Calling forth the 'Lost Tribes of Israel'
Call to Action

Perhaps you are unaware of your family's origins beyond the point when they first came to America. Chances are, if your family originated from England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, western Russia, and other western European-Christian countries, you are one of the multitudes that make up the 'lost' tribes of Israel. The time has finally arrived for Jacob's descendants to awaken from the wilderness protection plan [Christianity] and to take responsibility for their [Jacob's] people. This in turn will benefit the entire world. Many things are taking place behind the scenes today and if the true Israelites remain asleep at the helm, they might not like what will occur to our blessed free nations. For sure, all is not well in 'Denmark' folks. Knowing our true identity is vital in light of today's current events and we have very little time in which a huge amount of awareness must take place.
    There are at least 52 obvious clues that give positive proof of who the 'lost tribes of Israel' truly are and who they are not. Please read "Sounding the Shofar", either in its actual book form or take advantage of the FREE eBook format. This timely book urges all Christians to unite for strength in numbers and spirit. You will not find this book offensive to 'Jesus' or your faith in any way... quite the contrary. This book identifies who really was behind the murder of Jesus and his disciples, and it reveals the 'man of sin'. It tells about 'Shiloh' and the responsibility of the true Israelite nations in obtaining Shiloh. I am not asking you to give up faith in Jesus at all, but rather, I am asking you to first of all, UNITE and DISCERN what is Right and what is wrong, and expell that which is wrong from your midst and stay on the path to righteousness. This letter is a call to action - action to unite under one umbrella of Protestant Christianity. Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists, Lutherans, Evangelicals, Pentecostals, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, etc., must all form a single alliance and compromise on differences each division might have - for the good of our people - and because it is Right. When in reality, there is not one of your particular belief systems that are any better or worse than the other one. Get over the pettiness and unite for strength. After all, each and every Protestant religion believes in just ONE Jesus. A house divided cannot stand and most surely will fall.

        Secondly, GET RID OF THE 'TAX EXEMPT STATUS'. When a church or religion puts itself under the 'tax exempt' status, they become an arm of government. It may have been good in time past but from now on out it will not be a status we need for the Saints. THIS IS NOT GOOD FOLKS - LOSE THIS STATUS.
         What America is facing is a serious situation and if we don't remain a strong and powerful country in the world, all free nations will fall like dominoes - the extremists will fill the power void and that will not be a good thing. Western 'Christian' nations were meant to be the superpowers at this time in history, but as 'Ephraim', the predominant Hebrew tribe for our times, has become a pancake only half done because of their own stupidity - not because of a curse - but by their own undoing. It is important that all Christian churches and Christian nations form an alliance of unity to withstand the enemies we see in today's world. Enemies that wish the downfall of white Christian free nations, especially America. The only adhesive that could possibly accomplish this unity in great numbers, which this action calls for, is Christian churches to be under one united umbrella. Christianity is the only medium that just might do the trick. It is the one thing that most free white nations have in common. While the Roman church was once an evil force throughout the entire Dark Ages, it is time for her daughters to prove themselves Righteous - make our Creator proud for a change. Our children and grand children may be fighting off Islam in this country one day soon. Muslims certainly do have a plan to take-over smaller nations first, such as England and Denmark, in order to gain momentum to go for the USA and it won't be a mild peaceful Islamic religion either - it will be extreme and violent with terrorists at the controls and with a lot of oil money to back them too. Money they have obtained from you and me through the purchase of their oil  and gasoline. These terrorists don't mind getting their hands bloody while their rich backers remain on 'friendly' terms with our various govenments.

  As the true 'lost tribes of Israel', descendants of Jacob, it is time we step up to the plate and hold on to our blessings before it is too late. Why should we voluntarily allow the enemies of Jacob to mock his good name, to take control of the horns that were meant only for 'Ephraim' to steer toward a state of Shiloh. "Sounding the Shofar", which you can all read for free, gives positive proof of who the true 'Israelites' are and who the "Israelites" are really not. It also gives solutions on how to keep America strong. Christians have been expecting the Messiah for over 2000 years now and there is a very good reason why He isn't to be found. There are some things we must do for ourselves first and as of yet, these things remain undone.

    Many citizens here in the US are ignorant in so many ways - they don't realize what is happening right in front of their faces and furthermore, they naively embrace trouble with arms wide open. The situation today has become ultra serious - the 'honeymoon' is over. Our own government has sold out America to 'strangers' - we have become a 'pancake' only half done while losing our 'voice' and strength more and more every day. The more non-Christians and non-Israelites we bring into our country - the smaller our voice becomes. If a government does not work for the good of the majority of its natural citizens, then it works AGAINST them - this is a fact that is demonstrably obvious.

     Start your investigation by reading the book, "Sounding the Shofar" as soon as possible. The author does not make any money from this book as it has been written merely for the sake of AWARENESS.