September 3, 2006

Unveiling Newsletter # 13


      If you were to believe all the hype out there in society, one would think that 'New-Agers' rank right up there along with 'Nazis', 'Satanists', and 'Politicians'. Sorry, Cousin George, but I needed to make a point here. What is it that instills such fear, regarding these 'new-agers', in the minds of some non-enlightened traditionalists? Could it be that decent, law-abiding people will be led astray in some outlandish quest for wisdom, truth, answers, and spiritual progression? Could it be that church leaders fear they will be out of a job if parishioners find the power and effectiveness of the Great Spirit, on their own volition? Since I have been accused of being one of those ‘new-agers’ by my own family, I decided to examine the subject [more] closely, to see if I was falling down some black hole of wickedness, with no hope of salvation for my soul. More frightening still, was the possibility that I could be encouraging others to jump into this cesspool of iniquity with me. What degree of karma could I be building for myself, if guilty of such a horrendous act to humanity? Lord have mercy.

     From what I have gathered about 'new-agers', we all have one thing in common - and that is our unquenchable thirst for truth and knowledge. Burning strongly within our souls is that desire for something more natural-like, and the deep-felt need for a spiritual connection with the Creator that will take us far beyond what this world has to offer. We seek that higher wavelength that connects us directly to the Great Spirit – as we stand together and marvel in the science of the Almighty’s display of creation.

     It seems, in talking to other ‘new-agers’, that there is this common realization, or sense of absolute knowing, that there is a yet undiscovered and expansive, spiritual dimension out there just waiting to be explored. We seem to hear the voice of the Creator inviting adventurers, such as we are, to come explore this new world - this new age of enlightenment. Could it be the coming Great Age of Aquarius that we sense, which our planet is about to enter, on its trek through the Milky Way? Possibly. The earth does have a Great cycle that takes it through the Mazzaroth [the Zodiac], and it just might be the reason why new-agers seem to be ‘way out there’, in comparison to those untouched as of yet.  While going through each constellation, which takes about 2100 years, the gradual effects of that particular Great Age, is felt here on earth, astrologically speaking – and yes, Virginia, there really is a thing such as the Great Ages.

     Together, with the lack of inspiration from traditional thinking, and the sense of knowing that there is much more in life to experience, new-agers set out on that daring and exciting journey to explore yet another dimension of creation. Nevertheless, have we really explained, in dictionary terms, what a new ager really is, and what they believe? Let's  get  another viewpoint here:

   "The name 'New Age' was popularized by the American mass media during the late 1980s, to describe the alternative spiritual subculture interested in such things as meditation, channelling, reincarnation, crystals, psychic experience, holistic health, environmentalism, other fields associated with pseudoscience and anomalous phenomena, and various “unsolved mysteries” such as UFOs, Earth mysteries and Crop circles."

     Wow - that sounds pretty ungodly alright. We will take each description, one at a time, to see if we can improve life for these poor new-age reprobates of society. [Reprobate means 'good for nothing, degenerate, a no-good troublemaker'. That is what I am - a good friend of mine refers to me as such. That's OK, he is only a traditionalist and makes mistakes.]

1) Alternative spirituality: instead of what the traditional petrified institutions have to offer in the way of 'spirituality', these new-agers seem to feel there is something more - hummmm, perhaps they are right. They seem to sense a greater connection with the Creator, as if they could feel this Great Spirit deep within their soul, giving them the spark to venture forth on their quest for knowledge and wisdom.

2) Mediation:  that means, according to Webster’s, to think deeply and quietly, to ponder, to wonder, to consider at length. Now this could be bad for those who do not want us to think for ourselves.

3) Channeling: according to Webster’s, a means of passing, transmitting, or communicating, to direct or guide along. This sounds a lot like prayer. Now, if channeling is wrong, is prayer wrong to?  Let us see what Webster says about praying. "To pray: is to address a god or deity, esp. with devout petition, to request something of said god or deity, prayers are a minimal chance or hope of being heard." Don't know about you, but I like the sounds of 'channeling' much better. To channel there is communication, to pray there is only a minimal chance of being heard. Case closed on this one - next....

4) Reincarnation: Instead of Webster’s, let us use the Bible to tell us about reincarnation, since it is usually Bible believers that question the minds of new-agers.  John 6:47: "Verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me hath everlasting life." Moreover, John 3:36: "He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life, and he that believeth not the Son, shall not see life, but the wrath of God abideth in him." Well, according to John, there is ever-lasting life for those who believe in God. Everlasting life means perpetual, again and again, to repeat - according to Strong’s Concordance, # 166.  That was for the New Testament people, now for the Hebrew Testament, we find in Psalms 23:3, "He restoreth my soul", which means to return and do again, to repeat, to come back again, to live again. Furthermore, have you ever considered what the scriptures mean by the term, 'to raise up'? This term was used quite frequently throughout Scripture, when foretelling of some future person that was to be born. To 'raise up' means to come back again, to live again - this is referring to reincarnation, folks.  Consider Deut: 18:18, "I will 'raise them up a prophet' - this too is referring to reincarnation of a prophet who lived and died, but was going to live again - he was 'raising back up', living again.  The OT is full of statements about God 'raising up' people.  For Christians, consider "The queen of the south shall rise up on the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it..." Matthew 12:42. Reincarnation gets my vote - it is biblical.

5) Crystals: this subject is a matter of how you look at it, and for whatever reason the holder finds them valuable. I have never sought out gems for show, for jewelry, or for their purity in substance. Most people, who infer that new-agers are lunatics because they hold crystals in their hands, hoping to receive something extraordinary from them, are themselves hypocrites, because these same accusers proudly wear their diamond rings, gold jewelry, and pieces of metal coming out their earlobes.  If crystals, which are actually gem stones, didn't have anything special to offer, why don't these accusers [of new-agers] wear plastic jewelry and save a heap of money. Furthermore, the accusers haven't done their homework, because the God of the Hebrew people really liked crystals and gemstones, for he instructed Moses to put a wide assortment of them on the breastplates for the priests - must be something to those crystals - I could be missing out on something - should get me some.

6) Psychic experiences: I can vouch for psychic experiences, because I have had many. Mine come in the form of dreams, which come true - usually in a matter of days. There are many kinds of dreams, and if you know the difference, then you know a psychic dream when you have one. 100% of my psychic dreams become a reality, however, regular dreams are nothing more than your sub-conscious mind processing all the data that is stored inside your brain - and thank god those dreams don't materialize into reality - or we'd all be up the besmircher creek. I do not believe that there are very many people who can perform psychic experiences at will - most are sent to a person from the Great Spirit as a confirmation, a warning, a premonition, or to validate communication between you and the Creator when you need it most.  There are many out there in TV land that gives psychic experiences a bad name, and this is very sad. I consider those clowns to be a mockery of the Creator's gifts to humankind. Evidently the accusers of new-agers never receive communication from their god - this should tell us something right there - this speaks volumes does it not.

7) Holistic health: "...a non-medical philosophy of well-being that considers the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life as closely interconnected and balanced. Advocates of the holistic health philosophy typically seek or use a wide variety of alternative practices, the most common of which include acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathy, yoga, aromatherapy and homeopathy.” I might add here, the use of magnets, and the NON-use of chemical drugs. Why are these alternative practices frowned upon so strongly? Because drug companies, and their disciples, want you to buy their commercialized drugs. New agers are starting to look pretty darned smart, wouldn't you say?

8) Environmentalists: This is all Al Gore's fault with his credulous desire to clean up the environment, so his grandchildren can have pure water to drink, clean air to breathe, fresh fruit to pick off the trees in the garden. This is not traditional thinking, Mr. Gore, and you are beginning to sound more like a new ager every day - you want to corrupt us out here in innocentville? New-Agers like pure things - old traditionalists enjoy living in the smog!

9) Pseudoscience: this is something that mainstream scientists practice every day. For example, one day they say that milk is good for you, and then next month they say it causes prostrate cancer in men. Then one day they say that coffee stunts your growth, and then they backtrack and say that it contains the essence of life. One day they say the world began from a tiny little atom that grew into a huge snowball and petrified into a planet, then the next thing you know the world began with a big bang. One day there are black holes in the universe and the next day there is no such confirmed thing in existence, guess what - now there are black holes again.
Pseudo means false, and the science part you already know. False science refers to scientists making false statements about what is factual and true. Some day they may get it right, but for now, they are only human.
All joking aside, what the traditionalists are actually referring to, is ASTROLOGY - the cycles and patterns of the kingdom of heaven - this is the Creator's handiwork and THEY can't get their cotton-picking hands on it - SO, they don't want you to know about it. When someone tells a New Ager 'hands off’ that only gets his curiosity panting like a dog in anticipation of a milk-bone biscuit, and that new-ager is going for it - let me tell you. 'God' bless those new-agers - imagine the state of boredom without them. Why, America will still be sitting here waiting to be discovered. Case closed.

10)  Anomalous phenomena: Back to Webster’s: Anomalous means, a departure from the normal rule, or order of things - Phenomena means, a fact or occurrence that can be perceived or observed, a rare occurrence, an extremely outstanding or unusual person or thing, a marvel to behold.  When we put these two words together, it means a person who is extremely outstanding, because they have departed from the normal status quo. Good Lord that sounds right up my alley - persons such as me should be sent straight to prison, with no hope for appeals. I'm thinking that those debunkers of new-age thinking need to get a life.

11) UFO believers: These people earnestly believe in unidentified flying objects, usually because they either have seen one, or have had experiences that indicate that there are UFO’s. People such as Jimmy Carter [ex-president], Reinhold Messner [mt climber], John Lennon, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Astronaut Gordon Cooper, US Senator Richard Russell, Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, Christopher Columbus [discovered America], Edmund Halley [discovered Halley's Comet], Alexander the Great, Leonardo DaVinci, and modern-day new-agers, just to mention a few UFO freaks.

12) Crop circles: These are images seen in grain crops, mainly in the British Isles, that traditionalists see as hoaxes. The hoaxers started their corn-stamping patterns back in the 14th century, per old drawings, and they seem to be still at it - according to the debunkers. Whether one believes the designs to be a natural phenomena, a hoax, or divine communication - WHAT DOES IT MATTER in the world of wars, diseases, religions, and corrupt governments????

     There you have it folks - the down and dirty scoop on new-agers and what all the fear and hatred, on the part of society’s traditional thinkers, is about. Are we dangerous? Should we all be stamped out before we take over the world and society loses all sense of traditional besmirchness [I learned that word from a dear old traditional friend of mine, and I think I will keep it around just to remember him by.]

May the Spirit of Truth and Light be with you always.
Betty Rhodes
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