by the Unveiler 

This particular article is about important universal patterns, how they reflect on humanity as a whole, and why it is important to recognize them. These patterns were set up for their specific and diverse roles from the beginning of man's existence, if not from creation's very first dawning. Down through human history, the reflections of these patterns make a serious impact on our civilization - sometimes for man’s well-being, but more often than not, they are used for power, control, and greed. Sure, we can close our eyes to knowledge that doesn’t fit into our little condensed cubical of understanding, but that does not make these patterns any less real. This particular article comes after awaking one morning at 3:30, upon having one of those dreams again, where it seemed that I had been taken in the spirit to this ‘classroom’ in cyberspace to be taught things from some mysterious super intelligence. I just wish I could remember more of the experience, for I am sure that I only pick up bits and pieces of what my mind is taught.


To see the reflection of the Universal Patterns, one can start from man's first recorded civilization, which began in the Mesopotamian Valley - the land of Sumer and Ur, where Abraham was born. These Patterns continue to reflect their attributes and influence on humanity right into modern times. Each Pattern has its cycle beginning and the learned behavior of each Pattern stays with humankind's society and culture, right down through history, even as new Patterns are added on top of the previously learned Patterns. It seems, that once a Pattern has put it's trademark on society - it is there for the duration of time. For example, if mankind is experiencing Pattern 'E' presently, humanity would also have within it's capabilities and resources, the reflections of Patterns A, B, C, and D. Civilizations, societies, cultures, groups of people, as well as individuals, can only reflect what has been experienced, and can only experience that which is reflected. When the time comes for a new Pattern to be reflected, some individuals will notice the influence before others notice - this is normal.

These Universal Patterns reflect the vibrations and reflections from the Planets of our Solar System.
 Patterns A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H & I, or:

PATTERN A: Time - Ancient Mesopotamia: Language, Mental, and Communicative skillsMercury

Pattern 'A' was extremely important to humanity, for in its reflection we see the essential building blocks being taught, which included speech, language, writing, reading, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, science, and all the mental and communicative skills needed to best exist with others of the same species.  See the reflection for Pattern ‘A’ in man's earliest civilization, which began in the Mesopotamian Valley – which included Ur, Sumer, Nippur, and other early communities. It was here that 'A' began its initial reflection on humanity –where the start of all civilized nations of the world, as we know it, came into existence.

PATTERN B: Ancient Egypt: A Social People that reflect beauty and art - balance and harmony

Pattern 'B' reflects onto society, beauty, art, social skills, construction, and creativity. The lesson of balance and harmony is taught, and a desire for ownership and social structure develops. From one perspective, we see the building of nations, an emphasis on beauty; artistic talents develop - not only in ones domicile, such as elaborate palaces and temples; but also in the beautification of the body as well. We clearly see the reflection [successfully] maintaining balance and harmony among the masses of people, as somehow, working together as a unit, they accomplished great feats, such as building the pyramids - which most definitely took much balance and harmony erect. To see the reflection of Pattern 'B' in its purest form - look at ancient Egypt. In this early civilization, we see how they emphasized Pattern 'B' to its fullest, while also utilizing Pattern 'A' to carry out Pattern 'B'.

PATTERN C: Shangri-La - The 'Missing Link' within Man's Accomplishments

Pattern 'C' is what man could have had while leaning totally on the attributes of Patterns 'A' and 'B' as listed above, and stopping right here with ‘C’.  This pattern reflects primarily: instinct, intuition, nurturing, care and concern for the natural environment, i.e. Mother Earth – and each other, existing off a land of plenty and abundance, and deep-felt satisfaction. Where can we find the reflection of this pattern? Pattern 'C' is a place that I shall call the 'missing link', among the overall evidence of reflected Patterns. The only societies that [remotely] reflect this pattern is the Aborigines of Australia, or some native tribes of Africa, although there could be others. However, nature’s animals have great instinct and intuition, which they utilize much more profoundly than do any 'civilized' humans, and among the animals, we see nurturing in its most sincere form - uninhibited and unashamed. Compare that with mothers today who drop off their babies at the day-care center - or worse yet - abort them before they even take that first breath of life. This 'missing link' among humans can be found in ‘Shangri-La’ – a [perhaps] imaginary Earthly paradise - where the Garden of Eden might have been - had man choose not to progress onward to Pattern D.  Therefore, what happened to 'C'?  It has probably been right here on Earth all the time - we are just too busy looking past the obvious to even notice.

PATTERN D: Babylon: The Reflectors of War, Hate, & AggressionMars

The reflection for Pattern 'D' represents a great warrior, bent on killing, and thoroughly loving the challenge of combat, getting a morbid thrill out of hearing the clanking and rattling of sabers and swords. Winning, winning, winning - through bloody combat and victory, whose war call was/is heard from the men who rule the nations of the world. The orchestration of elaborate military maneuvers is seen, the desire and jurisdiction of ruthless leaders takes its course, allowing them to take their posts while utilizing great courage and aggression against their subjects and weakened nations, takes place. What was once assertiveness turns into great relentless aggression, the once even-temperament of a nation quickly becomes a hostile environment. Natural sexual awareness becomes an aggressive tool to implement control and power over women. Impulsive actions become the normal turn of events - carried out before any forethought is given to the situation at hand. 'D' has shown men the path to war through hate, power, rage, envy, and aggression. This pattern began, in its purest form, in ancient Babylon. Remember Nebuchadnezzar's Great Image – this brutal 'King' of Babylon was the head of gold. This was the central place that 'D' became a way of life - where the purest form of this pattern was instituted, and would eventually be reflected onward in time for thousands of years. This is why Egypt and Sumer were never included in the Biblical Great Image, which would someday be broken to bits - for it was out of Babylon that pattern 'D' took on its reflection.

PATTERN E:  Philosophers, Great Wisdom, Religion

This philosophical pattern can be seen in the minds of great philosophers, such as Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle - each perfectly reflecting Pattern 'E'. Coming with the 'E' pattern is also an enthusiastic desire for abundance and growth - the bigger the better, the 'more the merrier', kind of growth. The drive for spiritual, as well as national freedom and independence is felt among the multitudes. Expanding fortunes and the setting of lofty aspirations becomes the energy behind great nations such as the Persian, Grecian, and Roman Empires. While Emperors were wielding their power through commerce, military aptness, and daily affairs, a tremendous undercurrent was rapidly building up beneath the surface of the nations, and this wave of unforeseen current was about to erode away the very foundation of the great Empire of Rome. The desire for an acceptable spiritual connection caused a whirlwind, which had built up over the years, and Pattern 'E' was now reflecting all the necessary elements for creating an organized religion to encompass all people - ‘one religion to fit all’.  Although theologies and traditions began forming in the sixth century BCE, they really didn’t take shape until centuries later in Rome. Old beliefs, traditions, and gods were molded, mixed, and shifted in place to suit the crafters – thus to please the majority. Therefore, out of 'E' came a spiritual fulfillment that would carry on for centuries.  This Pattern supplied a good heaping of greed, control, and intelligence enough to obtain the desired effect, but losing ground were the old Empires that were built on enthusiasm, optimism, abundance, and philosophy, for now the control of the beast was in the hands of the 'scarlet harlot' [religions govern the Empire and call the shots].

PATTERN F:  The Dark Ages - Suffering and Sorrow

For those living upon the Earth during the years between 476 CE - 1600 CE, there has never been a more bleak and darkened period in man's existence - think imprisonment, suffering, confinement, setbacks, mass murder, limitations, great strife, suffering, disease, famine, dread, horrible abominations, and severe restrictions, all came with the 'F' pattern. This period in man’s history, is called the 'Dark Ages' - and rightly so. The harlot that governed the beast in the ‘E’ Pattern had driven the masses into a life worse than imprisonment during this period, with suffering enough to last until the end of times. Never in the history of civilization has man experienced such a dreadful pattern - and hopefully will never be asked to endure again. The created harlot, also called 'the[un]Holy Roman Empire, which was so painstakingly crafted during the reflection of Pattern 'E' had come back to bite the very people who wanted it, and dreadfully hard and painful did it bite them. They created a monster that had turned on them - and millions of innocent people died an excruciating death under the influence of this 'F' pattern - and notice how rightly named - the 'F' pattern. As if famines, long-lasting and long-reaching, fatal diseases, and other maladies, were not punishment enough, there were the Spanish Inquisitions, the Crusades, Witch Hunts, and other mass genocides, to befall humanity - all brought about because of the monster they desired. The reflection of this pattern was felt all across Europe during these terrible dark ages.

PATTERN G: The Age of Enlightenment

Modernism state of the art procedures, especially in science and electronics will instrumented. Liberalism, democracy, freedom for all, free-thinking, free-wheeling, scientific thought, humanitarians, altruism, reason, flight, astrology, astronomy, outer-space travel, airplanes, independence, idealism, peace keepers, shocking reports, and unique episodes, are all reflections from Pattern G. The 'Age of Aquarius' reflects this Pattern of 'G well', which will often bring about shocking events and news-related incidences that may 'blow the minds' of those with stone age thought processes. Large groups of people merging in thought, belief, and culture, forming a brotherhood of 'united we stand' platforms, setting out to make the world a more peaceful and ideal place in which to live. This Pattern of Enlightenment begins its reflection upon the cultured societies of the world around the 18th century across Europe. According to Wikipedia.org, the “Age of Enlightenment refers to either the eighteenth century in European philosophy, or the longer period including the seventeenth century and the Age of Reason. It can more narrowly refer to the historical intellectual movement. The Enlightenment, which advocated ‘Reason’ as a means to establishing an authoritative system of aesthetics, ethics, government, and logic, which would allow human beings to obtain objective truth about the universe.” This was the tip of the iceberg however, and today, during the year 2006, Pattern ‘G’ is in full swing across Western civilization.

PATTERN  H: The Great Escape - the 'Rapture'Neptune

This Pattern will bring with it great Inspiration, and will climax with the Great Spiritual Escape into a world of blissful harmony. The mystical, super-physical, receptive, spiritual, intuitive, transcendent, uplifting, road to sacred pathways, are some of the reflections coming. There will be a sweet surrender of body, mind, and soul, as the ultimate Universal Spirit of Great Benevolence will finally be discovered; a door [veil] will open, permitting enlightened souls admittance into the next dimension of thinking and being. While Pattern 'A' reflected communicative and mental skills for living in a civilized society on Earth, Pattern 'H' provides extraordinary insight, heart-felt understanding, and knowledge from a much higher frequency, to transcend into a higher realm of existence. There will be plenty of deceptive artists around to make things a little difficult, too. A genuine Spiritual connection to our Creator can be had under this Pattern, but one must remember to avoid the delusional aspects of those less than honorable scoundrels coming up from the cycles of the past. Pattern ‘H’ is not bad, if you know what to look for and how to avoid being a martyr or a victim.

PATTERN I: Death, Destruction, the GravePluto

Under Pattern ‘F’, there was much suffering and sorrow - many horrible and unholy atrocities took place, which lasted for over 1000 years. [Time frames overlap somewhat and are not stated exactly – only approximately]. The lengthiness of the endurance alone made ‘F’ a huge black mark on the history of civilization. Pattern ‘I’ reflects death, decay, destruction, the grave, the end of all the ‘beasts’ and maladies that made civilization less than a paradise, which could have been obtained in Pattern ‘C’. Pattern ‘I’ will take care of business much more rapidly, it will be sudden, not long-suffering – but immediate and final. After the reflections of Pattern ‘I’ have long past and been forgotten, a veil will close, leaving only the meek [or hardy] survivors who have managed to escape the deadly influence of Pattern ‘I’. Perhaps they will be those who have never left Pattern ‘C’. Then, 1500 years from the onset of ‘I’, historians will say to the meek, ‘How was it that thou ancestors built such magnificent structures that reach upward to the sky.” [Last remaining evidence of skyscrapers] Moreover, the innocence of the meek, not having a clue, will say, “They have taken their knowledge with them, as we do not remember.” Some day the historians will figure out that it wasn’t the ancestors of the meek who built the ‘ancient’ cities, for their ancestors existed only in ‘C’ – so they know not as to the workings of those who have met with either, the ‘Rapture’, aka the ‘Great Escape’ from Pattern ‘H’; or the death and destruction from Pattern ‘I’.

The rebirth [cycle] of the Patterns will someday begin all over again with Pattern ‘A’ – the ‘gods’ teaching wisdom and math to the meek of the Earth and the cycle of Universal Patterns repeat until time is no longer.

May the Spirit of Truth and Light be with you always,
Betty Rhodes
The Unveiler

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