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Noble coat of arms - EnglishEnglish Origins:

Coat of Arms: Blue shield with a gold saltire.

Crest: Description not available

Saltire, Saltier or Saltes.   One of the honourable ordinaries.  The Saltire is subject to all the accidental forms of lines, as Embattled, Nebule, Wavy, etc.  When figures are borne on the saltire, it is said to be charged, or the charges are said to be, on a saltire.  When the saltire is
between four figures it is said to be cantoned.

Saltire-per. Applied to the field of a coat of arms, or any charge when divided by two diagonal lines crossing each other.
Noble coat of armsScottish Origins:

Coat of Arms: A gold shield with three bezants on a red fesse between two blue lions passant guardant, and two blue flaunches.

Bezant, Besant or Besaunte.  A round flat piece of gold, which was the current coin of Byzantium.  Supposed to have been first introduced into coat armour at the time of the Crusades.  It is sometimes called a "Talent," the emblem of Justice, and equal dealing among men.

Flanch, Flanque, Flasque or Flaunche.  Is an ordinary made by an arched line that swells towards the centre, and is always borne in couples.  The diminutive of the flanch is the Voider; it resembles a Flanch, but is not so circular toward the centre of the field, and it should be depicted much less in breadth.

Crest: A Blue lion.

Motto: Fide et fortitudine.

Motto Translated: By fidelity and fortitude.
French Origins

Coat of Arms: Gold shield with a red bend between three black crosses decorNoble coat of armsated with flowers.

Crest: Description not available

Motto: Nobilitat virtus.

Noble coat of armsDutch Origins

Coat of Arms: Red shield with a silver rose.

Crest: Description not available

Old English (æðel) [possibly aegel??] - "noble" - latinized as Aethel, al, adal, ayl, ethel . See surname Albert
The full mantle consists of the shield displaying the arms that was given to the person bearing this surname; a banner with surname; a helmet; and family crest [if known]. See a sample of full mantle by - at right. Normally the crest is displayed atop the helmet. To order a full mantle with coat of arms and family crest click here
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