Wattsburg - Corry - Pennsylvania
The little borough of 'Wattsburgh' was incorporated in 1833. Forty eight years before, in 1785, a man named David Watts came, saw, liked -and purchased 1,440 acres of land. It was Mr. Watts  for whom the town was named. In 1840 the population of Wattsburgh was 132, by 1880 it had grown to a population of 389 - in 1960 the population was 400. [Get today's statistics here and here]
Old Wattsburg School
In 1891 the name 'Wattsburgh' was changed, by government order, to 'Wattsburg'. The governmental order stated that all towns with the 'h' on the end of 'burg' was to drop the 'h'. Pittsburgh, PA was the only city that managed to retain the old Scottish word for 'town'. Three stage lines were headquartered in Wattsburg - the Union City Stage, the Erie Stage, and the North East Stage. Wattsburg is in Erie County and is nestled along French Creek.
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Wattsburg Area Historical Society
14438 Main Street
Wattsburg, PA 16442
Ethel Kennedy, Society Treasurer
Tina L. Curtis, Curator/Archivist

Erie County Historical Society

Venango Twp Erie Co, PA

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