Every Great Age has it's God and Messiah

       symbol of the sign AquariusEvery Great Age has had its predictable and identifiable Gods and/or Messiahs. When the Aquarian God, or shall we callplanet Uranus him the coming Messiah, makes himself known in the years to come, how will we recognize him to be the long-awaited Messiah who will rule over the Great Age of Aquarius? [According to today's count, the Great Ages last for a period of 2160 years.] The answer is much simpler than we might expect, especially when we look back into history and see that the Astrological sign that ruled a particular Great Age, clearly reveals how past religions, and their ‘gods’, reflect the expected Astrological pattern of that Age. The most vivid picture comes to us from the Age of Pisces, which is now coming to a close, but the Astrological pattern of the past 2000 years was truly that of the sign of Pisces.

        Pisces is a feminine water sign that was once ruled solely by Jupiter until 1846, when at that time, the discovery of a ‘new’ planet, Neptune, took its place in the forefront of the Great Age of Pisces. Pisces is a very nebulous sign, which suggests mystery, secrets, and misconceptions, which there were plenty of during the past 2000 years or so. The symbol for Pisces is that of a fish, or two fishes swimming away from each other - the fish symbol is depicted in Christian tradition in several ways. Not only does it reveal two ‘fish’ swimming in opposite directions – seen in Catholicism and Protestantism, but there were originally the two ‘legs’ of Rome, eastern and western, that indicated the religion and empire was going in two separate directions. Pisces is very much a feminine sign, and should have been represented by a goddess, rather than a male god, however, with the sign's negative traits come unscrupulous deception and cover-up. Male figureheads who took over the important positions during the Age of Pisces, wished to conceal the feminine aspect of Pisces, so therefore, they promoted a male god and placed men in all leading roles of the establishment. A Virgin Mary, mother of the Piscean God, known as Jesus, was given a somewhat lofty position in the Roman Catholic Church, but she waned out in later off-shoots of Christianity. Instead, the male architects of the religion gave the 'Church', itself, a feminine implication when referring to the institution as a body; it was 'she', or 'her', as if the establishment itself was a woman. Likewise, the evil 'woman', spoken of in Biblical scripture - especially the book of Revelation, came to represent a mysterious Babylon, the ‘false’ religion - as opposed to the ‘true church’, and this is pretty much how the feminine side was presented. The religion of the Age of Pisces was Christianity, and the nation and people of Pisces were the Romans.

        The ancient Hebrew people, today known only as the Jewish community, was the 'people and nation' representing the Great Age of Aries. Just as the Ram symbolizes Aries astrologically, the Israelites made the Ram their sacrificial animal, while still using a Ram's horn for sounding their shofars. Mars, the planet that rules the Astrological sign of Aries, reflects a very powerful leader, and Moses was such an Arian leader, and it was Moses who witnessed the burning bush of an Aries fire -matching perfectly that Great fire sign of the Age.  Mars, a war-like planet - was reflected in the warrior predisposition promoted by YHWH/Marduk, to his people. The Israelites marched out of Egypt, following their leader, destined to pursue their Mars-like God, on a course that took them across many dangerous journeys.

        Egypt was the people and nation of the Age of Taurus.

        More Age of Aries and Age of Pisces articles coming soon.


        With the dawning of a brand-new Age of Aquarius, we will undoubtedly notice how the scene changes dramatically to a modern ‘state of the art’, scientifically orientated culture and landscape. The Messiah/God for the Age of Aquarius will be a Humanitarian with a capital 'H' and in the truest sense of the word. Can you say ALTRUISM? Can you say PEACEMAKER? He will promote friendship and togetherness across the oceans and airwaves by means of the latest technology that science has to offer. Make no mistake about it, our new Messiah will not only be a space traveler, he will be an innovative inventor with a keenness for scientific investigation, but perhaps more importantly, he will be an honest to goodness psychic who gives Astrology it’s true place in the world. He, and I say 'he', because Aquarius is a male sign, will be a trendsetter and somewhat of an eccentric rebel, when it comes to breaking free from old traditions that have long ago petrified and grown stale.

The coming Messiah-God will be a bearer of Light, in the way of knowledge and wisdom, and as a truth seeker, he will have an idealistic mindset, and be a staunch promoter of logic, reasoning, and common sense. His subjects will be whisked away into the higher realm of fantastic discoveries and innovations that will seem highly unconventional, if not downright shocking, to many. The real truth-seekers, and the ‘young at heart’, will be intelligent enough to see the LIGHT of the new dawning Age, and break free from the restricting bonds that the Age of Pisces used to hold its victims captive for so long. These 'New-Agers' will 'fly' away with the enlightened Reformer into the vast reaches of the Heavens - both figuratively and literally, in search of that ultimate Utopia in the heavens – the paradise of heavenly Eden, where all things rise to the level of perfection.

        A sweeping change comes over the entire establishment as the new Age calls for complete change - by will, or otherwise forced  into action with the progressive reformation, and these changes will reach out to every branch and limb of all societies and cultures. A sense of new-found freedom will sweep across the globe, and because there will be those who stand firm in their petrified chains of bondage; rebelliousness and violence will break out among nations who bulk at the drastic Aquarian changes. The deeper time evolves into the Age, the more dramatic the changes become, for like a bolt of lightning, the Aquarian Messiah will sear ones mind with reformation, rejunification, and innovative realities of an idealistic future for all humanity.

        A truly Aquarian Messiah/God will appear to be temperamental, but tolerant, impersonal, but approachable and friendly, shy and independent, original and idealistic, radical and progressive, cold, but curious. Our new 'god' of the Age will be a reformer with an idealistic agenda. Outer space and Extraterrestrials will not only be a curiosity, the interest will gain bold new momentum, especially when the Aquarian Age gets under full swing.  The promotion of Astrology will be high on this god’s program. The masses will come to the realization that this ancient mathematical science of heavenly rule, is the only true 'voice' from the Great Creator of the Heavens – written by the very finger of the true Spiritual Creator of the Universe, who supersedes each and every messiah and god of all the Great Ages.

Do not look for the new Messiah to follow any status-quo, for he will be the ultimate trendsetter - never one to give in to senseless tradition and practices – no matter how many thousands of years they have been in existence. Being quite fixed in his ways, he will expect everyone to see that his approach and technique makes logical sense, and it is this realization that ushers in the ultimate in perfection.

Last, but certainly not least, our new Messiah-god will be psychic, telepathic, clairvoyant, and will have the ability to communicate with his ‘preferred’ subjects in this manner as well.

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Outer space, and space travel, television, electronics, science, technology of the future, state of the art inventions. Change or be changed, unconventional, eccentric, psychic, goal orientated, erratic, irresponsible, curmudgeonly, compulsively oppositional, cynical, tactless, burnt out, strung out, shattered, shocked, perverse, abrupt, intolerant, headstrong, violent, ruthless, anarchistic, rebellious, willful, feels stifled and trapped, manic states, berserker states, fanaticism, fixed ideas, impatience, accidents, spasms, spasticity, stroke, close encounters with electricity and lightning.
Humanitarian, inventive, creative artistic, individualistic, original, progressive, independent, tolerant, logical, intellectual, altruistic, temperamental, cold, eccentric, radical, impersonal, rebellious, unpredictable, fixed in opinions, shy. Friendships, organizations, humanitarianism, politics, networking (e.g. the Internet, communications networks, clubs), computers and electronics, and outer space (and alien life).  Aquarius types often tend to be individualists and idealists, and innovators and inventors, they stand out as trend-setters, and eccentrics rebels. They are impartial analyzers, logical thinkers, interesting conversationalists, curious experimenters, scientific investigators, seekers of social equality, humanitarians, progressive politicians, and reformers. Friendships are important.