Written June 11, 2006
by Betty Matteson Rhodes


     ‘The Great Spirit Creator’ is Spiritual and can best be 'discovered' in the spirit (the mind or soul) through meditation. You will never see this Great Spirit in the form of a ‘physical’ god/God lurking around some manufactured building like a shadow of elusiveness. The Creator Spirit makes itself known whether you're aware of it or not. The Spiritual Almighty Creator is Omnipresent - found everywhere on Earth and at the same time, and everywhere in a million galaxies.  To understand what this Spirit could remotely resemble, consider gravity - it cannot be seen or felt, but it is there. The Spirit Creator is something like the Sun's rays on a bright sunny day, which are nearly impossible to keep out of the house as sunlight will come pouring through the tiniest of cracks. ‘The Great Spirit’ is likened unto the electromagnetic spectrum. These rays have been out there ever since the beginning of time - mighty powerful and previously undetected - but once discovered have opened up to a whole spectrum of radio waves, microwaves, x-rays, infra-red waves, gamma and short-wave. Just because we didn't use them 500 years ago doesn't mean they weren't there. The Great Spirit is something like the air we breathe - vital to life but never given a second thought unless we are suffocating from pollution. The Almighty Spirit is something like pure water - the very essence of life but getting harder to detect unless we manipulate it by use of artificial means.

     Humans believe their worship of the Creator requires a tangible 'god', prophet, idol, saint or tradition in order to have faith in a Supreme Entity so religions were created to honor ancient visitors that came to Earth. These ancient astronauts, or to use biblical terminology - 'fallen angels', were called 'gods'. Just as homosapians are labeled 'man', likewise the ET's were labeled 'gods'. Not saying these 'gods' weren't real tangible beings that spent time amongst human beings. They were quite guilty of manipulating the DNA and chromosomes of Earth's evolving species here on Earth to produce modern man. Hence we were created in their image. These ET gods taught early man many things, science, mathematics, languages, etc., and how to grow crops and raise animals. They also promised to return some day in the future for their chosen dedicated ones.

    Various ET's had their particular flocks and these peoples worshiped their lord or 'god' almost without ceasing since the day they disappeared into the heavens. Man has been waiting thousands of years for their return. These 'gods' were indeed real and superior to mankind, but they did not create the Great Spirit, nor did they create our Spirit/Soul/. Nor did they create all things in this world and beyond, but were probably instrumental in planting various crops that grow here and breeding many species of animals. Without doubt they built the pyramids and other megalithic structures found around the world. However, they did not create the Universe, the Galaxies and the Heavens. The Great Spirit Creator created these very 'gods' in fact. They may or may not return in the 'latter days' to rescue individual chosen ones from the Earth prior to a great doomsday called the Great Tribulation. There will come a time when governments of this Earth launch the most horrible war since time began in their quest to limit the population. Since it is not really these ET 'gods' who hear our prayers, let's hope that the Great Spirit has put into their hearts and minds the names of those who should be saved from the Earth. Most assuredly, the Great Spirit will have a different agenda than the 'gods' when selecting which humans should be rescued prior to total physical destruction. This remnant saved will begin human life elsewhere and the Earth will become inhabitable for millions of years - much like the planet Mars is today. Saving the remnant of humans that the ET's created in their image will be utmost in their minds. Depends on what they want in their subjects. Obedience? Endurance? Intellects? Youth? Survival of the fittest? Bloodline? Israelites? A particular race? Most dedicated and faithful? Most humble? Only the strong, healthy and young? Hard to say - perhaps all of the above.

      The Great Spirit Creator is interested more in our Spirit as that is the link we have with his own essence. Our souls or spirits are minute tiny whispers of that Great Spirit and when we leave this Earth as a physical mortal being our souls 'return to sender'. We join the Creator Spirit from whence our souls came. Whether we are part of the ET's 'remnant' or not doesn't really matter because it is our souls that matter.  Our tiny spark of a Spirit should be as pure as possible, in spite of any religion. Religions are irrelevant (neither here nor there) to the Great Spirit - as religions pay homage only to the ET 'gods', not to the true Creator Spirit.

     Perhaps when the allusive ancient 'gods' [ancient astronauts] left the earth thousands of years ago, our ancestors felt it necessary to manufacture religion(s) to revere and worship these ancient astronaut 'gods' hoping they would return. This should remind us of Moses who went atop the mountain and his flock, fearing he would never return, and they, stranded in the wilderness, took matters into their own hands. They crafted a golden calf for their religious worship. Given enough time, who knows what elaborate form of worship they would have come up with if left to their own devices. They manufactured a golden sacrifice and began to worship around it in the absence of their leader, Moses.  It doesn't take long for 'lost' people to manufacture a form of worship in the absence of a trusted spiritual leader. Any time there is a vacumn in something to hang on to and hope for, someone somewhere will create a religion for the weak in heart. Like sheep the populace willingly turn over their body and souls into bondage.

      ‘The True Great Spirit Creator’ knows all, sees all, hears all, feels all, and is capable of communicating with those who seek Divine blessings and guidance.  ‘This Great Spirit’ allows mankind free choice to an extent and delivers to them, love, blessings, answers, help, guidance, angels of mercy, protection, and yes - discipline to all peoples as well. The discipline is usually for their own overall good, of course.  The astronaut gods of ancient history cannot hear our prayers, nor do they answer our prayers - it is the Great Spirit Creator that hears our pleas for assistance and also hears our thanksgivings. The ancient 'gods' have long since left the area - but may return someday as they promised. Doesn't mean they will be all loving and kind like we would like them to be. The 'gods' knew there was a greater power than themselves and left clues in much of their ancient words that are found in the Bible and elsewhere.  This will be covered in a separate article.

      Our Creator is there at all times for us, but we as human beings, can best reach this Holy Spirit when we are pure of heart and spirit.  A corrupt spirit puts out a very weak signal - the more corrupt, meaning sinful and wrong doing - the weaker the signal. The pure in heart or spirit, puts out a stronger signal, henceforth receiving clearer answers, communication and blessings. To get on the proper wave-length and get tuned-in to the Great Spirit, one must first desire pure truth and wisdom, which is far superior to the lies from the deceivers that the masses have held dear for so long.

    There is a wide variation between a ‘corrupt’ spirit and a ‘pure’ spirit.  A corrupt spirit lacks a real desire for spiritual truth, knowledge and guidance - preferring to hold onto a stagnant philosophy that has withered and died on the vine and petrified eons ago.  A pure spirit seeks after truth with goodly knowledge from the natural order of natural science, mathematics and laws of nature that are universal, everlasting and free to all - no matter what race, color, creed, background, country or family in which they were born.  A pure spirit will not be fearful to step outside the circle of beliefs handed down since the beginning of time; whereas a corrupt spirit stands firm inside his ‘safe’ box, not venturing far from the status-quo of petrified theologies, fearing to look neither to the left nor to the right. Trembling in fear the impure spirits are oblivious to the 'rock', which has caused considerable stumbling over the years. The impure spirit will continue to bruise his foot on the obvious - right up until the day he dies.

    The Great Spirit Creator is the ultimate source of knowledge and wisdom in every facet imaginable. One must desire pure truth to gain access to the source of the Spirit Creator's vast wisdom and knowledge. To be free from bondage [lies, false hopes and traditions that stifle our spirit growth] is to gain wisdom with truth and knowledge. A desire to seek out truth and knowledge connects our souls with the essence of 'Holiness' and the spiritual flame goes from a flicker to a raging fire within our minds/souls. This burning Spiritual fire drives out darkness [the lack of wisdom], which holds man hostage to a darkened world that offers no real hope. They say an apple doesn't fall far from the tree - look around you, what do you see?

    Wisdom through knowledge, gathers merit where ignorance once made its residence. While man's religions are relative, one man's faith may be folly for another man. What good is faith in something without a foolproof result? Can religions still be labeled benign when, after thousands of years, their ultimate goal [a coming Messiah according to their own expectations], has yet to materialize. Considering that the hopeful have been waiting for their Messiah since ancient Egyptian time and perhaps longer still. The word 'messiah' means 'anointed one', which means 'one who receives great knowledge and wisdom from above' and then in turn, shares, teaches and improves humanity with this higher wisdom, knowledge or 'discovery'. When we look into history we find many 'anointed ones' that have shared knowledge, wisdom and improvement to humanity in many different ways. Perhaps man cannot see the forest for the trees. Were not our great inventors and scientists 'saviors' to mankind? Giving consideration to men such as Louis Pasteur, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Neils Bohr, Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla and others. Just as important were the great explorers who ventured across dangerous seas to colonize North America. We have such a preconceived notion on what a great 'anointed one' should be that we wouldn't recognize a savior of mankind if we saw one - this is sad. The Great Spirit has sent many wise anointed ones to this planet and our nature is to expect more, more, more - and greater too than the previous ones.  The only savior of our soul is ourselves, for our redemption is a learning process, a progression, the desire to obtain a higher degree of spirituality, which will usher in our own Ascension into the realm of higher learning and wisdom - no one can do that for us - and why would we want it ready-made? What would we have accomplished? Experience, with enlightened ‘truth’ produces hindsight, which can make a man wise, unless he is a fool to begin with. The gifts from the Great Spirt must be used to receive clear signals from the Creator - some of these gifts are logic, reasoning, common sense, the ability to ascertain between right and wrong, the desire to know truth. Above all, the wisdom to know when something has petrified on the vine and it's time to move on.

     A soul must first have an earnest enthusiasm toward seeking out Spiritual knowledge by using his natural right and ability to receive such knowledge and light. He/she is then given an appropriate portion of oil (knowledge) anointed upon his head that will keep the flame from going out. He will gain wisdom and spiritual food enough to get him up a few rungs of the Ascension Ladder (‘remember Jacob’s dream’). However, in order to keep progressing up the ladder of evolution toward becoming a more intelligent and accomplished Spirit, one must keep that flame burning strong.  The goal is to make that flame an eternal flame.  The anointed Oil is the DESIRE for knowledge - that's what motivates us and wets our appetite for more knowledge and higher wisdom. With the flame of wisdom burning brightly, we ‘discover’ the Omnipresent Creator of the Natural Order of Universal Law, which is always governed by KNOWLEDGE - this is the Enlightenment and is also referred to as LIGHT.

May the Spirit of Light and Truth find your mind open to knowledge.
author - Betty Rhodes

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