[from 'Keeper of the Celtic Secrets' by Betty Rhodes]

            The Great Spirit, which shares its very essence with the souls of every man, woman, and child - the very second they take that initial breath of life to become a living human being.

Upon a baby’s first breath, a minute amount, of the same spirit that makes up the Great Spirit, enters into the physical form of mortal flesh and blood, and the tiny soul lives and breathes as a new human being. To grasp the thought, imagine a giant bottle of peppermint oil if you will, and this peppermint oil is so strong and concentrated that only one tiny drop is enough to flavor a large batch of candy. It is with this tiny essence of peppermint oil that transforms that boring batch of candy into  flavorful peppermint candy canes.

The very essence of the Great Spirit Creator brings to life a physical form that miraculously becomes a mental thinking human being that can utilize logic, reasoning, and common sense, and has the unique ability to choose right from wrong. The physical body in return, provides a home for the tiny spirit, known as a soul. This tiny spirit living within each body is permitted to grow and progress in the essence of ‘free will’. The ultimate goal of this growing spirit is to progress into something much greater, through growth and ascension of the soul – upon climbing ‘Jacob’s Ladder’. This tiny spirit is given to man, as a gift from the Great Spirit, and what we do with the wondrous gift is up to each individual person.  We can rise to the occasion and become perfected in wisdom and knowledge, thereby evolving in our spiritual Ascension, or we are free to waste the spirit on ego-satisfying pleasures to suit our own fancy - much like Lucifer decided to do for himself. Following Lucifer's pattern of self-gratification only leaves the tiny inexperienced spirit wide open to Satan's workshop, however.

Each living soul has the opportunity and obligation to become bigger and stronger through knowledge, wisdom, truth, experience, Light [spiritual wisdom], struggles, and self-sacrifices.  The progression and evolution of each spirit, or soul, is directly determined by the amount of truth and Light that we, as human beings, allow to enter through our veil of darkness. Religions, throughout time, have kept a dark veil over our minds, preventing our souls from progressing and evolving naturally - because the Powers of Darkness does not want our soul’s progression, or Ascension, to take place. 

The Elohiym, the ancient 'gods', taught humankind survival skills, mathematics, languages, science, and astrology-astronomy; however, the appointed priests received privileged knowledge over and above that of common knowledge. It was the task of these priests to dutiful guard this sacred knowledge, and then in turn, pass it on to their sons and grandsons, who would become priests like their elders had before them. Many of the stories handed down within the priesthood contain patterns, hidden meanings, and truths, not readily known to others - such is the ‘three parts to the human soul’. These 'gods' were not the Great Spirit of Light - the true Creator of all things, but were highly advanced space travelers.

The Creator of the human soul, i.e. Spirit,  is the Supreme Spiritual Entity of Light. This Force of Light is an Energy Force that is the origin and source of all Intellect and Wisdom.  Such is the mental portion of man’s mind, i.e., the soul, which allows humanity to be different from the animals. The Elohiym 'gods' were the manipulators of our physical bodies - creating human life from that which was already available, but the true Creator of the Spirit [soul] is not the Elohiym - but is the Great Spirit Creator - aka the Holy Ghost !!