Keeper of the Celtic Secrets is a story about one courageous family whose bloodline descends a long line of priests from the land of Ireland. This priestly bloodline is known as 'the red thread' and is traced back to the ancient gods who once inhabited the Mesopotamian Valley.

This lone family has managed to survive the trials and tribulations of being descendants of the ancient Priesthood by remaining ‘underground’ for centuries. One single-family line is all that remains of the legendary priests from old Ireland and they have gone virtually undetected by the populace - until the day this story hits the press. These priests were once the ‘secret keepers’ who held the knowledge of man’s missing link [in evolution], which has baffled science for centuries; as well as many other mysteries that were once thought unsolvable. Once the truth is finally revealed of man's actual origins, the entire foundations of religion will be shaken, for the history of mankind and the origin of the four major races will become all too apparent. The Evolutionists and the Creationists are both correct in their beliefs, and the St. John family's old leather-bound journals shed a brilliant Light on the answer to this amazing mystery - thereby explaining the so-called missing link.

The St. John journals also trace the Celtic bloodline back to the ancient gods of Sumer, Ur, and Nipper - to the very land where Abraham was born. This bloodline, known as ‘the red thread’, is part of ancient Celtic folklore, remembered by many elders of the British Isles as, 'the Red Thread' line.

The leading character in the book, “Keeper of the Celtic Secrets", is a modern-day 'Druid' priestess who believes her mission in life is to reveal to the world the secret knowledge of her Irish ancestors. For many years, her St. John family has preserved these hidden secrets in old parchment journals, which have now passed down to Samantha O’Brian, the leading character in the story. It is the recordings in these old journals that priestess Samantha wishes to make public, however, there is an ever persistent faction, known only as the NLC, who does not wish for this knowledge to be made public. They have murdered in the past in hopes to prevent such an outcome, and will do so again if need be. The NLC continuously tracks her every movement throughout her unbelievable life and are a treacherous force that she must deal with on a daily basis.

“Keeper of The Celtic Secrets,” tells about the trials and tribulations of this courageous priestess as she eagerly searches for a 4th missing St. John journal while endlessly seeking out a red-haired man named William who appears to her in dreams and visions. Samantha hopes that once she locates this William that he will be instrumental in helping her solve the text in the old parchment journals.

As a Druid priestess, Samantha also receives routine visits from an invisible spirit guide whom she calls her ‘Spirit friend’. This Spirit friend remains by her side throughout her life and bestows a number of psychic abilities upon her, such as audiovoyancy, and accurate visions and vivid dreams, which eventually assist her in finding the red-haired William and the missing journal.

While constantly dodging the NLC, Samantha manages to locate William, find the missing journal, interpret the ancient knowledge, and discover the identity of the organization that murdered the parents of her ‘Grandma Rose St. John’. She must also escape the clutches of the enemy during a hair-raising ordeal that nearly takes her life in Canada.

The NLC murdered Samantha’s ancestors in 1868; therefore, paranoia has descended within the family unit until our heroine finally becomes of age. She then more than proves herself the right person for the job of ‘secret keeper’ and vows to solve the mystery of her great great grandparent’s deaths, and to always protect the old journals and the secrets they contain.

The Druid journals uncover many mysteries concerning man’s ancient history that would otherwise be lost. The NLC wants this secret knowledge suppressed and the priesthood eliminated, as the Druid secrets would reveal to the world, the ‘wizard behind their curtain’ of disguise, as well as, challenge everything humanity has been taught about their origins. 

The story ends with Samantha’s research work nearly ready for the editor who will author her book when the physical materialization of her life-long Spirit guide comes on the scene for a shocking surprise ending.

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