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Origin: English

Coat of Arms: A red shield with a gold fess between three bezants.

Crest: A bezant supported by two lions gambs

Spelling variations include: Avery, Averie, Avary, Every, MacAvera and others.

First found in the county of Northumberland where they held a family seat from very ancient times.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Jacob and George who settled in Virginia in 1635. Christopher Avery settled in Gloucester Massachusetts in 1640; and moved to Boston, thence to New London, Conn.
Avery coat of arms
Avery English: from the Anglo-Norman French personal name Auvery, a Norman form of Alfred. It could also be from a variant of the Anglo-Norman French personal name Aubri (see Aubrey). At least in the case of the original Puritan settlers in New England, there has been some confusion with Averill.

Avery Family DNA Project

Bezant, Besant or Besaunte.  A round flat piece of gold, which was the current coin of Byzantium.  Supposed to have been first introduced into coat armour at the time of the Crusades.  It is sometimes called a "Talent," the emblem of Justice, and equal dealing among men. LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL IDENTITY
The full mantle consists of the shield displaying the arms that was given to the person bearing this surname; a banner with surname; a helmet; and family crest [if known]. See a sample of full mantle by - at right. Normally the crest is displayed atop the helmet. To order a full mantle with coat of arms and family crest:
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sample coat of arms [full]
Sample Coat of Arms - Full
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