July 30, 2006



Man’s Ultimate Goal - aka Spiritual Evolution

        Before we were born, our course for life was carefully charted and selected, waiting the time for us to be born. Upon birth, we would travel the path that was chosen for us — or by us, which would best suit our pre-selected lessons and experiences we needed to learn. The life we would lead, the family into which we would be born, was preordained – set into motion by us, or for us. The location and the environment of our new lives were all predestined and preplanned. The people we would meet, the talents given to us, the opportunities, and even the sufferings and problems that we would face were decided before hand, which would assist us on our perpetual Spiritual journey. Under ideal circumstances, life’s journey would take a soul closer to the ultimate goal - a higher plateau of Spiritual evolution, aka Ascension.

        Not all persons are on the same ‘rung’ of the Spiritual ladder during the same lifetime. Some are at the bottom step merely starting out on their Spiritual journey – perhaps finding it necessary to repeat the process for the third, fourth, or even the twelfth time.  Most people, however, are born into various stages of their Spiritual evolution - somewhere between beginners and ‘old timers’. For the advanced souls, who are nearing the upper level, and have gotten so close they can almost taste the victory of the Ascension process, it can be a frustrating, confusing, and a fearful time indeed.

        When a SPIRIT draws nearer to this exceptional plateau, there is a tendency to hold on to the level it is just about to leave. The ascending soul becomes fearful to take the next step, mainly because it is unknown, and has far fewer familiarities than the level that they are just leaving. These achieving Spirits may struggle throughout their entire lifetimes, making headway only to fall backward again - unable to let go. The process of Ascension is not an easy one - nor should it be, but it would help tremendously if we knew why we were here, and were given knowledge of our true and everlasting goal in life.

        Starting over again, the progressing soul tries to get a little further up the ladder, only to reach out and hang on to those being left behind, not wanting to continue on without them. Generally, the Ascending soul that one tends to hold onto the hardest is their ‘mirror image SPIRIT’. They will see in this person everything they themselves identify with, in this three dimensional world. The SPIRIT ready to go forward identifies with this person so much so, that they wish to become part of that person, seeing how they are slowly losing their own familiar identity, due to the Ascension process. These ascending souls must let go eventually, however, and is best accomplished by recognizing what is happening to their body, mind, heart, and SPIRIT. They are evolving - they are Ascending - they are going up Jacob’s ladder — about to go into another realm of existence, where material objects, money, and its distractions, will become less and less important.

        Material and ego-related distractions are numerous in the lower levels, but become less intense as time goes by. Distractions that affected Socrates were minutely diminutive compared to the distractions a SPIRIT must deal with in the twenty-first century. However, on the other hand, knowledge has increased beyond imagination — the chance of finding other Ascending souls is good - hence the process of achievement is possible with more awareness and confidence in today’s era, than ever before. Finding enlightened words left behind by others who have since evolved, can be both comforting, and inspirational.

        When a person decides finally, to ‘let go’ of a familiar level, (including their past), he, or she, will then be able to receive messages via visions, dreams, ESP, telepathy, inspiration, intuition, and daily circumstances that brings about a wonderment of new discovery. These messages will help guide the Ascending SPIRIT into the next realm of learning with more confidence and peace.

        The religions of this world, crafted by the opposition, with the intent of keeping man’s soul imprisoned in darkness, must loosen its hold once a Soul makes the final decision to progress onward and upward. The opposition, i.e., the power of darkness, wants to hold man prisoner in this chaos (symbolized as hell) - trapped in a world of suffering and pain. The TRUE CREATOR of light, love, peace, beauty, and purity, would never cause man to become imprisoned, or to be held in bondage with no hope for Spiritual growth.  Man has free choice and free will; so therefore, one must want to break free from the chains that bind, and progress onward with his, or her, Ascension.  Remember, chaos, darkness, and bondage, is the absence of Light.

May the Spirit of Light and Truth be with you always,

the Unveiler
Betty Rhodes