Below is a list of similarities between Marduk, the ‘god’ son of Enki, and the Hebrew God, YHWH, who ruled the Great Age of Aries. Were they the same god? You decide. Note: there is no mention of YHWH’s name in the Sumerian texts - or the St. John journals, but they do mention Marduk – who has the same pattern as YHWH.

The Marduk and YHWH PatternMarduk

1) Both gods begin their rule at the start of the age of Aries [2048 BCE][Note: planetary ruler of Aries is the planet, Mars = Marduk] Mars is a war-like planet.

2) Both gods portray Mars characteristics [warriors, aggressiveness, ambition, dominating, conquests, leaders, weapons, destruction]

3) Both gods, as warriors, were involved in combat, wars, and the destruction of cities; both were benefactors or heroes

4) Both gods claimed to be the destroyers of cities such as Sodom and Gomorrah

5) RA, Marduk, and YHWH, [as well as the Israelites] were all in Egypt at the same time

6) Both gods roamed the heavens in chariots [chariot or 'shem']

7) Both were known as a 'God, King, Lord most High',  i.e. Lords of Heaven

8) The number 50 was important to both gods - Marduk was given the status of 50, YHWH the 50 year Jubilee

9) Both were unseen gods - Marduk was in exile, YHWH's elusiveness for unknown reasons

10) Both were seen on a heavenly throne attended by fiery angels

11) Both [and Ra] had sons who promoted their father's cause [Marduk/Nabu, YHWH/Jesus, RA/Osiris] - Jesus and Osiris both arose from the dead and went to heaven - not known if Nabu did the same. NOTE: I NO LONGER BELIEVE THAT THE REAL JESUS WAS THE SON OF YHWH.

12) Both claimed to be the 'creators' of the Earth, the solar system, and creator of mankind

13) Both left the scene of power at the very same time in history

14) IS-RA-EL   - says RA is god - [EL - means 'god'] - RA is another name for Marduk

15) RA and Marduk were one and the same god

16) I AM THAT I AM, means, I AM ASHER I AM [Asher and Marduk were the same god]

17) Both Marduk and YHWH held the Sinai Peninsula to be an important location

18) Marduk arrived in Harran in 2048 BCE - Abram was told to leave Harran in 2048 BCE

19) Marduk identified the 'heavenly planet', Nibiru/Hibiru, as his own - gave it his name - the red planet. YHWH claimed to possess 'heaven' and its gates

20) Marduk usurped and replaced Anu, his grandfather, as most supreme god - YHWH - who did he usurp?

21) In the creation of the solar system - Marduk claims the role as 'Father'

22) Marduk, [as Nibiru], has a god-hierarchy of 12; YHWH has 12 tribes; Jesus had 12 disciples - [12 months in a year]

23) Marduk, [as Nibiru], has 7 moons - one for every day of the week; YHWH instituted seven days to a week

24) Both gods claimed to be the supreme deity of both Heaven and Earth

25) Marduk, [as Nibiru], was the planet of 'crossing' [over our solar system]. The 'cross' is used to symbolize Judeo-Christians

26) Marduk was the firstborn of Enki, whereas Jesus was the firstborn of YHWH. NOTE: I NO LONGER BELIEVE THAT JESUS WAS THE SON OF YHWH OF THE OLD TESTAMENT.

27) Marduk's name means: son of light, son of the brilliant day, true son -  by this same description was Jesus known


29) Both claimed supremacy of the 'Four quarters of the Earth'

30) Both claimed that the god of Babylon was their enemy

31) RA and YHWH both had Temples built; both had a special shrine to house a coveted instrument [the Ben-Ben & the Ark of Covenant]

32) RA's kingdom was divided into two sections for [Osiris & Seth] - the north and the south kingdoms – the same with Israel

33) Osiris, son of Marduk, was, killed; he then was, resurrected, ascending into the heavens through the secret gates. Isis [goddess] found his dead body; Jesus, son of YHWH, was, killed, resurrected, and later he ascended, into the heavens - Mary Magdalene sat watch over his body, and was first to witness Jesus after his rising. I NO LONGER BELIEVE THAT JESUS WAS THE SON OF YHWH OF THE OLD TESTAMENT.

34) The Northern & Southern kingdoms of Egypt, wore red, white, blue hats; all twelve tribes, of YHWH's Israel, have red, white, blue flags today.

35) Father, virgin mother, divine infant/Osiris, Isis & Horus; YHWH, Mary & Jesus; Marduk, [as Nibiru, Tiamat [Earth], & the Sun] I NO LONGER BELIEVE THAT JESUS WAS THE SON OF YHWH OF THE OLD TESTAMENT.

36) A six-point star symbolized Nibiru and Marduk – same as the Jews - and perhaps King David - the star means 'god' status

37) Eye of Horus represents strength, vigor, and self-sacrifice; America, home of the lost tribes, put this 'eye' on their national emblem - also the pyramid

38) The 'thirteen' tribes of Israel were once Egyptian citizens, under Moses' command - they left Egypt when Marduk left - 1433 BCE. The original 'thirteen' colonies of the USA were identified with Egyptian symbolism.

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