Keeper of the Celtic Secrets by Betty Rhodes

   "Keeper of the Celtic Secrets"
by Betty Rhodes
Why I Needed to Write this Book as a Novel

  “Keeper of the Celtic Secrets” is a book that consists of 30% fiction and 70% real-life experiences. As a researcher-writer, and a woman with a mission, my research work on ancient wisdom was accumulating to such an amazing collection that it seemed a pity not to share this information with others. However, I had one major problem, I had no ‘clout’; nor did I have a PhD after my name. Needless to say, the question that haunted me was, ‘who would read my research work without the necessary clout?’
     Friends and family members suggested that I incorporate my research findings into a book of 'fiction', to make for an exciting novel, which seemed to be an excellent idea, so I embarked upon the project with great enthusiasm.
     Upon interweaving my research findings together, with many strange but true experiences from my personal life, and by adding an interesting portion of excitement and romance, the end result was truly amazing. 
     This is how the story of “Keeper of the Celtic Secrets” was born, and I will leave it up to the reader to determine which portions are actually from real-life experiences, and which portion is merely fiction. Nevertheless, once you have read the book - you will never see the world in the same light again, for your eyes shall be opened - the veil will be lifted.

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