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Origin: French
Coat of Arms:
A blue shield with three bezants.
Description not available

Spelling variations include: Dumas, Dumais, Dumay, Dumat, Le Dumas, Dumets and others.

First found in Languedoc where this distinguished family were anciently seated in the seigneurie of Le Mas in the arrondissement of d'Auriol where they were located several centuries before their official registry in 1487.
Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Pierre Dumas arrived in Quebec in 1699 from Angoumois on the west coast of France, near Bordeaux; Pierre Dumais arrived in Quebec from Auvergne in 1745.

Bezant, Besant or Besaunte.  A round flat pDumars French coat of armsiece of gold, which was the current coin of Byzantium.  Supposed to have been first introduced into coat armour at the time of the Crusades.  It is sometimes called a "Talent," the emblem of Justice, and equal dealing among men
The DuMars family are first documented in Hargnies, Ardennes, France, before going to Tyrone County in Ireland. In the 1800's many DuMars came to America and lived in Western Pennsylvania.
THE DuMARS RECORD OF ANCESTORY (author/date written unknown)
"Great Great Grandfather was a French Doctor at the time of the Huguenot War and came to Ireland from France about 1685.  His name was Claudius DuMars, and Great Grandfather Thomas DuMars was a weaver by trade did not come to America, had two sons and one daughter.  His son Thomas came with his brother James and wife to America in the year 1797.  They stopped at Juniatta in the state of Penna.  James' wife whose name was Margret Robinson DuMars remained
there till the next spring.

Thomas and James came up to Northcumberland Co., PA, which in 1800
became Erie Co., and settled in Millcreek Twp., built a log cabin and cleared some land for to cultivate.  In the spring of 1798 James' wife Margret came on horseback from Juniatta bringing with her a bag of apple seeds to plant an orchard, which in a few years supplied the country for miles with apple trees.  Thomas was a school teacher and went to Black Rock near Buffalo, NY and died there.  Their only sister married Andy Robinson, came to America about the same
time and lived in Pittsburgh, PA.  She had two sons, John, a blacksmith by trade, and Claudius an undertaker, one daughter who married a man by the name of Magill and lived in Allegheny. Our grandfather James DuMars was a weaver by trade and also a farmer, he was hurt in a logging accident and died at the age of 67."
Thomas H. Dumars b. 1822 Ireland
Dumars of Pennsylvania
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