissa, Alissah, Aliza, Allisa, Allisah, Allissa, Allissah, Allysa, Allysah, Alyssa, and Alyssah.
ALONA: Hebrew name meaning "strong as an oak tree." Also a Basque name meaning "Our Lady of Onati." Also  Allona, Allonia, and Alonia.
ALUMA: Hebrew name meaning "girl." Also Alumit .
AMANA: Hebrew name meaning "loyal; true."
AMARIS: Hebrew name meaning "pledged by God" or "given by God." Also  Amarisa, Amariah, Amarise, and Amarissa.
AMISA: Hebrew name meaning "companion; friend."
AMITA: Hebrew name meaning "truth," and Italian name meaning "friendship." Also  Amiti, and Ammitai.
ANAMARI: Hebrew name meaning "grace, bitter." Also  Anamarie, and Annamarie.
ANAT: Hebrew name meaning "a singer." Also  Anata, Anate, and Anatie.
ANE: Hebrew name meaning "prayer." Also  Anny, and Ayn.
ANALISE: Hebrew name meaning "grace, devoted to God." Also  Annaliese, Annalisa, and Anneliese.
ANIKI: Hebrew name meaning "grace." Also  Anika, Aniko, Annikka, Annikke, and Annikki.
AOIFE: Hebrew name meaning "life."
APHRA: Hebrew name meaning "dust." Also  Affera, Affery, AffraAfra (Arab.). (Arab.), and
ARDA: Hebrew name meaning "bronze." Also, Ardah, .
ARELLA: Hebrew name meaning "messenger from God; angel." Also Arela .
ARIDATHA: Hebrew name meaning "flowering field." Also Ardath .
ARIEL: Hebrew unisex name meaning "lion/lioness of God." Also the name of a male sprite in a Shakespeare play. Also  Aeriel, Aeriela, Aeriell, Ari, Arie, Ariela, Ariella, Arielle, Ariellel, Arye, and Aryeh.
ARLISE: feminine form of Hebrew Arliss, meaning "pledge." Also Arlyss .
ARNINA: feminine form of Hebrew Aaron, meaning "superior; exalted; on high." Also Arona .
ASHIRA: Hebrew name meaning "wealthy."
ATARA: Hebrew name meaning "adorned with a diadem, jeweled crown, or tiara." Also  Atarah, Ateret, Atera, Atira, Ateret., and Talaith (Welsh).
ATHALIA: Hebrew name meaning "God is great; the Lord is exalted." Also  Atalee, Atalia, Atalie, Athalee, Athaleyah, Athalie, and Attalie.
AVERA: Hebrew name meaning "transgresses."
AVIGAIL: Jewish form of Hebrew Abigail, meaning "Father rejoices."
AVIVA: Hebrew form of Latin Viva, meaning "youthful; spring-like; fresh; dewy." Also  Auvit, Auvita, Avivah, and Avivit.
AVIVI: Hebrew name meaning "innocent." 
AYA: Hebrew name meaning "bird." Also Aiya .
AYALAH: Hebrew name meaning "behind." Also Ailat .
AZELIA: Hebrew name meaning "aided by God." Also Azelie .
AZIZA: Hebrew name meaning "mighty," Arabian name meaning "dear; precious; cherished," and Somali name meaning "gorgeous." Also  Azeeza, and Azizah.
BARA: Hebrew name meaning "to select." Also  Bari, and Barra.
BATHSHEBA: Hebrew/Ethiopian biblical name meaning "daughter of the oath" and "seventh daughter." Name of the daughter of the Queen of Sheba, ruler of Abyssinia/Ethiopia. Also  Bathseva, Bathshua, Batsheba, Batsheva, Batshua, Bethsabee, Bethsheba, and Sheba.
BATTZION: Hebrew name meaning "daughter of Zion." Also Battseeyon .
BATYA: Hebrew name meaning "daughter of God." Also Bitya .
BEATHAG: Hebrew name meaning "to serve God."
BEBBA: Hebrew name meaning "God's pledge."
BECKY: Short form of Hebrew Rebecca, meaning "snare; noose; trap."
BEHIRA: Hebrew name meaning "shining; bright."
BELL: Short form of Hebrew Isabel, meaning "pledged to God."
BELLA: Latin name meaning "beautiful." Short form of Hebrew Isabella, meaning "pledged to God." Also  Bell, Belle (Fr.), and Bellette (Fr.).
BENA: feminine form of Hebrew Ben, meaning "wise." Also a Native American Indian name meaning "pheasant."
BERURA: Hebrew name meaning "pure."
BERURIA: Hebrew name meaning "chosen by God." Also Beruriah .
BESS: A short form of Hebrew Elizabeth, meaning "pledged to God."  Also  Bessie, and Bessy.
BETH: Hebrew name meaning "house." Also a short form of Elizabeth, meaning "pledged to God." This name is often used in compound names such as Jo Beth, Mary Beth, etc. Also  Bet, Beta, and Bethany.
BETHANY: Biblical name taken from a place near Jerusalem where Lazarus lived, meaning "house of poverty." Also a short form of Elizabeth, meaning "pledged to God," and might also be considered a Also of the compound name Beth-Ann.
BETHEL: Hebrew name, meaning "house of God." Taken from the name of the place where Abraham built an altar to God. Also  Betheli, Bethell, Bethuel, Bethuna, and Bethune.
BETHESDA: Hebrew name meaning "house of mercy."
BETHIA: Hebrew name meaning "daughter of Jehovah." Also  Betia, and Bithia.
BETHSAIDA: Hebrew name meaning "merciful." Also Bethseda .
BETTE: Hebrew name meaning "devoted to God." Also  Bella, Betje, Betsy, Betti, Bettina, Bettine, Betty, and Bozi.
BEULAH: Hebrew name meaning "she who is married." Also Beula .
BINA: Hebrew name meaning "knowledge; perception." Also a short form of names that end with -bina. Also  Binah, and Buna.
BITHRON: Hebrew name meaning "daughter of song."
BLIMA: Hebrew name meaning "blossom." Also  Blimah, and Blime.
BRACHAH: Hebrew name meaning "blessed."
CARMEL: English/Hebrew biblical place name meaning "vineyard; garden; paradise; fruitful field."  Also  Carma, Carmela (It.), Carmelia, Carmelina, Carmeline, Carmelita (Sp.), Carmella (Eng.), Carmia, Carmie, Carmo (Port.), Carmy, Lina, Lita, Melina, Melita, and Mina.
CHANNAH: another form of Hebrew Hannah, meaning "grace" or "favor." Also  Chanah, Chana, Hannelore, Hanni, Hannie, Hanny, and Hena (Yid.).
CHASIDAH: Hebrew name meaning "pious woman."
CHASYA:  "shelter." Also Chasye .
CHAVA: Hebrew form of English Eve, meaning "life." Also  Chabah, Chaya, Chayim, Chayka, Hava, and Haya. 
CHAVIVA: Hebrew name meaning "dearly loved." Also Chavive .
CHEDVA: Hebrew name meaning "joyous."
CHEPHZIBAH: Form of Old Hebrew Hephzibah, meaning "my delight is in her." Also Hepzibah .
COCHAVA: Hebrew name meaning "star."
DAGANYAH: Hebrew name meaning "ceremonial grain." Also Daganya .
DALIAH: Hebrew name meaning "tree branch." Also Daliyah .
DALIS: Hebrew name meaning "drawing water." Also Dalit .
DANIA: feminine form of Daniel, meaning "God is my judge." Also  Danae, Danele, Danelle, Danetta, Danette, Daniela, Danielle, Danila, Danit, Danita, and Danya.
DARA: Hebrew name meaning "nugget of wisdom." There is a male figure in the New Testament bearing this name. Also  Darda, Daria, and Darya.
DAVINA: feminine form of Hebrew David, meaning "loved one."  Also  Daveen, Daviana, Daviane, Davida, Davena, Davina, Davine, Davinia, Davita, Devina, Divina, Divinia, and Vida.
DEBORAH: Hebrew biblical name meaning "bee." Also  Deb, Debb, Debbee, Debbera, Debbey, Debbi, Debbie, Debbra, Debby, Debee, Debera, Deberah, Debi, Debor, Debora, Debra, Debrah, Debs, Devora (Rus.), Devorah, Devoria, and Dobra.
DELILAH: Hebrew biblical name. Various supposedly authorized sources give the following meanings: "delicate," "desired," "lovelorn," "seductive." Take your pick. Also  Dalila, Delila, Lila, and Lilah.
DINAH: Hebrew biblical name meaning "avenged; justified; vindicated." Also  Dina, Dyna, and Dynah.
DERORA: Hebrew name meaning "free." Also  Derorice, and Derorit.
DIVSHA: Hebrew name meaning "honey." Also Divshah .
DODIE: Hebrew name meaning "well loved." Also a short form of Greek Dorothy, meaning "gift of God."
EDEN: Hebrew name meaning "perfect." Also Edan .
EDRA: Hebrew name meaning "powerful." Also Edrea .
ELKA: Hebrew name meaning "oath to God." Also Elke .
ELLICE: Hebrew name meaning "Jehovah is God." Also  Elia, Eliana, and Eliane.
ELORA: Hebrew name meaning "God is light." Also  Eleora, and Eliora.
ELISABET: Hebrew name meaning "devoted to God." Also  Elisabeth, Elisavet, Elisaveta, Elisheva, Eliza, Elizabeth, Elizaveta, Elli, Els, Elsie, Elspeth, Elzira, and Erzsebet.
EMUNAH: Hebrew name meaning "faith." Also  Emmanuella, and Emmanuelle.
ERELAH: Hebrew name meaning "angel." Also Erela .
ERITHA: Hebrew name meaning "flower." Also Erith .
ESTHER: Hebrew equivalent of Greek Asta, meaning "starlike; like a star; of the stars." Also  Asta, Astera, Asteria (Lat.), Astra (Lat.), Astrea, Astria, Estella (Sp.), Estelle (Fr.), Ester, Estrela, Estrella, Eszter, Etoile (Fr.), Hester, and Stella (Lat.).
ETHEL: Hebrew name meaning "noble." Also  Etel, and Etilka.
EVE: Hebrew name meaning "life." Also  Eeva, Eva, Evacska, Evika, Evike, and Ewa.
FIFNA: Hebrew name meaning "He shall add." Also  Fifne, and Fina.
GABRIELLE: Hebrew name meaning "God gives strength." Also  Gabriele, Gabriella, Gavra, Gavrila, and Gavrilla.
GALILAH: Hebrew name meaning "God shall redeem." Also  Galenka, Galia, Galila, Galina, Gallia, Galochka, and Galya.
GALIT: Hebrew name meaning "fountain." Also  Gali and Galice.
GANA: Hebrew name meaning "garden." Also  Ganet, Ganice, and Ganit.
GAZIT: Hebrew name meaning "cut stone." Also  Gisa, and Giza.
GILANA: Hebrew name meaning "eternal joy." Also  Geela, Gila, Gilah, Gilal, Gilala, Gilat, Gili, Gilia, and Gilit.
GIOVANNA: Hebrew name meaning "gracious gift from God."
GRAZINA: Hebrew name meaning "grace." Also  Grazinia, and Grazyna.
GUIDITTA: Hebrew name meaning "praise."
GUISEPPINA: Hebrew name meaning "He shall add." Also Guiseppie .
GURIT: Hebrew name meaning "cub." Also Gurice .
HADARA: Hebrew name meaning "spectacular ornament." Also Hadar .
HADASSAH: Hebrew name meaning "myrtle."
HAGAR: Hebrew name meaning "flight."
HANNAH: Hebrew name meaning "grace." Also  Hanna, Hanne, Hannela, and Hannele.
HAYA: Hebrew name meaning "life."
HELSA: Hebrew name meaning "devoted to God."
HEPSIBA: Hebrew name meaning "she is my delight." Also  Hephzibah, and Hepzibeth.
HOLDA: Hebrew name meaning "weasel." Also Hulda .
ILANA: Hebrew name meaning "tree." Also Ilanit .
ILIA: Hebrew name meaning "God is Lord."
ILSE: Hebrew name meaning "God's word."
IONANNA: Hebrew name meaning "grace."
IRIS: Hebrew name meaning "flower."
ISABEL: Hebrew name meaning "devoted to God." Also  Isabella, Isabelle, Isibeal, and Izabella.
IVA: Hebrew name meaning "gift from God." Also  Ivana, Ivane, and Ivanna.
IZSO: Hebrew name meaning "God's salvation."
JACOBA: Hebrew name meaning "supplanter." Also  Jakoba, Jakobah, Jaqueline, Jaquelina, Jaquenette, Jaquetta, Jocelin, Joceline, Jocelyn.
JAEL: Hebrew name meaning "goat."
JAFFA: Hebrew name meaning "beauty." Also  Jafit, and Jafita.
JANET: Hebrew name meaning "gift from God." Also  Jaine, Jan, Jana, Jane, Janetta, Janette, Janice, Janie, Janina, Janine, Janis, Janita, Janka, Janne, Jans, Jansje, Jayne, Jenda, Joan, Joanna, Johanna, Joka, Jone, Juana, and Juanita.
JARDINA:  meaning unknown. Also Jardena .
JEMIMA: Hebrew name meaning "dove." Also Jonati .
JEMINA: Hebrew name meaning "listened to."
JENSINE: Hebrew name meaning "God has blessed." Also Jensina .
JERUSHA: Hebrew name meaning "married."
JESSICA: Hebrew name meaning "rich." Also Jessie .
JOBINA: Hebrew name meaning "persecuted." Also Jobyna .
JOCHEBED: Hebrew name meaning "God's glory."
JOLA: Hebrew name meaning "Jehovah is God." Also  Joelle, Joella, Joelliana, and Joelliane.
JOKINA: Hebrew name meaning "God shall establish." Also  Joaquine, Joaquina, and Jokine.
JORDANE: Hebrew name meaning "descended." Also Jordan .
JOSEPHA: Hebrew name meaning "God will add." Also  Jose, Josebe, Josee, Josephina, Josephine, Josetta, Josette, Josie, Joxepa, and Jozsa.
JUDITH: Hebrew name meaning "praised." Also  Jodie, Juci, Jucika, Judie, Judit, Judy, and Jutka.
KALANIT:  "flower."
KARMIT:  "Lord's vineyard." Also  Karmelit, Karmelita, Karmelite, and Karmia.
KEFIRA:  "lion cub."
KELILAH:  "victorious." Also  Kelula, and Kyla.
KEREN:  "horn." Also  Keran, and Keryn.
KETURA:  "incense."
KEZIA: Name of a daughter of Job, who named her after a spice tree similar to cinnamon. Also  Cassia (Lat.), Cassiah, Keziah, and Kizzie.
KINNERET:  "harp." Also Kinnette .
KIVA:  "protected." Also  Kiba, and Kivi.
KSENA:  "praise be to God."
LAILA:  "nightfall." Also  Laili, Lailie, and Laylie.
LEAH:  "tired." Also Lea .
LESHAM:  "precious."
LEWANNA:  "the moon."
LEVIA:  "join."
LILITH: Arabian/Assyrian/Hebrew name, meaning "of the night." Name of a demon in Assyrian myths. Name of Adam's first wife, replaced by Eve because she refused to submit to him. Adam and Lilith's offspring were said to be the evil spirits of the world. Curiously, the ancient Greek word, demon, means "the people."
LIRIT:  "poetic." Also Lirita .
LISABETTE:  " devoted to God." Also  Lemuela, Liesbet, Liesbeth, Lisa, Lisabet, Lisavet, Lise, Liza, Lizbet, and Lizbeth.
LIVANA:  "white."
MAGDALEN:  "from the tower." Also  Madalen, Madalyn, Madel, Madelaine, Madeleine, Madelena, Madelene, Maidel, Maialen, Magda, Magdala, Magdalena, Magdalene, Malina, Marlena, Marlene, and Matxalen.
MAHALA:  "tender." Also Mahalia .
MALAK:  "messenger."
MALCAH:  "queen." Also  Malkah, and Milcah.
MANUELA:  "God is among us."
MARIBEL:  "bitter, beautiful." Also  Maribella, and Maribelle.
MARY:  "bitter." Also  Mae, Mallaidh, Mara, Maren, Maria, Marie, Mariette, Marika, Marily, Marion, Marisha, Mariska, Martha, Marthe, May, Mira, Miren, Miri, Mirit, and Molly.
MATTEA:  "God's gift." Also  Matea, Mathea, Mathia, Matthea, and Matthia.
MAVA:  "pleasant."
MAYAH:  "close to God." Also  Maia, Michaele, Michaelina, Michalin, Micheala, Micheline, Michelle, and Mikele.
MAZEL:  "luck."
MEHETABEL:  "God's favor." Also  Mehitabelle, Meheytabel, and Mettabel.
MEIRA:  "light."
MENACHEMAH:  "consolation." Also Menachema .
MIRIAM:  " rebellious." Also Miriamne .
MITZI:  "small, bitter." Also Mieze .
MORIAH:  "God teaches." Also  Morice, Moriel, Morise, and Morit.
MOSELLE:  "from the water."
NAOMI: "pleasant." Also  Naamah, Navit, and Neomi.
NAAMIT:  "bird."
NAAVAH:  "beautiful." Also Naava .
NATHANIA:  "God's gift."
NEDIVAH:  "giving." Also Nediva .
NEHAMA:  " comfort." Also Nechama .
NILI:  "success."
NANCY:  "grace." Also  Nainsi, Nan, Nana, Nancsi, Nanelia, Nanelle, Nanetta, Nanette, Nanine, Nanna, Nannie, Nanny, Nin, Nina, Ninacska, Nusa, and Nusi.
NIRA:  "plow." Also Niria .
NIRIT:  "flower."
NITA:  " grace." Also Neta .
NITZA:  "blossom." Also  Nitzanah, and Nizana.
NOGA:  "sparkle."
NORAH:  " light." Also  Neorah, and Nora.
NOY:  "decoration."
NURIT:  " plant." Also  Nureet, and Nurita.
ODEDA:  "strong." Also Odede .
OFRA:  "fawn."
ONA:  "graceful." Also Onit .
OPRAH:  means either "she who turns her back," or "fawn." Also  Ophra, Ophrah, and Orpah.
ORAH: "light." Also  Ora, Oralee, Orali, and Orlee.
ORNAH:  "cedar tree." Also  Orna, Ornetta, and Ornette.
ORZORA:  "God's strength."
ORZSEBET:  "devoted to God."
PAILI:  "bitter." Also  Pall, Poll, and Polly.
PAZIA:  "golden." Also  Paz, Paza, Pazice, and Pazit.
PENINAH:  "pearl." Also Penina .
PERKE:  "devoted to God." Also  Perzsi, and Perzsike.
QETURAH:  "incense."
RAANANAH:  "unspoiled."
RACHEL:  "ewe." Also  Rachele, and Rakel.
RAFELA:  " healer." Also Raphaella .
RAHIL: form of Rachel, meaning "lamb; ewe."
RANIT: "lovely tune." Also  Ranica, Ranice, and Ranita.
RAQUEL:  "innocent." Also Raonaid .
REBA:  "fourth born." Also Rabah .
REBECCA:  "captivating." Also  Rebekah, Reveka, and Rivka.
RENA:  "joyous song." Also  Rina, Rinna, and Rinnah.
RIMONA:  "pomegranate."
RONLI:  "my joy." Also  Rona and Ronia.
ROSANNE:  "graceful rose." Alsos Rosana .
RUTH:  "friend." Also Ruta .
SABRA:  "to rest."
SADIE:  "princess." Also  Sallie, Sally, Sara, Sarah, and Sarita.
SALOME:  "tranquil." Also  Schlomit, and Shulamit.
SAMANTHA:  name of God.
SAMARA:  "protected by God." Also Shemariah .
SAMUELA:  "asked of God."
SAPPHIRA:  "beautiful." Also Sapphire .
SARAI:  "argumentative."
SEGULAH:  "precious."
SELA:  "rock." Also  Sele, and Seleta.
SEMADAR:  "berry."
SEMIRA:  "from heaven." Also Sheiramoth .
SERAPHINA:  "burning fire." Also  Serafine, Seraphine, and Serefina.
SHARON:  "from the land of Sharon."
SHEENA:  "God's gift."
SHIFRA:  "beautiful."
SHIRA:  "tune." Also Chiri .
SIDONIA:  "captivates." Also Sidonie .
SIMCHA:  "joyous."
SIMONA:  "loud." Also Simone .
SINEAD:  "kind." Also Siobhan .
SIPPORA:  "bird."
SUSAN:  "lily." Also  Sue, Susie, and Susy.
SUSANNA:  "graceful lily." Also  Susannah, and Suzanna.
SUZETTE:  "little lily." Also Suzetta .
TALIA:  "dew of heaven." Also  Tal, and Talya.
TALITHA: "little girl."
TALORI:  "morning's dew." Also Talora .
TAMARA:  "palm tree." Also  Tamar, and Tamarah.
TAMMA:  "without flaw." Also  Teme, and Temima.
TEMIRA:  "tall."
THADINE:  "given praise." Also Thadina .
THIRZA:  "delightful."
THOMSINA:  "twin." Also  Thomasin, Tomasina, and Tomasine.
TIKVA:  "hope."
TIVONA:  "love's nature."
TOVA:  "goodly." Also  Toba, and Toibe.
TSIFIRA:  "crown."
TZILLA:  "defender."
TZIPPPA:  "bird." Also Tzipporah .
TZIVIA:  "doe."
TZIYONA:  "of Zion."
URIT:  "light." Also Urice .
UZZIYE:  "God's strength."
VANIA:  "God's gift." Also, Vanna, .
VARDA:  "rose." Also  Vadit, Vardit, and Vared.
VIDA:  "dearly loved." Also Vidette .
YA-AKOVE:  "replaces."
YACHNE:  "kind."
YA-EL:  "goat."
YAFFA:  "beautiful." Also Yaffit .
YARDENAH:  from the river Jordan.
YARKONA:  "green."
YEDIDAH:  "friend."
YEHUDIT:  "praise." Also  Yuhudit, and Yuta.
YELIZAVETAM:  "devoted to God." Also Yelysaveta .
YEVA:  "life." Also  Yetsye, and Yevunye.
YOCHEVED:  "God's glory."
YONA:  "dove." Also  Yonina, and Yonita.
YORDANA:  "descended from."
YOSEBA:  "God will multiply." Also  Yosebe, Yosepha, and Yosephina.
YOVELA:  "rejoice."
ZAHAVAH:  "golden." Also  Zehave, Zehavi, Zehavit, and Zehuva.
ZANETA:  "God's gift." Also Zanna .
ZARAH:  "day's awakening." Also Zara .
ZEHIRA:  "protected."
ZEMIRA:  "joyous melody." Also Zemirah .
ZERA:  "seed." Also Zera'im .
ZERLINDA:  "beautiful dawn." Also Zarahlinda .
ZIBIAH:  "doe." Also Zibia .
ZILLA:  "shadow." Also Zillah .
ZIMRA, :  "praised." Also  Zamora, Zemira, Zemora, and Zimria.
ZIPPORA:  "beauty." Also Zipporah .
ZIVA:  "splendid."
ZOHAR:  "sparkle." Also Zoheret .

AARON:  "high mountain." Also Aron .
ABBOT:  "father." Also Abbott .
ABBOTSON:  "son of Abbot."
ABEL:  "breath."
ABIAH:  "my father is the Lord."
ABIDA:  "God knows."
ABIEL:  "my father is God."
ABIJAH: Hebrew unisex name meaning "God is my father." Also Abiah .
ABIMELECH:  "my father is king."
ABIR:  "strong." Also Aitan .
ABISHAI: Hebrew name meaning "my father is a gift." 
ABNER:  "father of light."
ABRAHAM:  "father of a multitude."  Also  Abarron, Aram, Avidor, and Avraham.
ABRAM:  "He who is high is father."  Also  Abe, Abey, Abie, Abramo, Avram, Avrom and Bram.
ABSALOM:  "father is peace."
ACHIM:  "The Lord will judge."
ADAM: Hebrew name meaning "Of the red earth." Also  Ad, Adamo, Adams, Adan, Adao, Addam, Addams, Addie, Addis, Addison, Addy, Ade, Adhamh, Adnet, and Adnot.
ADAMSON:  "son of Adam."
ADAR:  "noble." Also Adir .
ADERET:  "crown."
ADIN:  Unisex name meaning "slender and delicate."  Also  female Adina and Adeana, and male Adiv.
ADLAI:  Arabic and Hebrew unisex name meaning "just."
ADLEY:  "judicious."
ADON:  "the Lord."
ADRIEL:  "of God's flock." Also Adriyel .
AGER:  "gathers." Also  Asaf, and Asaph.
AKIBA:  "replaces." Also  Akiva, and Akub.
AKIM:  "God will establish."
ALON:  "oak."
ALTER:  "old."
ALVA:  "exalted."
AMASA:  "burden."
AMICHAI:  "my parents are alive."
AMIEL:  "of the Lord's people." Also Ami-el .
AMIKAM:  "rising nation." Also Amram .
AMIR:  "proclaimed."
AMIRAM:  "of lofty people."
AMMI:  "my people."
AMNON:  "faithful." Also Amon .
AMOS:  "brave."
ARIEL: Hebrew unisex name meaning "lion/lioness of God." Also the name of a male sprite in a Shakespeare play. Also  Aeriel, Aeriela, Aeriell, Ari, Arie, Ariela, Ariella, Arielle, Ariellel, Arye, and Aryeh.
ARION:  "melodious."
ARNON:  "roaring stream."
ARVAD:  "wanderer."
ASA:  "healer."
ASHER:  "happy."
AVI:  "father." Also  Avidan, Avidor, and Aviel.
AVICHAI:  "my father is alive."
AVIDAN:  "God is just."
AVIGDOR:  "father protection."
AVIMELECH:  "father is king." Also Abimelech .
AVINOAM:  "pleasant father."
AVIRAM:  "father of heights." Also Abiram .
AVISHA:  "gift from God." Also Avishai .
AVITAL:  "father of dew."
AVIV:  "young."
AVNER:  "father of light." Also Abner .
AVNIEL: "God is my rock."
AXEL:  "father of peace." Also  Absalom, Aksel, Avsalom, and Avshalom.
AZARIOUS:  "God helps." Also  Azaria, Azaryah, Azaryahu, and Azriel.
AZAZEL: Hebrew biblical name meaning "scapegoat." The bible does not clarify who, or what, Azazel was; he may have been a desert demon.
BARAM:  "son of the nation."
BARNABAS:  "son of prophecy." Also  Barna, Barnabe, and Barnaby.
BARTHOLOMEW:  "ploughman." Also  Bart, Bartel, Bartley, Benkamin, and Binyamin.
BARUCH:  "blessed."
BELA:  "destruction."
BEN:  "son."
BEN-AMI:  "son of my people."
BEN-ARYEH:  "son of a lion." Also Benroy .
BENEDICTSON:  "son of Benedict."
BENJAMIN:  "son of the right hand." Also Beniamino .
BENONI:  "son of my sorrows."
BENSON:  "son of Benjamin."
BEN-TZIYON:  "son of Zion." Also Benzion .
BERAKHIAH:  "God blesses."
BETZALEL:  "in God's shadow."
BINAH:  "understanding."
BOAS:  "swift." Also Boaz .
BOGDAN:  "gift from God." Also Bohdan .
CAIN:  "possessed."
CALEB:  "bold."
CARMI:  "vine dresser." Also Carmine .
CHAGAI:  "mediates."
CHAIM:  "life." Also Chayim .
CHANAH: Jewish form of Hebrew Hannah meaning "graceful" or "favorable." Also  Chana, Channa, and Channah.
CHANAN:  "cloud."
CHANOCH:  "initiating."
CHAVIVI:  "dearly loved." Also Chaviv .
CHE:  "God will multiply." Also  Chepe, and Chepito.
CHIRAM:  "noble."
CHONI:  "gracious."
DAGAN:  "grain."
DANIEL:  "God will judge." Also  Dan, Dane, Danel, Dani, Daniele, Danil, Danila, Danny, and Deen.
DAR:  "pearl."
DAVID:  "dearly loved." Also  Dabi, Davey, Davi, and Davin.
DERON:  "free."
DOR:  "a home."
DOREN:  "gift."
DOVEV:  "speaks in a whisper."
EBEN:  "rock." Also Eban .
EBENEZER:  "rock of help."
EFRAT:  "honored."
EHUD:  meaning unknown.
ELAN:  "tree."
ELAZAR:  "God helps."
ELEAZAR:  "God has helped." Also  Elazaro, and Eliezer.
ELHANAN:  "God is gracious."
ELIAS:  "Jehovah is God." Also  Eli, Elihu, Elijah, Eliot, Eliseo, Elisha, Ellis, and Ely.
ELISHAMA:  "God hears."
ELISHEVA:  "God is my wrath." Also Elisheba .
ELKANAH:  "possessed by God."
ELRAD:  "God rules."
EMMANUEL:  "God is with us."
ENOCH:  "consecrated."
EPHREM:  "fruitful." Also  Efrayim, Ephraim, and Ephram.
ERRAPEL:  "divine healer."
ESDRAS:  "help."
ESHKOL:  "grape cluster."
ETHAN:  "strong." Also Etan .
EVAN: "rock."
EVELYN:  "life."
EYOU:  "symbol of piety."
EZECHIEL:  "strength of God."
EZRA:  "helper."
FOMA:  "twin."
GABRIEL:  "God is my strength." Also  Gabi, Gabor, Gabriele, Gabrielo, Gavi, and Gavriel.
GAL:  "wave."
GAMALIEL:  "God's reward."
GEDALYA:  "God has made great." Also  Gedaliah, and Gedalyahu.
GEDEON:  "destroyer." Also Gideon .
GEREMIA:  "God is high."
GERSHAM:  "exiled." Also Gershom .
GIACOMO:  "replaces."
GIAN:  "gift from God." Also  Giannes, and Giovanni.
GIL:  "happiness." Also  Gili, and Gilli.
GUISEPPE:  "God will multiply."
GURI:  "my lion cub." Also Gurion .
GUY:  "valley."
HABIB:  "dearly loved."
HADAR:  "glory."
HANAN:  "grace."
HANANEL:  "God is gracious."
HANS:  "gift from God." Also Hansel .
HAREL:  "mountain of God." Also Harrell .
HARROD:  "heroic."
HASKEL:  "Intellect."  Also, Haskell, .
HAYYIM:  "life." Also Hyman .
HERSCHEL:  "deer." Also Hershel .
HEZEKIAH:  "God is my strength."
HIEREMIAS:  "God will uplift."
HILLEL:  "greatly praised."
HIRAM:  "exalted."
HOD:  "vigorous."
HONI:  "gracious."
HOSEA:  "salvation."
IAKOVOS:  "supplanter"
IAOKIM:  "God will establish." Also Iov .
ICHABOD:  "the glory has departed"
IFTAH: "open."
ILLIAS:  "Jehovah is God." Also Ilias .
IMANOL:  "God is with us"
IOSEPH:  "God will multiply." Also Iosep .
IRA:  "descendant"
ISAAC:  "child of laughter." Also  Isaakios, Ixaka, and Izaak.
ISAIAS:  "God's helper." Also  Isaiah, and Isiah.
ISEABAIL:  "devoted to God"
ISREAL:  "ruling with the Lord." Also Izreal .
ITAI:  "friendly"
ITTAMAR:  "island of palms"
IVAN:  "gift from God." Also  Ian, Iban, Ioan, and Ionnes.
JACOB:  "supplanter." Also  Jaap, Jack, Jacobe, Jacot, Jake, Jakome, James, Jamie, Jaques, Jem, Jim, Jimmy, Jock, and Jov.
JAEL:  "mountain goat"
JAPHET:  "handsome"
JARED:  "descending." Also Jori .
JASPER:  "jewel"
JEDIDIAH:  "beloved by God." Also  Jed, and Jedi.
JEPHTAH:  "first born"
JEREMIAS:  "exalted of the Lord." Also  Jeremi, Jeremiah, Jeremie, and Jeremy.
JESSE:  "wealthy." Also Jessie .
JOACHIM:  "God prepares"
JOB:  "persecuted"
JOCHEVED:  "God is glorious"
JOEL:  "strong-willed"
JOHN: "gift from God." Also  Jan, Jancsi, Jani, Janie, Jankia, Janko, Jannes, Janos, Jantje, Jean, Jeannot, Jenda, Jens, Joen, Johan, Jon, Jonam, Jonas, Jonatan, Jonathan, Juan, Juha, Jukka, and Jussi.
JOKIN:  "God will establish"
JORDAN:  "flowing down"
JOSEPH:  "God will multiply." Also  Joop, Joosef, Jooseppi, Jopie, Joseba, and Josephus.
JOSHUA:  "God is salvation." Also  Josias, and Josue.
JOSIAH:  "God heals"
JOSU:  "God saves"
JUDD:  "praised." Also  Jud, Judah, Judas, Jude, and Judy.
JURRIEN:  "God will uplift." Also  Jore, Jorie, Jory, and Jurre.
KARMEL:  "vineyard"
LABAN:  "white." Also Lavan .
LAPIDOS:  "torch." Also Lapidoth .
LAZARUS:  "God will help." Also  Lazar, and Lazzaro.
LEB:  "heart"
LEMUEL:  "dedicated to God"
LEVI:  "united." Also  Lev, Levey, and Lewi.
LOT:  "veiled"
MACHUM:  "comfort." Also Menachem .
MAI-RON:  "holy place." Also  Miron, and Myron.
MALACHY:  "messenger of God." Also  Mal, and Malachi.
MANASSES:  "forgetful." Also Menassah .
MANUEL:  "God is with us"
MARNIN:  "one who creates joy"
MATHEW:  "gift from God." Also  Machau, Mads, Maichail, Makis, Matai, Mate, Mathe, Mathews, Matthias, Matthieu, Mattias, Matyas, Matz, Micah, Michael, Michel, Michele, Michon, Mihaly, Mika, Mikael, Mikel, Mikhail, Mikhalis, Mikhos, Mikkel, Mikko, Misi, Miska, and Mitchell.
MAYIR:  "enlightens." Also Meir .
MEILSEOIR:  "king." 
MELCHIOR: "king city."
MORDEHAI:  "warrior." Also Mordecai .
MOSES:  "saved from the water." Also Mosheh .
NAAMAN:  "pleasant"
NADAV:  "gives"
NADIV:  "noble"
NAFTALI:  "wreath." Also Naftalie .
NAHUM:  "compassionate." Also Nachman .
NATHAN:  "gift from God." Also  Natanael, Nathanael, Nathaniel, and Nethanel.
NEHEMIAH:  "comforted by God." Also Nechemya .
NISSIM:  "wonders"
NOE:  "comfort." Also  Noach, and Noah.
NURI:  "my fire"
OBADIAH:  "serves God." Also  Obediah, Ovadiah, and Ovadya.
ODED:  "encourages"
OFER:  "fawn"
OPHIR:  meaning unknown
OREN:  "tree." Also  Orin, and Oris.
ORI:  "my light." Also  Orneet, and Ornet.
OSIP:  "God will multiply"
OVED:  "worker." Also Ovid .
OZI:  "strong." Also  Ozzi, and Ozzie.
PALTI:  "God liberates." Also Palt-el .
PASCAL:  "born on Passover." Also Paschal .
PAZ:  "golden"
PESSACH:  "spread." Also Pesach .
PHINEAS:  "oracle"
PINOCHOS:  "dark-skinned"
RAANAN:  "fresh"
RANIT:  "song." Also  Rani, Ron, Roni, and Ronit.
RANON:  "joyful." Also Ranen .
RAPHAEL:  "God's healer." Also  R'phael, and Rafal.
RAVID:  "wanderer"
RECHAVIA:  "broad"
REUBEN:  "behold a son." Also  Re'uven, Rouvin, Ruben, and Rueban.
SAADYA:  "God's helper"
SAKERI:  "remembered by God"
SAMSON:  "bright sun." Also  Sampson, and Shimshon.
SAMUEL:  "asked of God." Also Schmuel .
SANSON:  "the sun's man"
SASSON:  "joy." Also Simcha .
SAUL:  "longed for." Also Sha-ul .
SCHMAIAH:  "God hears"
SEANAN:  "gift from God." Also  Senen, Shane, and Sinon.
SEOSAMH:  "God will multiply." Also Seosaph .
SERAPHIM:  "seraph." Also  Serafim, and Serafin.
SETH:  "anointed"
SHET:  "compensation." Also Set .
SIMEON:  "obedient." Also  Simao, Simen, Simon, Siomon, and Symeon.
SIMPSON:  "son of Simon." Also  Shim'on, and Simson.
SINAI:  "from the clay desert"
SOLOMON:  "peaceful." Also  Salamon, Shalom, and Shelomo.
TAAVET:  "dearly loved." Also Taavi .
TANELI:  "judged by God"
TAPANI:  "victorious." Also Teppo .
THADDEUS:  "wise"
THOMAS:  "twin." Also  Tamas, Thoma, Tomas, Tomek, and Tuomas.
TOBIAH: Hebrew biblical name, meaning "God is good." Name of the hero in the Old Testament Book of Tobit, who defeated a demon with the help of the archangel Raphael. Also  Tobias (Gr.), Tobin, Toby, Tovi, Turyahu, and Tuvya.
TSIDHQIYAH:  "God's justice"
TZADOK:  "just"
TZEFANYAH:  "treasure by God." Also Tzefanyahu .
TZION:  "sunny mountain"
TZURIEL:  "God is my rock"
TZVI:  "deer"
URIAH:  "God is my light." Also  Uri, and Uriel.
UZZIEL:  "God is mighty." Also Uzziah .
VENIAMIN:  "son of the right hand." Also  Venamin, and Venjamin.
XIMEN:  "God has heard." Also  Ximon, and Ximun.
YAAKOV:  "held by the heel"
YAGIL:  "He will rejoice"
YAIR:  "enlighten"
YAKOV:  "supplanter." Also Yago .
YANNIS:  "gift from God." Also  Yahoash, and Yahonadov.
YAPHET:  "handsome"
YARDANE:  "descendant"
YARON:  "singer"
YAVIN:  "understanding"
YEDIDYAH:  "beloved by God." Also  Yedidiah, and Yerucham.
YEESHAI:  "rich gift"
YEHOSHUA:  "God's help"
YEHUDA:  "praised." Also Yehudi .
YERACHMIEL:  "loves God"
YERIK:  "appointed by God." Also  Yarema, and Yaremka.
YESHAYA:  "God lends"
YESHURUN:  "righteous"; also another name for Israel
YIFTACH:  "opens"
YIGIL:  "shall be redeemed." Also Yigol .
YISREAL:  "God's prince"
YISSACHAR:  "reward"
YITZCHAK:  "humorous"
YO-EL:  "God prevails." Also Yoel .
YONAH:  "dove"
YUSEF:  "God shall multiply"
ZACHARIAS:  "remembered by God." Also  Zachaios, Zachariah, Zachary, and Zachery.
ZADOK:  "just"
ZARED:  "ambush." Also Zarad .
ZAYIT:  "olive"
ZEBADIAH:  "gift from God." Also  Zane, Zani, and Zebediah.
ZEBULON:  "from the dwelling place"
ZEDEKIAH:  "God's justice"
ZEPHANIAH:  "treasured by God." Also Zephan .
Z'EV:  "wolf." Also Ze'ev .
ZEVULUN: "habitation." Also include Zebulon, and Zebulun.
ZIMRA:  "song"
ZIV:  "bright"
ZOHAR:  "sparkles"
ZURIEL:  "stone"