June 18, 2006



  Question:  If all religions are corrupt, controlling and deceitful, what hope does a person have in this world?

  Answer:   My first response would be - 'why does anyone need a religion'?  Religions were all created for the same reasons: power, control, money, greed and obedience. All these objectives are obtained in the name of a 'god' or a 'messiah', through the strongest of all human emotions - fear. No matter what Era or Age in which the religion springs up the objective is always the same.

Fear is the greatest controller there is in the Universe and religions are good at instilling great fear into their followers. This fear guarantees obedience and homage to the established institution in question, usually promising some golden utopia to its followers for their patronage.  Religions hold the souls of their followers in darkened bondage, preventing them for obtaining their true purpose for being on the planet in the first place. The forces of darkness are quite happy that they have the ability to prevent the masses from progressing in soul growth, for to come out of bondage and see the LIGHT [truth, knowledge and wisdom], would mean the loss of sheeple.  A ‘freed’ soul has the ability to see beyond the scope of the darkened cave, allowing wisdom to enter his or her mind thereby seeing the True Creator in all IT'S glory. The Great Spirit enters their minds [souls] and instinctively they see the separation of dark and light, they can readily identify those with the lack of spiritual knowledge, and the true source of great wisdom. Instinctively they see the Creator with new eyes and take on a new meaning and purpose of life.

Nearly all Christians and Jews that I have encountered over the years, have a stereotypical facade clouding their thinking, which nullifies their natural logic, reasoning, and common sense. These walking ‘zombie’ subjects remind me of those 'twilight zone' type movies where town officials routinely brainwash, hypnotize, and program their citizens to perform in some mechanical manner – all within the parameters and desires of the objectives of the evil town officials. Under these conditions, subjects can be convinced to do anything for their 'masters', no matter how outrageous it may seem to an outsider. Such are most of the world's religions – they hold their subjects hostage and in darkness, preventing them from thinking for themselves – preventing them from seeing the LIGHT and BENEVOLENCE of the Great Spirit Creator.

THERE IS NO FEAR involved with the TRUE CREATOR of all things. The Great Spirit holds no fear whatsoever over the masses of people living on the planet Earth. Our souls were freely given a physical body, in which to house the invisible soul [spirit], in order to grow, learn, progress, become [more] righteous, to advance, become pure, and assist others with their Ascension, all with the hope of obtaining the highest possible level of intelligence and benevolence. The Great Spirit, as we have learned in the first ‘Unveiling’ Newsletter, is the source of all goodness, intelligence, and knowledge, and our mission in life is to become more like our Spirit Creator. Our purpose on this Earth is not to pay homage to any god or institution of religion. Religions have taken it upon themselves to ‘cash-in’ on the credibility of a righteous teacher, or prophet of Light, for strictly their own purposes, entirely for the reasons mentioned above.

As our souls progress up ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ into the highest realms of spiritual awareness, we will ultimately go through the veil that now separates us from the Great Spirit Creator. Then, and only then, will we become ONE with the Creator.  This process of soul growth, or the Ascension of the spirit, takes many lifetimes to accomplish, and it is something we do for ourselves - to obtain the ultimate degree of perfection. If this process was ready-made for us - what have we learned - what have we achieved? Most souls truly want the opportunity to progress in their own right. Religious lies and fear tactics prevent this ‘Ascension’ from occurring naturally, but I understand all too well, how difficult it is, to break free from the ties that bind. I have been there – did that. There are some parents out there that want to do everything for their children - making life easier for them - taking away the challenge of hard learning experiences, but what does that accomplish? It makes for a weakened individual who cannot function for him/herself in adulthood, without the assistance of either a parent, the government, or some other authority figure. The child, as an adult, becomes beaten down, dependent, and loses his/her identity, and motivation. They then belong to their masters - and all hope of Ascending is lost - mission accomplished for the force of darkness.

Until next week, may the Spirit of Light and Truth be with you always.

Betty Rhodes