March 30, 2007
Unveiling Newsletter # 24
Possibly a bloodline from Jesus & Mary Magdalene??
Unveiling Newsletter # 9 will give you a background for this article

It is now time to bring forth more information on Mary Magdalene. As many of you know, most of my newsletters have been as a result of dreams. However, this newsletter is the result of bits of information that have been forth-coming over the years, along with new findings and opinions from scholars and researchers around the world.
So far, the following facts could be possible about Mary Magdalene, Jesus, and at least one offspring of these two people:

Fact # 1: Jesus could have been married - no reason not to be as the very first commandment to man was, 'be fruitful and multiply'.
Fact # 2: Mary Magdalene is the only woman who would have been the wife of Jesus.
Fact # 3: The fourth gospel of the NT, the book known as the Gospel of John, was not written by a disciple named John. Most biblical scholars are now realizing this fact. Some now believe that it was written by Mary Magdalene.
Fact # 4: Jesus had a 'most beloved disciple' - which was more than likely a woman - Jesus was not a homo-sexual.
Fact # 5: The reason that the most beloved disciple, 'John', was not brutally murdered, as were all the other disciples, was because 'John' was actually a woman - a pregnant woman named Mary Magdalene.
Fact # 6: Leonardo Di Vinci had information that the church didn't want released to the public.
Fact # 7: Leonardo added hints and clues within his paintings that may point to the truth.
Fact # 8: Leonardo's depiction of St. John in his paintings always, or generally, included an Eagle and a snake.
Fact # 9: John was not a man, but was actually Mary Magdalene, and Leonardo had this information.
Fact # 10: The Eagle was not actually a feathered friend but was a symbol of, and was in fact, Mary's child named John.
Fact # 11: The snake in the paintings represent the symbol for the bloodline of Jesus' son, John.
Fact # 12: This bloodline from Jesus gave to the world Rh negative, type O blood - the purest, most valuable blood in the world. Less than 8% of the people in the world have this blood type and scientists are baffled as to its origins - some believe it to be extraterrestrial in origin.  See my article on this blood type at:
Fact # 13: Why the RED ROSE was identified with the Holy Grail and Mary Magdalene - it represents the [red] blood line and Mary herself.
Fact #14: The St. John family [with that actual surname] originated in France, was first called 'Sension', which means in French, 'St. John' may be from this very bloodline of Jesus and Mary. Among many from this bloodline is found Rh negative blood, type O.
Fact # 15: The reason the name 'John' was given to the 4th Gospel, is for Mary's son 'John', because the church didn't give women the right to be authors and would not put Mary on equal booking as Matthew, Mark, Luke, etc.
Fact # 16: The origin of the family with the surname of St. John, or Sension/Sention, comes from Mary's son John, at one time found in France.
Fact # 17: The Basque people of the Pyrenees Mts of France-Spain are predominantly Rh negative blood type O, and could be descendants of Mary's son, John.
Fact # 18: The Basque people were/are special and different, but why are they? Some were adventurers who traveled far, however, most did not mix with other peoples until later on. They were/are highly intelligent people - not sterotypically 'hill' people at all.
Fact # 19: For some reason, Rose St. John, Betty's grandmother, has a mysterious origin, life, and death. The family has always felt or sensed that there was some special connection to something different but were unaware as to what or how. To read about Rose St. John:
Fact # 20: "Keeper of the Celtic Secrets" was written before reading Brown's 'DaVinci Code' book. Betty read Brown's book after her book was already published. She has never read 'Holy Blood Holy Grail'.  Written without any consideration or knowledge of Mary Magdalene and the Gospel of John's possible connection. Without any previous awareness or conscious thought of Leonardo's paintings of John on the Isle of Patmos, the eagle, rose, or snake.
Fact # 21: After all these pieces are formulated, one could say that there is quite certainly a bloodline from Jesus' son, whom Mary named John.
Fact # 22: Jesus was from another world called 'Heaven', but was not the Holy Spirit Creator,but he did tell of the Holy Creator. The church used his life to build their religion upon, while keeping the truth from being known to the public.
Fact # 23: Quite possibly the Templars knew the truth, and was protecting this bloodline and the truth.
Fact # 24: People living today with Rh negative blood, type O, and possibly the other types of A, B, and AB negative, possess special insight, have a special link to their ancestor, Jesus, which provides them with advanced insight into the nature of things. While not all descendants have the negative blood as dominant, they would carry the recessive gene.
Fact # 25: Mary Magdalene was not a harlot - but the church and Rome degraded her memory to being such. They lied - but the truth is forth-coming.

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