My Red Hair Dreams
Note: Planet Nibiru is 'Hibiru' in my dreams and in the St. John Journals.
This is an exert from the book entitled:
 "Keeper of the Celtic Secrets" by Betty Rhodes

      Many of my past 'red-hair' dreams consisted of ordinary people with red hair, people I once knew with red hair, and people I never knew with red hair.  Some of the redheads I recognized in my dreams were; JoAnn Williams, William Bender, and Duane MacWilliams [notice the three Williams]. When I last knew these three redheads, they were kids from elementary school - and now, many years later, I'm having dreams involving these long-ago classmates - merely because they have red hair.  It seems significant to me, however, that the only redheads from my school days, had in their name a ‘William’.

     I would see red hair in my night dreams, red hair in my daydreams, and redheads in crowds stood out like beacon lights. What were these personages with red hair doing in my dreams? They were just there - looking at me as if to say “Hell-oooo” - not a greeting type of 'hello', but rather - 'when are you going to put two and two together', type of hello.  Like HELLOOOOOOO - is anybody home upstairs?

     After hundreds of ‘red-hair dreams’ over the years, I was beginning to realize there was some kind of message regarding red hair coming through, so I was determined to discover the message.  Dreams of this nature, I was convinced, came from my Spirit friend, so to solve the ‘red hair’ mystery I would need to pay close attention to everyday events, and to whatever other subtle hints that might be coming my way.

     Three Williams were prominent players in these reoccurring 'Red Hair' dreams that first started during the 1980’s. What, or who, the Williams represented at this point is not clear; but this William and I have many babies with Rh-negative blood, type ‘O’, in an extraterrestrial spacecraft somewhere in the heavens.  I also believe this William will be instrumental in the unveiling of the secret knowledge of the ancient journals in my possession, which have been obscure for so many years.

     There were other dreams in which William played a role; in fact, some dreams consisted of three generations of Williams. These three Williams all looked the same, except one is nearer, one further back, and the third further away than the second William. These particular dreams indicate three generations of Williams; a son, father, and grandfather.

     Several dreams or visions occurred that involve a hospital-like setting. This hospital was always inside a spacecraft and I can remember seeing patients, babies, doctors, nurses, patient’s rooms, hallways, nurseries, and a very large room where many of the babies were kept.

     In the space hospital there were many patients lying in beds - usually two patients per room.  Sometimes a patient, but more times than not, I made the 'rounds' with a space doctor while he briefed me on a patient's condition.  The doctors were always a humanoid-type creature that the Anunnaki have created to perform different medical procedures on humans. I believe they were conducting tests similar to DNA testing, in order to locate various descendants of the Elohiym royal family - i.e. descendants of the 'Red Thread' bloodline.

      There were large rooms filled with babies – many babies. I believe these babies were cloned humans preserved in some type of glass incubators. The glass incubators held tiny – ‘unborn’ babies, while larger rooms housed older babies. I could hold, touch, and talk to the older babies. The extraterrestrial medical staff told me that several of the babies were mine, because I have the right kind of blood, which is Rh-negative – type 'O'.

     The father of my babies was a William with red-hair and several of our babies also have red hair. They let me visit the babies quite often during the 80's. Today, in 2005, the babies would be anywhere between 15 – 25 years old, as the babies appeared to be from the unborn stage to three years of age, at the time of my visit.

     I have a feeling that thousands of people from Earth will someday [soon] be taken aboard a spaceship headed for another planet – perhaps Hibiru, however, I know that Hibiru is going through a bad time right now, so the ‘elect’ ones may be taken to a new heavenly home altogether - when this will happen is unknown. Our present bodies would not be suited to such a lengthy journey, but if we had bodies that were born under the precise conditions, we could make such a journey with no problem.

     What I found utterly fascinating, while visiting on the spacecraft, was the fact that the Elohiym have the ability to extract one's soul from their dying body and interject this very same soul into a newly cloned physical body. This metamorphic transformation is known as ‘The Tree of Life’, and is mentioned in the biblical book of Genesis, and many times in the Sumerian texts as well. By employing this very same technique, many ‘messiah’s’ throughout history have been able to miraculously rise-up from the dead. However, the souls of these ‘risen from the dead’ messiahs, and/or often times Elohiym gods, are transfigured by a process of phenomenal fusion into the newly cloned body that looks exactly like the old body.

     Sumerian texts tell how some ‘gods’, during their rage, would kill other ‘gods’ without much respect for life; but Enki, the legendary medical scientist among the Elohiym godhead, would bring the ‘dead’ gods back to life.  Moreover, if you notice closely in Sumerian art depictions, Enki, or one of his assistants, would usually be holding the ‘Tree of Life’ symbol in their hand. Enki’s secret of bringing to life the victims of violence, old age, or even suicide, was quite possible if their bodies ‘had previously been cloned’ prior to their death. Obtaining a new body after death, however, is possible by cloning one’s cells and DNA, creating a new ‘you’ that would begin as a baby.
Humans have yet to discover the secret of how to accomplish the ‘Tree of Life’ technique, and will probably never be able to achieve this secret, and according to my sources, man lacks a key element to bring the feat to culmination.  It is one thing to be able to clone a person, but to insert a person’s same exact soul into the newly cloned body is quite another thing altogether.

     There now, I have slipped up and released some of the secret knowledge from my dreams, but there are many more secrets to come. For more hidden knowledge, make sure you add your name to the list to be notified just as soon as my new book entitled, "Keeper of the Celtic Secrets" is published.

      The next incident is still so vivid in my mind that it makes me tremble to think of it, so I relay it as quickly as possible and get right to the point. This incident also involves the same mysterious red-haired William.

     It happened in September of 1989; William and I were in the surgical room of the spaceship’s hospital. We were on tables about ten feet apart and strapped down so we could not move. I saw humanoid doctors all around us who were holding long needle paraphernalia. One of the doctors inserted a long needle into my navel - I did not know what was going on, but remember being petrified at the time. [I am rather apprehensive about recalling this particular experience.]

     William was trying to fight the restraints they had on him, but being strapped down made it somewhat hard for him to move.  They were doing something to him but it was hard for me to see what it was exactly, because 'they' were standing in the way.  All I remember next is waking up the following morning with a sore navel, and for a couple of days afterward there was a clear fluid oozing out of my navel. I now realize that the humanoid ‘doctors’ were extracting eggs from me, and possibly semen from William to create more Rh-negative babies.

     For as far back as I can remember I have had dreams about red hair. Not actually cherry-red, but more like a tawny ginger color or an amber color of hair. ‘Amber hair’ is a better descriptive label than ‘redhead’ is perhaps, because we are talking about an orange-red color. Where people with this hair color got the label 'redheads' is not certain, perhaps the misconception comes from the confusing biblical word for 'ruddy'. In the Hebrew language, 'ruddy' and 'red' is 'adam', admoni, edom, or odom, however, the color of ruddy red that we picture in our minds today is not the same as what the name/word 'Adam' was originally referring to at all. There is no race on the face of the Earth that is actually 'red' in skin tone or in hair color, but there are people with a ruddy skin tone.

     The ancient word for a true cherry-blood-red was 'sar', as in the word 'sarduis', meaning a red ruby. Just as in the word 'sara', meaning a blood relative, or of one's flesh and [red] blood. Whereas the Hebrew word, 'sahar' or 'sohar', indicates a tawny, reddish yellow color, which describes more accurately the hair color shades from blonde-haired people to redheads.

     Therefore, the reoccurring dream that I was experiencing was of people with the color of 'sahar'- a tawny, reddish, yellow/amber color of hair. The idea was coming into my mind that the biblical 'ruddy-red' is actually describing what we would call today, 'earth tones'; which would be the different shades of browns, reddish browns, and brownish blacks – all colors of the various soils of the Earth, i.e. earth tones.  The Hebrew language is interesting when it comes to the words 'red' and 'hair'. The Hebrew word for hair is se'ar or sa'ar or sara, meaning hair or hairy, which is nearly the same as the word for ruby red. Being well aware that the names for Adam, Edom, Esau’s red lentil pottage, the dirt of the Earth, and the gem stone sarduis, all use the same descriptive Hebrew word – varying from adem, adam, admoni, odom, edom, as all meaning ruddy 'red';  it would seem that a sarduis [a ruby] does not belong in the mix of admoni hues.  Rather it belongs where the name indicates - in the red group of 'sar'.

     Therefore, the ruddiness of the admoni word groups, and the sar red groups, are two separate colors groups altogether. The ruddiness of Adam was not 'red' skinned, nor was Edom actually 'red' as a [sar] ruby.  For we have words such as, sarduis [red ruby], sara [blood relative], sar [red], sahar [reddish-yellow], and Sar'gon, prince of the sun, which is red-yellow.

     Ancient Egyptians, as well as native Latvians, used the word 'sar' to indicate the color red. However, Adam's skin was ruddy–a brown earth tone. An error on the part of translators describes Esau as being ‘red’. Actually Esau was not red – he was hairy – sa’ar, which was confused with the word for red - ‘sar’. The later representation of Esau’s ‘hairy’ name to ‘ruddy’ Edom, was actually for the red lentils [beans] – not his skin color.
Many people associated Esau's descendants with the Germanic peoples, but this is not the case, for Esau's children, and future generations, would have inclined more to the dark haired, ruddy-skinned peoples.
More proof on what skin color the word 'ruddy' infers can be found in the Sumerian texts, where it states that the created 'Adams’ were a black-haired, ruddy complexioned, race of people, generally referred to as the black-headed ones in Sumerian texts. If the Elohiym created the ‘Adams’ in Africa, then we can assume that the first 'Adams' were either black, or brown skinned, i.e. ruddy in appearance. This would be in line with the natural skin tones that actually exist today, known as 'black or brown' skin tones, among the black-haired races. However, in ancient and biblical physical descriptions, this skin tone was referred to as 'ruddy', which is an 'earthy' color – earth tones.

     This descriptive word never meant to imply that ‘the Adams’ were initially formed from the literal dirt of the Earth, but rather, they reflect the color palette of Earth, and were half god and half Earthling. Consider the various races of people – beginning with Earth's genesis. We find brown-skinned black haired people on every continent and island of the planet. You will find that the concentration of black-skinned people occupied the continent of Africa, India, Australia, and various islands. While Enki, the scientist of the Elohiym royal family, created and placed his first black-haired, ruddy complexioned people in Africa, his brother, Enlil, lived in an area called E.din.  I believe that the land of E.din had to include the area of India, and therefore there exists a concentration of darker skinned people living in that region also. The area of E.din encompassed the entire area of the Mesopotamian Valley. This we know because Sumer is the cradle of civilization where language, science, mathematics, and astronomy began, and according to ancient Sumerian texts, Sumer was the hub of the Elohiym godhead while on Earth.

     According to the Sumerian texts, Enlil saw how his brother, Enki, was able to teach the [created] black headed ones to work in the mines, so Enlil, envious of the creatures remarkable ability, demanded to have some 'Adams' to work in his large garden projects.  Perhaps India's ruddy-skinned peoples originally began living further west within the Mesopotamian Valley, but when the destruction of middle-eastern cities, such as Sodom and Gomorrah, sent a deadly cloud over the entire area, Enlil's black headed people could have possibly moved further east – to India. This would have occurred around 2500 BCE.

     Eventually we are able to trace the red hair factor to the Sumerians of Mesopotamia, to the ancient Egyptians, the Gauls, the Celtic Scots, the Irish Druids, the Picts, the Gaelic, the Basque; then back again to the original tribes of Israel. Red hair is not the predominant hair color amongst these people today, but originally I believe that most were blonde and red haired people. This pattern of red hair was now beginning to take on meaning and I am convinced that most of the 'sahar' [blonde-haired and red-haired] people have the same origins – that of the space travelers.

     Knowing the first created people, called the Adams, had black-hair and ruddy complexions - where then, did blonde-haired people and redheads enter into the equation? There had to be a second race element entering into the mix of people beginning at the very genesis of time.  Moreover, all the red haired people that Sam knew and saw had very light skin – far from being ‘ruddy’ in appearance.

     My conclusion is that the Elohiym who once lived in the land of Sumer was a white skinned race that had either blonde or red hair. Black is the common hair color of all native peoples on the Earth and blonde and red haired people do not have the same chemistry formula as do black haired peoples. Blonde-haired and red haired people lack certain elements that keep them from having black hair. This is because their DNA strands contain more elements from the space travelers then does the evolved ones.  In essence, the white races of people are actually the descendants of the Elohiym or Anunnaki, who once lived in the areas of Sumer, Ur, Haran, Nippur, and Egypt.

     Abraham’s blood was purely Elohiym blood, and the gods tried their darnest to keep their pure blood line in tact, but intermarrying has pretty much done away with any royal bloodline today. Abraham was a royal prince and his half-sister-wife was a princess – both descendants of the Elohiym royal family. They had different mothers, but their father was Terah, a Priest – from Haran.  Haran was in the Sumer area of the Mesopotamian Valley where the ancient ones maintained a central headquarters for thousands of years.

     This royal 'blood' [the 'red thread'] passed on to Isaac, and then to Jacob and Esau, however, Esau sold his birthright to Jacob and does not represent the royal descendants of the Elohiym. Esau married the daughter of Ishmael and other women from the black-headed Adams, so his bloodline thereafter became interracial to the degree that Esau’s descendants today are much the same as the ‘ruddy’ skinned black haired ones. Perhaps Esau’s line is the Palestinians, noting the animosity that exists between the Palestinians and the Jews, which easily parallels that of Jacob and Esau.

     Two thousand years ago there were white skinned, red-haired people roaming across China, their mummified bodies surfacing in China recently.  These roamers undoubtedly belonged to the rest of the white 'wanderers' known as the Hebrews, from Hibiru.

     The Celtic people, and most western nations of people, are the same peoples as are the ancient Israelites. There are many branches of white races – most originating from the twelve tribes of Israel.  Esau, the twin brother of Jacob [the 'father' of the Israelites] was not an Israelite.  Some of Esau's descendants did intermingle with the tribe of Judah so we now have many black haired Jews with ruddy complexions, amongst the once fair-skinned people.
The twelve tribes of Israel, if marrying only within their various tribal families throughout history, would today be mostly blonde or red haired peoples - with shades in between, such as the lighter browns.  Nevertheless, after thousands of years of mixing Hebrew blood [the 'red thread'] with the created 'Adams' blood, the Hebrews have become so interwoven within the races that we now have all colors of skin and hair tones amongst the Israelites.

     Nevertheless, what does this all have to do with the red hair dreams I was having repeatedly? Perhaps it had to do with my family tree.  Back in 1996, when we bought our first computer, I took to surfing the Internet and began tracing my family tree and found that nearly all my ancestral lines came to America in the 1600's. While studying various family lines I discovered that several known cousins, as well as newly discovered cousins, had red hair. Something else became prominent with the redheads in my family tree - of the ones who were aware of their blood type, nearly all had Rh-negative blood.

     Since the 1980’s I have been searching for my red-haired William, and have honed in on one possible candidate. However, getting the pertinent information about him presents another problem without revealing why I want the data. Because my Spirit friend knows the importance of the two of us to meet, I believe that I will eventually locate the real William of my dreams; I merely need to be at the right place at the right time. Rest assured that the hand of ‘fate’ comes into play quite often in my life, so I am sure to find the RED HAIRED William.