Life Giving

           PART ONE

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that something is not right, when it comes to the 'holy' scriptures. One gets the impression, when reading the Bible, that our Creator is prejudice, bias, cold, calculating, jealous, warring, always angry, and will kill anyone who gets in his way. Is this the image of the Great Wonderful Creator that you've had pictured in your mind since a wee child? Not me. I pictured a loving, caring, compassionate, kind, and gentle Creator. Where did I go wrong?

We are also told, via the same scriptures, that there is a dark force of evil lurking around the atmosphere ready to pounce on 'lost souls' that do not follow the precise instructions laid out for them by their church fathers. Now, does this dark and evil spirit portray the same attributes as the good God; such as jealousy, destruction, unfairness, and the inflictor of much suffering, or is this dark evil spirit seen as a loving, kind, just, and healing spirit, in order to deceive us? What if we get the two forces mixed up - the good spirit displaying attributes of evilness, and the wicked dark spirit displaying attributes of a good spirit. Why would a caring, compassionate Creator want to confuse us so badly? Isn't it important to know the difference between good and evil, if there are indeed two powerful forces at work in our lives? On the other hand, maybe it doesn't really matter much - so the two great forces sorta merge into one great force whenever they feel like it, and anything goes - guess who it is today.

It would seem that the only true sense of what is right [benevolent] and what is wrong [deception], is by looking at nature and the world that the true Creator made. From a young age on, we notice that the Sun comes up every single day without fail. What if the Creator became angry, and decided one day to withhold the Sunshine for a few days, weeks, or even a month? What would happen to the fragile life forms here on the planet - including us? We would all die without the Sun's warmth, light, and life-giving properties; as would trees, plants, animals, and the rest of nature cease to exist. No, the Creator does not show any anger when it comes to giving the Earth and everything on it, the benefit of wonderful warm Sunshine.

What if God wanted to curse us someday, when in a particularly foul mood, and decided to use a hurricane or a tornado, to carry out the dirty deed? He could hurl the fierceness of extreme weather at us, seeking to destroy all who stepped out of biblical line. Would a nurturing and kind Creator pick specific people to inflict with such a deadly disaster, because they got too materialistic, or perhaps for cheating on their income taxes? Absolutely not - the Bible is full of destruction and perverted acts by the hand of its god - why would he expect people to be any better, if in fact, they were merely 'chips' off the same block anyway – created in their image. After all, THEY set a destructive example for man to follow, did they not?

No, the Earth and its weather patterns have been around since the Universe was created - it is people who get in the path of the storms, not the storm zeroing in on bad people. It is a foolish man that builds his house upon the sand - not a foolish hurricane that decides to follow the coastline of the sea - for that is its natural path. All weather patterns are part of a nature that is alive and doing what nature does best - shaping and reshaping the Earth. Do these natural disasters, at the hand of the Creator, conspire to do harm to people and animals? Absolutely not. Violent storms are a result of natural systems acting with, and reacting off of, each other - one aspect in turn causes another pattern to form and behave in the manner in which it was set up to work. Excessive weather patterns happen more frequently because mankind has tampered with nature, adding unnatural elements to the atmosphere, or taking too much away from nature - upsetting the perfection of the Creator's work. A materialistic and destructive lifestyle can have a devastating influence on the natural order of our Creator's universe, and as a result, severe weather increases with more intensity as it does what it is supposed to do – react to actions that spell out storms. However, the sin lies in man altering the Earth and its atmosphere - not because man disobeyed a Sabbath day, but because man has altered the laws of nature. This is science is at work - not religion. Nature has been violated – not the gods.

Is there such a thing as 'global warming'? Has man altered the natural order of the atmosphere, or upset the delicate balance of nature in any way? If man has caused the natural order of nature to become altered in any way, then yes, man's abuse to the Earth will set into motion a chain of events, including global warming that may not have taken place for another thousand years -  if man was not in the picture. Man always seeks to destroy everything he touches - why wouldn't global warming take place with that kind of abuse. But global warming is part of a pattern that would have occurred eventually anyway - only with man's meddling it happens much earlier.

The true Creator of all things does not have a preference in religion, for the Creator of all things does not recognize any religion; nor does IT recognize the difference in creed, race, color of skin, Sabbath days, or traditions. What the Creator does recognize is whether things flow with the natural course of the Universe - obeying the laws of perfection, harmony, and balance. It seems that a perfect world can only exist without the influence of man, for with man comes the harmful and destructive ways that are unnatural and upsetting to a delicate and living Earth. Too bad we cannot learn to work in harmony with the Earth.

 The true Creator of all things never displays acts of jealousy, fits of rage, deceives for the purpose of control and power, becomes violent to the extent that IT conspires to destroy entire cities of people, or chooses any group of people over the other nations of the world. This is what the bible would have us believe. The true Creator rules by established laws that were set down since the foundation of the world and does not change. The true Creator has no creed or religion - for the Creator is nature in its entirety. The Creator represents, and is author of, everything that is perfect, and to be perfect means there is no mistakes, no room for bias opinions, no violent acts such as 'sacrificing one's son' in order to be ‘saved’, or one day of the week better or holier than the others. Religions, traditions, bloody sacrifices, holy days, and the pride of their individual gods, are useless folly to the true Creator - there is no perfection in any of these things - nor are they natural. Religions, traditions, bloody sacrifices, creeds, confusion, and the wars they cause, are not from the Almighty Creator. Rather, these things were conspired by the jealous 'gods' that roamed the Earth years ago, each vying for the worship and devotion from as many people as would follow them - and just look at all the intelligent people who have fallen into their trap. Such is the doings of the prince of darkness - pure and simple.

If the bible spoke of the legitimate Creator of all things, there would be no intentional mass genocide of some people, while holding another group of people - just as wicked, in high esteem. All groups and nations of people would be equal in the 'eyes' of the Creator. The in-equality comes about when deceiving 'gods', and their prophets, have chosen one group over the other, interfering with the natural order of evolution, and interfering with the perfect balance of nature. These 'gods', probably extraterrestrial in origin, have created chaos, imbalance, wars, hatred, deception, and the waste of human life, in their aftermath. They are, in essence, the true 'princes of darkness' that roam the Earth - from the beginning of man's history, and still today, for they have a hand in the very direction and outcome of life here on our planet. Our natural history tampered with, humanity cheated, deceived, made fools of, and wasted the good sense of direction, all because of these powers of darkness. If the true Creator were a conspiring force that chose one religion or people over the other, one god over the other, one holy day over the others, we would all be up the besmirch pond without a paddle – because I haven’t seen a perfected state of religion or god yet – have you?

Little children - do not fret over the deceptions of men in high places. Notice the column of attributes to the left of this page - try to use only these good clean qualities. Notice too, the column of undesirable traits to the right of this page - avoid these traits as much as possible. You won't learn about these attributes/traits in the bible - for the gods of the bible are not looking out for your best interest. The true Creator of your soul does not require you to become a follower of any relgion - religions are for cave dwellers. You must rise above your raisings' to be saved from the hopeless chaos of darkness. See your Creator in nature - Understand and live in harmony with your Creator.



 Inflicts Pain
 Inflicts Harm
 Causes Chaos
 Excessive Pride
 Withholds Truth