July 9, 2006



    Whose wars are the militant forces of today's world fighting? Who really are the masterminds behind destructive maneuvers of massive armies; and behind the military might of men with swords, guns, and big killing machines? What great force has enticed the hearts of men in control of our nations, to make world-changing decisions that affect the lives of every man, woman, and child on the planet? Perhaps the once-considered, mythical gods and lords of ancient times, still continue to move Earthlings about like skillfully crafted chess pieces, across the wide playing field of time? Has it always been a power struggle against 'my good worth' and 'your worthless evilness', and just who are these gods and lords, playing we humans, as if we were some dispensable frivolous sport? Haven't they ever heard of competitive football, tennis, or baseball - or is that merely kid stuff in their eyes? Are presidents, kings, and heads of state, merely hand-selected pawns at the mercy of some sporting game, for these elusive higher powers that find us so entertaining and predictable? Have they crafted us to do their beck and call - and to even carry out mass murder, wars, power struggles, and takeovers?

    In olden Biblical times, the lord that some call YHWH, encouraged battles and wars against the enemies of Israel, going so far as giving them detailed instruction on how to carry out the destruction of an entire race and culture, and then take over their territory as their own. YHWH also fought against his own 'chosen' people, going so far as sending them to the slaughter several times - and all this for disobedience? Luckily for our children, that we don't inflict the same punishment upon them for disobedience - Now, does that make us more humane than these ancient lords and gods?

    YHWH admitted, several times over, that he destroyed entire cities, such as Sodom and Gomorrah, but then, they were evil - or so we were told that they were. This same lord, whom we hold in such high esteem, was the one who hardened the heart of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, enticing this king to destroy the city of Jerusalem along with the kingdom of Judah, which resulted in the brutal deaths of many members from Judah's family tree - and this was going to be just the first go-around. It is said, that this same lord admittedly put it into the mind of Captain Titus, of the Roman Army, to destroy Jerusalem the second time, which Titus did in 70 CE, and this lord wasn't finished yet, for he plans to destroy Jerusalem the third time, as he overturns, overturns, and overturns, the city of Jerusalem. Is there some method to the madness that I am misunderstanding?

    Makes one wonder who is putting the notion into the mind of President Bush to weed out certain factions in the world, which George calls 'the axis of evil'. Is YHWH behind this too? And if so, does that guarantee our success? What god or lord is coaching and maneuvering the 'axis of evil' game pieces, and what is that lord's war record? There must be several lords and gods playing this enormous game - just take a look at their wide array of religious institutions and affiliations. There must be at least a hundred different denominations, churches, and faiths, across the world today - all with their own version of who God is, and who he is not.  With all these higher powers 'up there', and all their faithful followers 'down here', why is the world is such a mess? Just who are these gods and lords anyway? Here too, am I missing something?

    Could it be that we ALL have it back-assed words? Perhaps these old pagan types of lords and gods are not from the Benevolent Spirit of Light that we should all be seeking, after all. Could it be that they represent the powers of darkness - aka Satanic powers, instead? Supposing a man named Jesus, was born on this Earth - to be a prophet and teacher - sent by the Great Spirit Creator, to enlighten man as to the way toward benevolence, wisdom, and spiritual knowledge, which would thereby direct and grant to us, access to the Great Spirit of Light and Truth. Albeit, it appears that these same ancient lords and gods of renown have, instead, seduced men and women, to fashion this same prophet-teacher, into a giant destructive force, labeled as 'religion'. This powerful wave of religious fervor would behave in the manner of beasts, and come to resemble a lion, a bear, a leopard with four heads, culminating into a most horrible beast equipped with powerful horns for carrying out mass destruction. These beasts would destroy both physically and spiritually, holding human souls in darkened bondage [without Light], by using fear tactics and powerful lies about what was right and true.  Therefore, in all honesty, it would have to be the pagan-crafted institution of  religions that would be identified as the beasts, not the teacher of Light, who came to shepherd the people back to the Great Spirit Creator.

    The book we call 'the Word of God' covers a lot of territory, and I'm beginning to think that it covers a lot of pagan territory as well, and by 'paganism', I mean destructive ways and tactics that fall under the forces of darkness - which is the father of the 'axis of evil'. Most 'religious' people wouldn't dare to imagine a thought such as that, but I am not your average thinker. I dare a lot of things, including speaking out against political correctness, and seeking out the Great Spirit of truth and benevolence; no matter what stone has to be kicked out of the way, during this search. I'm beginning to think that the identities of several diverse 'gods' and 'lords' are covered in this book that we call 'the word of God'. From what I can see, this book contains choppy bits and pieces of information, with incomplete histories from several different ancient civilizations, and from a multitude of sources and authors. There is definitely more than one lord, or god, 'speaking' to man, against man, and on behalf of man. One lord is a warrior god, one is kind, loving, and a preserver of life, one is jealous and demanding, one gives laws and commandments that man would benefit from, if followed, and then there is the hidden suggestion of a some great Spirit that is above and beyond all these lords and gods. King David knew of such a great Spirit. One who sets all the heavenly stars in their perspective places, and causes the courses of winds to blow across the great plains, and gives rain and sunshine as blessings from above. Surely, this heavenly Spirit is remarkably different than the warrior lords who literally intervene in man's lives here on planet Earth from time to time, and then disappear, as if into thin air. To what avail did, and do, they intervene, but for power, control, and destruction. Surely, man's history doesn't show any great benefit from the intervention of such lords and gods. In man's history there has always been wars, destruction, greed, and power struggles. Could it be that we should rebuke the ancient lords and gods, and seek out this Great Spirit instead - this Spirit Creator sounds pretty benevolent to me, and it has proved to be everlasting - something we could cut our teeth on, and something we would be proud to claim as master of our souls. Haven't we followed the patterns of darkness for way too long - or am I missing something important?

    Just last night I was ready to give up on my new mission in life, which is to 'make right that what has been too long wrong'; and pursue another project altogether - perhaps I would take up quilt making, genealogy, or astrology - again. For it was my persistent interpretation of this highly esteemed book that cost me the loss of a much admired and cared-for friend. How can we allow something that was written thousands of years ago, about things that were said from even more ancient times, to end a friendship that was formed on trust and loyalty? Opinions are powerful - they can destroy if contradicting. Is this what it is all about - or has the real reason escaped me again?

    There was a time in my life, when the Spirit moved me to study the cycles, patterns, and rulership of the stars, planets, and other heavenly bodies. This religiously 'condemned' science was so fascinating, and so amazingly accurate, in the observance of heavenly cycles and patterns, that it occurred to me as quite strange that the 'word of God' would consider this great heavenly kingdom rule, an evil source of knowledge. Could it be that these same gods and lords could wield no control over the science and cycles of the stars, thus condemning it as evil and off limits to man? Isaac Newton and Galileo were once written off as scoffers from the devil's workshop too, but today, they are remembered as wise men who held great wisdom. Chances are good that the cycles and patterns, with their heavenly rulership, were created and ordained by the Great Spirit Creator - and couldn't be manipulated by the ancient lords and gods, but this article isn't about Astrology - this is about the forces at work in our lives. Perhaps you are missing something here.

    There are two great forces at work in our lives - on the Earth, and in the air. One is the force of darkness, which has many malefic traits and behaviors - because it contains no Light. Some of the characteristics of this force of darkness, aka Satan, are:

destruction, decay, death, forcible control, ruthless power struggles, rape, murder, molestations, lies, deceivement, war mongering, turmoil, chaos, lack of knowledge, ruthlessness, unforgiving, inflicter of pain and suffering, evil and vengeful, jealous maniac, boastful, egotistical, and the cause of injury, wars, hate, and needless prejudices.

    The other great force at work in our lives - on the Earth, and in the air, and everywhere, is the Great Spirit of Light. This Spiritual force is the Creator of all things, and is a most beneficial force indeed. Some of the characteristics and attributes of this Great force are: beneficial blessings - both natural and miraculous; cures, heals, giver of life and liberty, love, the source of all knowledge and wisdom, pleasant, forgiving, kind, gentle, inspires, steadfast, never changing in character, provider of weather, time, and space, 'mother nature', 'father time', productive, builds up and creates, abundant energy and everlasting loyalty. These are but a few of the identifying qualities of the Great Spirit of Light. This is really important !

    The Great Spirit of Light is greater than any lord or god, no matter from what planet they originate, for it is written that, "All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost [aka the Great Spirit] shall not be forgiven unto men."

    It is the Great Spirit Creator that is inferred in the above statement, which was taught to man by a great teacher and prophet, whose mission was turned into a giant fiasco. To blasphemy the Holy Ghost simply means to deny the Great Spirit Creator of all things. Man may serve the lords and gods of ancient days, but man should never deny the Great Spirit Creator - this is unforgivable. The Righteous, Pure, and True Master of all Creation must be identified only by benevolent qualities. It is blasphemous to think that the 'Almighty Spirit Creator' would be depicted as possessing the traits of the powers of darkness, for this would be an unforgivable sin indeed. Those traits belong to Satanic forces alone.

    Remember above all things: Never create [in one's mind] or imagine, the Creator in man's own image. This is a mistake. It was the lords and gods who manipulated man's DNA into their own mortal image - not the Great Spirit Creator. The Great Creator is a Spirit, is of nature and of natural sources, and is omnipresent - and it was this Great Spirit of  LIGHT  [meaning knowledge in the zillioneth degree] that moved across the face of the deep during the creation of the world. When the LIGHT of the Great Spirit moved across the abyss, IT created life - giving the spark of life to all matter, providing the precise pattern designated for each particular form and matter. Darkness without LIGHT is nothing but a void, dark, chaos of death and destruction - a bottomless pit of hopelessness. The Earth was once dark, void, and full of chaos, because it lacked the LIGHT of the Creator. Today, our civilization is falling into the same chaos and utter confusion - all for the lack of Light i.e. knowledge.

    This Light is the source of all wisdom and knowledge, and it is quite possible for one to enter into the proper wavelength of communication with this Great Creator. Something like the old-time radios on Saturday night when you tried to tune in the Grand Ole Opry, a lot of static interfered until you got the signal fine-tuned enough to pick up the right station. Such it is with obtaining direct communication with the Great Spirit - you've got to fine-tune the channel, and if you are lucky - a clear signal is opened up to you, and all kinds of wondrous wisdom is made available to your mind. But first one must clear their minds of frivolous thought before they can go where ugly is not.

    It is essential that we do not confuse the Great Spirit Creator with the gods and lords of ancient times. The gods and lords of biblical times, and the Great Spirit Creator, are totally separate entities. The OT scriptures were written down by human scribes, remembering the authority and workings of various lords and gods many years after the fact. These lords and gods became remembered as one individual character to these scribes, because that is how it came down through the telling, and many biblical stories are borrowed from older scripts of Sumer, Egypt, Babylon, and Assyria. The Hebrew bible contains parts and pieces of many early civilizations, and various tales of Israelite history, but now we must make right the wrong, and to make clearer the truth, pertaining to the Great Spirit, who is very separate from that of the ancient lords and gods.

    The book, held in great esteem as the 'word of god', is confusing, full of chaos, darkness, wars, murders, and lacking true wisdom, which could be so beneficial to man and his world.  But, alas, it is best not to condemn a source of knowledge - no matter from whom it comes from, for all knowledge belongs to the Creator - it is the arrangement of that knowledge that leaves a lot to be desired. One can learn a bit from all things - take that which is good, tried, and true, and leave the remainder behind like so much stubble.  It is an excellent harvest season.

    The next 'Unveiling Newsletter' will reveal the identities of Lucifer and Satan. These were also two separate entities - one was created from the Light, and one came up from the bottomless pit. One WAS to represent the Great Spirit of Light Creator [but decided to do his own thing instead], and the other represents the force of darkness - Satan.


the Unveiler

Betty Rhodes