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English Origins:

Coat of Arms: Gold with a blue fesse and overall a red saltire.

Crest: Description not available

Spelling variations include: Asher, Ascher, Asser, Hasher, Hasser, Hascher, Aschey, Aisher, Aza, Azor, Ascer, Passer and many more.

First found in Staffordshire where they were anciently seated as Lords of the Manor.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: the name represented in many forms and recorded from the mid 17th century in the great migration from Europe. Migrants settled in the eastern seaboard from Newfoundland, to Maine, to Virginia, the Carolinas, and to the islands.
German Origins:

Coat of Arms: A red shield bearing three silver chevronels.

Crest: A demi-gold lion rampant.

Motto: Virtute Duce.

Motto Translated: With virtue for guide.

Spelling variations include: Asch, Asche, Asches, Ascher, Assch, Assche, Aschen and many more.

First found in Swabia, where the name emerged in mediaeval times as one of the notable families of the region.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Bertha Asch, who settled in San Francisco, Cal. in 1862; Isaac M. Asch settled in Philadelphia in 1836; Mannes M. Asch settled in Philadelphia in 1844.
Asher coat of arms English

Asher coat of arms German
  1. English (mainly Sussex and Hampshire): topographic name denoting someone dwelling by an ash tree, from Middle English asche ‘ash tree’ + the habitational suffix -er.
  2. Jewish: from the Hebrew personal name Asher ‘blessed’.
  3. Americanized spelling of German Ascher.
  1. German (often Äscher): occupational name for an ashmaker (see Aschenbrenner), from Middle High German escher ‘ashes’.
  2. German: topographic name for someone who lived by an ash tree or ash grove, from Middle High German asch ‘ash’ + -er, suffix denoting an inhabitant.
  3. German: habitational name from any of the numerous minor places named with the element asch, including Ascha, Aschach, Aschau.
Jewish (Ashkenazic): see Asher.
The full mantle consists of the shield displaying the arms that was given to the person bearing this surname; a banner with surname; a helmet; and family crest [if known]. See a sample of full mantle by - at right. Normally the crest is displayed atop the helmet. To order a full mantle with coat of arms and family crest click here
sample coat of arms [full]
Sample Coat of Arms - Full
Family Surname Forum:

German: occupational name for someone who prepared ash from wood fires for use in glassworks and soapworks, from Middle High German asche, esche ‘ashes’ + brenner ‘burner’
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