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Cotter - Cottrell English Origins:

Coat of Arms:
Silver with a black bend inbetween six black escallopes

Crest: A dog's head.

COTTER (British).  "Son of Terrible Army"

COTTERELL (British). Diminuitive of "Cottager" (Old French)

COTTRELL (British) Form of Cotterell

Cottrell shield

"MacCotter is one of the quite numerous class of surnames with the initial C which should properly begin with a vowel, the C being transferred by attraction from the prefix Mac. In Irish this is Mac Oitir which in the same way is found also as Mac Coitir. The latter is unquestionably a corruption; the surname is formed from the popular Norse personal name Oitir. It does not follow that the Cotters (who in modern times do not use the prefix Mac) are of Norse descent since several families of undisputed Gaelic Irish origin have surnames derived from Norse personal names as, for example, McAuliffe, McManus, McRandall. Probably the first mention of it in Irish records is in the Four Masters under date 1142 when the son of Mac Oitir assumed "the chieftainship and government of Dublin". The Mac Oitir referred to was one of the Gaels of the Hebrides. Whether there is any connexion between him and Mac Oitir (Cotter) family, which was well established in Co. Cork at least as early as

1300, is still an open question. The sixteenth century Fiants have many references to MacCotters, all these being in Co. Cork. By the seventeenth century they had become Cotter. William and Thomas Cotter were Gaelic poets of that century whose songs have survived till our own day. Sir James Cotter was in command of King James II's troops in Co. Clare. His son. James Cotter (1689-1720), ended his life somewhat unjustly on the gallows. His son, another Sir James Cotter (1714-1770), having forsaken the religion and politics of his forebears, was created a baronet and among his posterity were a number of Protestant clergymen in Co. Cork, including Rev. George Sackville Cotter (1754-1831), who was translator of classical works of some merit. The name is still almost peculiar to Co. Cork. There are no less than eight place names in that county which incorporate the surname, e.g. Ballymacotters and ScartMcCotters near Cloyne."

Mac Oitir - (Mac) Cotter

Cotter coat of arms IrishOrigin: Irish

Coat of Arms: Blue shield three evetts [
an evet or lizard ]  in pale ppr.

Crest: A lion passant reguard proper.

Of: Co Cork Ireland
Clan: MacCotter - Ethnic Group: Viking
The MacCotterslost tribes crests coat of arms
The MacCotters (Mac Oiter) were seated at Carrigtwohil, near the city of Cork, The townland of Ballymacotter indicates their early presence in the area. It is interesting to note that the MacCotters, like the other Norse families in Ireland, the O’Hallorans and the O’Doyles, were settled in areas adjacent to coastal settlements which were originally Norse.
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sample coat of arms [full]
Sample Coat of Arms - Full
Direct Descendants of Nicholas I Cottrell
    1      Nicholas I Cottrell    b: Abt. 1600 Scotland    d: Bef. February 1679/80 Taunton River, Bristol, MA           
*        +Martha    b: Abt. 1610    d: 1681 New Port Colony, RI           
    2      Nicholas II Cottrell    b: 1640 New Port Colony, RI    d: December 1715 Westerly, RI           
****        +Ann Peabody    b: 1642 Westerly, RI    d: Bef. January 11, 1711/12           
***    3      Nicholas III Cottrell    b: Abt. 1684 of Stonington, New London, CT    d: 1727 Westerly, Washington, RI           
*******        +Dorothy Pendleton    b: Bef. October 03, 1686 Stonington, New London, CT    d: 1747 Westerly, RI           
******    4      Nicholas IV Cottrell    b: July 07, 1717 Stonington, New London, CT    d: 1770 Worthington, MA           
*********        +Rebecca Randall    b: July 31, 1717 Stonington, New London, CT        
*********    5      Eber Sr Cottrell    b: April 13, 1751 Rhode Island>Erie, PA    d: July 31, 1833 Union City, PA           
************        +Elizabeth Crandall    b: March 27, 1760 NY>Erie, PA    d: October 11, 1812 Erie Co, PA           
************    6      Benjamin Sr Cottrell    b: 1787 NY>Erie Co, PA    d: September 1857 Waterford, Erie Co., PA           
***************        +Tamazine/Tamison Bunting    b: 1791 NJ or Bucks Co. PA    d: Unknown of Leboeuf Twp, Waterford, Erie Co, PA    Father: Samuel III Bunting    Mother: Septima Cowgill   
***************    7      Susan 'Jane' Cottrell    b: 1830 NY    d: February 07, 1890 Union City, Erie, PA           
******************        +Thomas H. Dumars    b: 1822 Tiparary, Ireland
******************    8      Rose Arvilla Dumars    b: April 1858 Union City, Erie Co, PA    d: January 27, 1907 Westboro, Taylor Co, WI           
*********************        +Warren A. St. John    b: March 07, 1853 Cambridge Springs, Crawford County,  PA    d: February 14, 1942 Westboro, Taylor Co, WI    Father: Lewis Matteson St. John    Mother: Sarah Nichols   
********************    9      Nellie Mae St. John    b: September 27, 1897 Union City, Erie Co, PA    d: February 28, 1989 Erie,  Erie Co, PA           
************************        +William Warren Hoag    b: July 18, 1877 Ellington, Chautauqua Co, NY    d: August 15, 1960 City of Erie, Erie Co, PA    Father: Ira Day Hoag    Mother: Alice Evelyn Watkins   
***********************    10      Ethel Mae Hoag    b: February 10, 1922 Wheelertown, Fort Le Boeuf,  Erie Co, PA               
***************************        +Rodney (Pete) Carl Matteson    b: November 11, 1903 Spring Creek Twp, Warren Co, PA    d: December 23, 1990 Erie, Erie Co, PA- buried at Wattsburg, PA Cemetery    Father: John William Matteson    Mother: Bertha Leonette Muzzy   
**************************    11      Betty Jean Matteson    b:  Corry Memorial Hosp Corry, Erie Co Pa.    

My name is Dafydd Cotter (Welsh / Irish - a Celtic "all-sort"), and I live on the western (Indian Ocean) coast of Australia.
Cotter is a common surname throughout North Western Europe which typically means someone who lives in a cottage, ie., a farm labourer, a tennant farmer, or such like. This name is found in Switzerland, throughout Scandinavia, Scotland (see Robbie Burns poem "Cotter's Saturday Night") and throughout the UK.
My ancestors came to Australia from County Cork, Ireland, where the name Cotter had a different origin. The name Cotter in Co. Cork is of Norse origin. It is an abbreviation of MacCotter, and was originally MacOiter - son of Oiter - a common Norse name. The town of Cork was originally a Viking settlement, and several towns and villages in County Cork still bear this name, ie., Ballymacotters and Scartmacotters. I expect that the Cotter's from Co. Cork, Ireland are primarily from Dan through the Norse background, but the family name is also listed amongst the descendants of the Milesian kings (as are most Irish families!), so other tribes are probably also included. Typically, the Cotters from Co. Cork have a ruddy complexion, and are unusually tall - the Guinness Book of Records mentions a Cotter as the tallest man in Ireland, I can't remember his name, but he claimed Brian Boru, the Ard Ri, as an ancestor (he too was unusually tall), so he changed his surname to Cotter-O'Brien.
Other Cotter's also came to Ireland from Scotland, and they are associated with the Clan Macgregor. They were at one time notable in the Irish Protestant Church (Presbyterian), and were rulers of the City of Dublin.  

Dafydd Cotter
Irish Names and Origins

Origin: Cottrell English

Spelling variations include: Cotterell, Cotterel, Cotteral, Cotteril, Cotterill, Cottral, Cottrall, Cottrell, Cottrel, Coterall, Coterel, Coteril, Coterill, Cotrall, Cotrell, Cottrle, Cotral, Cotraul, Cotrelly and many more.

First found in Derbyshire where they were seated from very early times and were granted lands by Duke William of Normandy, their liege Lord, for their distinguished assistance at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 A.D.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Edward Cotterell who settled in Virginia in 1635; John Cotterell settled in New England in 1655; Timothy Cotterill arrived in Boston in 1765; Edward Cotteral arrived in Pennsylvania in 1772.

Cottrell Origins: English
Coat of Arms: [same as Cotter] Silver with a black bend between six black escallopes.

Crest: A dog's head.
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