(From a liberal donkey-ass)
It is about time that you people who want to destroy our once great country with your conservative ways and lies answer to the truth.
1. Just who do you believe this country was founded by?  People that wanted to get away from the English rule that’s who. There score one for us liberals, we wanted freedom of choice. We didn’t like how they were telling us how to live our lives. After all we are three thousand miles from England what do they know?
2. Us liberals, who were shipbuilders in England, brought that industry to this country and it can be seen just how many people we employed and prosperous we made this country.
3. We started the indentured servant trade in this country. To teach others less fortune than we to learn a trade so they could move on with their lives and have a better life for their families. We just didn’t want people sitting around looking for a hand out.
4. We were instrumental in forming the very few pages that our Constitution and Bill of Rights is made up of. You conservatives would have had at least a 1000 pages of very confusing language that we would need lawyers to interpret your mumble jumble.
5. Your views are way too conservative where ours, of course, are very liberal. Who else, but us liberals would have allowed in this country all the free enterprise, the massive build-up of industry that created thousands upon thousands of jobs. If you conservatives would’ve had your way you would be curtailing any advancement. No railroads that opened this once great country wide open. Thousands of jobs were created because we were very liberal and open minded with our views of where this country should be going. We accomplished our goal where you have destroyed it all with your desire for lower taxes, lower taxes. Shouldn’t we be allowed to rape as much money from these huge companies when we encouraged their growth? After all they owe us.
6. You conservatives have forced thousands of companies to leave the USA to go to Mexico, China, and India because of your wanting more and more rewards given to them in tax breaks. How foolish can you people be, it just makes the ball bearing in my skull go round and round trying to figure why you want to destroy what we have allowed to be built up over the years.
7. Why is it that you believe people must work for a living? You want to take a man away from his family for eight hours of toil. Don’t you realize how important a father is to his young family? By being home with his family all day he can set a very solid example to his children.
8. There used to be thousands upon thousands of dairy farmers in this country, until you started putting hundreds of restrictions upon their milk production. We would never try to control these honest hard working people with all the restrictions you applied and totally destroyed a very vital part of this countries economy.  
9. You have tried over the years to destroy the wonderful welfare system we have developed to reward people to stay home with their children. So what if a family on welfare has two or three cars… two or more roof mounted satellite dishes on their run down shack that they call home. This allows them to enjoy the entertainment world, while relaxing in their own environment with their children. We owe it to these people that you have tried to control for many years by putting them to work. Taking their self-esteem away… you should be ashamed of yourselves.
10. Why have you, over the years, complained because we spend millions upon millions of dollars on the educational system in this country? It is your fault our children are at the bottom of the list of all nations in the world for knowledge of Math, English, Sciences. You always want to cut the educational budget when it should be tripled. Money is the answer to solving any educational problem, we just need more and more to solve it. Come on you conservatives, wake up and stop destroying our children and their future.
11. Why can’t you see when we ask for $10 million to operate a new program we actually need $30 million. If you would just drop your conservative blinders for one minute I would think you can see my point.
12. Last, but certainly not the least, our present effort to pass our president obuma’s health care reform bill. I can’t believe you people can’t control your emotions better than what you have displayed over the past few weeks. You're acting more like us liberals with your protests, shouting and screaming at our fine legislators that venture out amongst you. And you conservatives are just so against giving anything to the people without them working for it.  Don’t even the illegal people in this country deserve some consideration? After all they are hard working, law abiding people. They allow Americans not to have to work, therefore they can be home and acting as a member of their family. We say, 'let these illegal Mexicans do the low life jobs', while you want our people out there breaking their backs, sweating away their lives. Keeping them from their families.
I just don’t understand why you conservatives want to destroy all that we liberals (donkey-asses) have given to this country to make us the greatest country on the face of this earth. You should all be ashamed!!
Author's name withheld pending 'vetting' to the redthread.net website