July 2, 2006



    Recently my husband and I took a road trip - It was good for me to go to Kentucky - riding in the car always gives me the opportunity for reflection and inspiration. I bounce things off Chuck and he listens - although at times he hasn't a clue as to what I'm talking about.  I'm beginning to see more clearly the identity of truth, light and evolution of the soul and how nature reflects those true colors - and how mankind does little to reflect the true colors of the Light.
     I remember a dream I once had about flower crowns and how fragile and delicate they were, but at the same time were only self serving. These flower crowns were desired by everyone who saw them, but they quickly withered and died leaving only dead petals behind. I have come to realize these flower crowns represent religions - any and all religions - for none are reflections of the true LIGHT.
My spirit guide in this dream had upon his head a crown of pure Light, which, according to my dream,  we will eventually obtain as well - but only if we refuse the flower crowns. This crown of true Light represents truth - which we've wanted all along - resulting in a soul that allows all the colors of the true Light to be displayed.
    However, knowing I had to release all my affiliations of a religious nature posed a problem for me because there was one thing that kept haunting me - the predictions in the bible - especially the prophecies for the lost tribes of Israel [Ephraim & Manasseh], which seemed to be coming true as written. I have been shown how prophecies could have been made a 1000 years ago by the use of the laws of physics - which follows predictable patterns {see http://aquarianmysteries.com/laws.html}, - so perhaps these same prophecies could apply to any age of time in the past, present or future, and also apply to any people. The identity of the people could all be relative - the identity of the religion could all be relative - the time unimportant because time is irrelevant as well.  It is applying the pattern from the laws of physics that identifies the prophecy of the lost tribes of 'Israel'. I then wondered if it's all in the PATTERNS that we identify certain entities in prophecy, depending on the Age in which we live.
    What is light anyway? Light is truth - Light is colors and wavelengths. When you project light and truth through water [the soul] the light is separated into colors - as seen in a rainbow - the colors are in the Light and the Light is colors. The wavelength, taken by each color, varies in length and density. By using the pattern of natural science and physics we can be part of the LIGHT - we can reflect the light/truth into colors much like a raindrop, like a diamond, like crystal, or like a prism. Our souls can become attuned to the wavelengths emitted in the refraction of Light and come into the likeness of the Light.
    There most assuredly needs to be made in our minds the distinction between mirrors and prisms - reflected images vs true Light. Mirrors have a dark background and reflect exactly what is projected into them - nothing more, nothing less. Our society is a mirror that reflects back what we put into it - our religions and cultures have made society exactly what it is. Religions have been self serving, controlling, instrumenting the inducement of wars, violence and prejudices.
    The source of pure Light [called 'God' - but I don't like that title, I refer to this pure light as the 'Great Spirit'] gives out Light, order, colors, truth, peace, serenity, and life in great abundance. Religions don't give off any light. Our souls, or any soul, is like a drop of water [or a prism if you prefer], which has the ability to separate the colors of Light and project them back as wavelengths ranging from ultraviolet [shortest and most intense], to infrared [longest and weakest].
    If religions were light we would see their colors reflected back into society - but they do the opposite - they hold man prisoner, they stop the progress of natural soul evolution, and they even prevent our own natural likeness of the Great Spirit [the colors of Light] to be seen. Religions don't have any light to reflect - they are darkness - talk about the dark ages - we have never left them! Religions have done little to bring us closer to the Spirit of Light, they have driven us further into darkness!
    These ideas about who 'God' truly is, have been in my head since childhood but I've been too attached to religion to let these thoughts take form and grow. Today I realize I must refuse all flower crowns. The horrible atrocities seen in our society should shake everyone out of their timbers, and into reality. Society shows just how dark religions really are, for society is but a mirror reflecting back the images it sees. Looking into that mirror has awakened the awareness inside of me. There is Light all around us and it wants to shine - IT wants it's true colors to be revealed. We need to discover light - this is the Age of Discovery - the Age of Aquarius.
    Talk about American ingenuity - the downside of a genius mind is madness. This madness comes when deceivement and lies are refracted to represent the truth - but instead of showing ingenuity - chaos is seen. Truth on it's own merits reflects Light and usable science - bending the truth to incorporate lies reflects madness.  Our society reflects chaos. Our history reflects madness. Our religions reflect darkness.
May the Spirit of Light and Truth be with you.

Betty Rhodes