Unveiling Newsletter # 22
March 3, 2007


What will happen to our liberated western culture in the coming days, amidst looming conflicts between the middle-Eastern-born tenets, each struggling to gain a greater hold on significance, status, and control? The waning days of their Age are ending, and wishing to squeeze one last triumphant victory from its watery influence, a climatic stage is being prepared. Will the bell of freedom cease to chime for peace-loving humanitarians across western society? Will valued resources such as goodwill and harmony, love and compassion, be forced out of our aspiration for optimistic realism? Is a relapse into a world of hate, brutality, and war mongering eminent - or merely one last attempt at dominance?

Through a watery mirror waving illusions of castles in the sky, humanity strained to see clearly through the opaque expressions of trickery, while many succumbed to the ruse of the Age. Hoaxers had won another battle for our souls and they had hundreds of years to perfect their craft. Therefore, together we must stand firm in this new Age of Aquarius, relenting our souls to no man, god, or fantasy, for Aquarius is about perfecting our souls, our lives, our communities, and the world left in our care.

Religious convictions, once established amidst unwavering dedication and persuasion still maintain a defensible justification for ultimate supremacy over the Earth’s population. Attitudes, beliefs, and theologies of the misguided faithful, evolving primarily out of the ‘city of peace’, paradoxically have offered nothing but suffering, hatred, lies, and bloodshed for the entire duration of the Age now ending. The Great Age of Pisces has truly been an Age of bereavement, lies, sorrow, suffering, servitude, misinformation, and deception, cloaked obscurely with a cloud of mystery.

This Age witnessed the Messiah that came – but left just as quickly; a God that promised everlasting life, but 2000 years later, death is still predictable; ask in ‘his’ name and it shall be given unto you, proved to be an erroneous statement. The Great Age of Pisces has now come to its conclusion, and with its passing goes the tenuous dogmas and painful threats of affliction and suffering. Clear your mind of erroneous thought, you now stand where truth shall prevail – for the Aquarian Age is rising.

Even so, will passionate religious enthusiasts from the TRI-POD come to an ultimate showdown at the OK Corral? Is contemporary civilization about to witness the Crusade to end all Crusades? Ambitious aspirations amongst extreme god-worshipers reach the highest culmination of probable significance immediately after the dawning of each new Age. However, there also emerges an assumed 'right of passage' embedded within the nucleus of reality and principle. This ‘right of passage’ points to a theatrical changing of the Gods every 2000-2200 years, in sequence to the enigma of time and intimately tuned to the progression of the Ages.

As the overture for the Great Ages ushered in the Fishes at the crack of the Piscean sunrise with the birth and death of Julius Caesar, around 100-44 BCE, humanity witnessed, at that time, the fading finale to the Great Age of Aries. The inescapable progression of time concluded the cycle for the Mars-like Arian war God, and the initiation of a new, seemingly more benevolent God was ushered through the gates of Jerusalem; rendering Aries the Great obsolete.

As the world turns, so go the Ages of Time, forever revolving. Pisces, the Age of deception, must now step aside for the arrival of a new and revolutionary independence FOR the people and BY the people. The time has come for the Aquarian showers of freedom and goodwill to overflow the fountains of wisdom producing humanity and peace for all. An Age that promotes love not war; an Age that uses wisdom not guns or swords; an Age that seeks truth, not lies; an Age of progression, not regression; an Age that promises unity, not discord, and an Age of peace, not anger. We the people, united in freedom, are the only way to peace and harmony upon the Earth. To the recoiling regressors - clear your minds of hate and anger, lies and deception, for you now stand where Goodwill, Truth, and Love shall reign supreme. You are being met with a progressive, evolving, compassionate society that shall refuse to regress back into a time - of which they wish to forget.

May the Spirit of Love and Truth be with you always,
the Unveiler