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Origin: English
Wilkins coat of arms
Coat of Arms: Gold and silver with a green wyvern

Wivern, Wiveron or Wyvern: An imaginary animal, the upper part resembling what is called a Dragon; with two legs ; and the lower, a serpent.

Crest: A wyvern

Motto: Estote pru dentes.

Spelling variations include: Wilkins, Wilkin, Wilkines, Wilkyn, Wilking and others.

First found in Glamorganshire where they were seated from early times.



BLAZON OF ARMS: Ermine, on a bend sable, three martlets argent, a canton or, with a rose

CREST: A boar passant reguardant sable, pierced through the shoulders with an arrow argent, bendways sinister, the boar biting the arrow.

MOTTO: Estote prudentes.
Translation: Be ye prudent.

 Wilkinson coat of arms

     Gules = Red.

    Canton =  always understood to occupy the dexter-chief of the escutcheon, unless termed a Sinister Canton, and to possess only the third part of the Chief.

Wilkinson MacDonald, Gunn, Mackay   - WILKINSON (British).  "Son of (diminuitive) Will."


Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Nicholas Wilking, a juror of St. John's, Newfoundland in 1753; Maudlin Wilkin settled in the Barbados in 1654; Bridget and John Wilkines settled in Virginia in 1623.

...Wilkin of co. Kent, England

ARMS:..Gules (red), on a chevron between three whelk shells Argent (silver), a demi lion enclosed by two martlets Sable (black).

CREST:..A dragon's head per pale Argent (silver) and Vert (green).

The English surname Wilkins is of patronymic origin, derived from the name of the father of the first bearer of this surname. This surname derives from the Christian name William, 'son of William' is then the proper translation of Wilkins. The name William is of Anglo-Norman origin, from the Old High German 'Wilihelm' , formed by 'will', meaning resolution, and 'helm', meaning armed. This name was very popular during the Middle Ages as can be proved by the existence of famous people like William Rufus (the red), or King William II of England (1056-1100) and his father, William the Conqueror, or William I of England (1027-1087), who as Duke of Normandy invaded and conquered the English in 1066.

Very early records of the surname Wilkins go as far back as the twelfth century, with a Willechin de Laurecost in 1196 (Pipe Rolls, or Sheriffs' Annual Accounts for the Counties of Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Durham during the reigns of Henry II, Richard I and John). A Ralph Wylekin was living in County Norfolk during the reigns of Henry III and Edward I. A Wilechin in 1167 is mentioned in the 'History of Northumberland' by Reverend John Hodgson. In more recent times we have an important bearer of Wilkins with the name of Sir Henry John Arthur Wilkins, from Devon, President of Cooperative Wholesale Society Limited. He was knighted in 1932. Maurice Hugh Frederick Wilkins (1916- ) was a New Zealand-born British biophysicist who shared the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine with Watson and Crick in 1962, for the discovery of the structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid).
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Wilkins - Wilkin - Wilkens - Wilkinson - Wilkenson
MARY ELEANOR WILKINS FREEMAN, 1852-1930 American writer best known for her short stories about rural life in New England. (`A New England Nun', short story; `Jane Field' and `Pembroke', novels; `The Wind in the Rose-Bush', ghost story; & `The Long Arm', a detective story)

ROBERT WALLACE WILKINS, 1906- , American medical investigator and educator, made many contributions in the research of hypertension and cardiovascular disease. He was the president of the American Heart Association in 1957 and received its Gold Heart Award in 1962. In 1958 he was given the American Public Health Association's Albert Lasker Award. He was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1957.

 WILKINS ATHLETES: Football: Jeff Wilkins, Gabe Wilkins; Baseball: Rick Wilkins; Basketball: Gerald Wilkins; Dominique Wilkins.

WILKINS POLITICIANS: Wilkins, Beriah (1846-1905); Wilkins, William (1779-1865); Ross Wilkins (1799-1872)

SIR GEORGE HUBERT WILKINS, 1888–1958, British explorer; b. Australia. After several arctic expeditions, he was the first to explore the region by air (1928), traveling from ALASKA to Spitsbergen. He was knighted that same year. In 1931 he headed an arctic submarine expedition.
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