Betty's Back
Greetings All,
First, I want to thank all who have been concerned as to my well being. I assure you that personally,  I am fine. As you know, I have been absent from the 'Unveiling Newsletters' for the past three months. My husband underwent a spinal fusion at three levels and he is still experiencing pain and symptoms coming from the same area as the surgery, so I have been caring for him around the clock, more or less. When I do my articles and newsletters they must have my full attention or it is impossible to complete them, so I had a rather long break - not that I wanted one really. Lately, I have been getting more time to get back into the swing of things and have started by reading your email messages that are waiting for me in the inbox. After reading several letters and accumulating dozens of questions, I decided to post these questions, with my answers, on a special page on the-red-thread website set up just for this purpose. So far there are 25 Q/A. If you want any particular question answered on this page just send it along. 
I am also thinking of setting up a special section for other writer's articles too, so if you have something that would fit the theme of the website and want to have it on this special section, send it to me. I know many of you have a lot to offer along this line of thought.
I did manage to get one new article, "Praising Judah" ready for the website and you will find it at: There is artwork and formatting on the page that doesn't turn out good in an email, so I will just have you read it online if you are interested.
If you are getting a duplicate of this message, or if you no longer want to be on this list, write and let me know.
Hopefully, I will be more active here on out.
Betty Rhodes
Missed you all !

May the Spirit of Light and Truth be with you always

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