On one hand, I agree with the Muslims that Christian people and their governments do not belong in Arab-Muslim countries and they should mind their own business. BUT, on the other hand, I believe that ALL peoples were given specific countries in which to live and should remain in these god-given countries as those particular locations are where success and harmony is best achieved for each race and culture of people.

        Christian nations have attempted to force their religion and democracies on Arab peoples, which is wrong, and for that error I apologize for past mistakes to the Arab nations. Christian nations need first to build up their own strength, their own UNITY, their own purpose, which is to set a good, strong, and peaceful example for all other nations - to be a LIGHT unto the other nations, not to play host to them all.

        Christianity was set up for the 'lost tribes of Israel' and must not be forced upon other peoples as it was not designed nor meant for other peoples.

Matthew 10:5-6 "Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel."

        In addition, Arab/Muslim people also need to remain in the countries that were given to them by Allah and live and let live. If we could all abide by this, and each be thankful for our specific god-given blessings, all nations could individually strive for a state of peace, harmony, and success instead of waging in war, hate, anger, and destruction of one another's blessings. God, by any name you choose, would be out-raged to see how blessings and hopes for their particular people have been turned into such chaos and hate the world over. A GOOD God/Creator does not authorize war, hate, anger, chaos, but Satan does - so by their fruits you shall know whether you are serving the Creator or the Devil. If your God promotes war it is not Good - but falls under the umbrella of Satanic forces. Most people sincerely know the difference between good and evil, how much more is our God expected to know the difference between right and wrong?

        As human beings, we have all failed to maintain for ourselves, a state of harmony. This doesn't say much for any nation after 4000+ years of history. It is time that we all return to our individual homelands and strive to become the best we can be as a people, as a culture, as individual nations. To leave one's god-given country is an insult to God, Allah, Jesus, or by whatever name you call our Creator. [A rose by any other name is still a rose.] Have we no appreciation for what was chosen for us by our Creator?

        The photos below show that England is no longer just for the Celtic/English. These particular Muslims have rejected their own god-given countries and wish to live among the descendants of Jacobites for some reason. Instead of making their own nations 'free' and successful, they wish to be near the Jacobites. Perhaps they feel slighted by their God, and wish to become as a Jacobite, if this is so, then they should become Christians. Who knows why a Muslim/Arab person would even want to live among the Jacobites, it is beyond me, however, this is the trend throughout other Christian nations as well. While the 'lost tribes of Israel' inadvertently allowed other peoples to assimilate amongst them, which was and is a huge mistake - on the role of the host nations, and on those who wish to assimilate. It appears these other races and cultures wish to annihilate Israelite nations, not join them.

        View the pictures below and decide how you really feel about the future of Christian nations. If there was ever a time for Christians to become strong and effective - it is today! All Christian denominations MUST UNITE - this is essential.

These pictures are of Muslims marching through the streets of London during their recent 'Religion of Peace Demonstration.'

 These Pictures tell it all! Muslims have stated that England will be the first country they take over! It seems they are rejecting their own god-given Arab countries - and wish to be a Jacobite, but also want to control Jacob in the process. Jacob must remain in Christianity for now.