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50.  Q: I am not a Christian per se but do believe in many of the principles now that the religion has been refined and more civilized. You must admit they have come a long way since burning women at the stake for have prophetic dreams. What were they thinking anyway. I believe like you do that the Great Spirit is the Creator of all things, while the 'gods' vied for top billing among the masses over the years, only the Great Spirit can create life from scratch. My husband believes Jesus is the highest form of God and teaches our four year old to pray to Jesus. How can I now tell my four year old that Jesus is not the Creator of all things and is not the same as I believe?
A: If it were my four year old, I would explain to her that you do not call the Great Spirit any name out of respect. She does not call you or her father by your given names, but instead calls you 'mommy' and 'daddy'. This is showing respect for her parents. The same would apply to the Great Spirit - out of respect for the Creator of all things, you do not use any name. Further explain to her that nobody knows for sure if the Great Spirit 'God' even has a name, and 'Jesus' may not really be the correct name. You could also tell her that all over the world people call the Creator many different names because they all think they are right and everyone cannot be correct. When she prays it would be best if she were to merely pray to our 'Wonderful Creator', or 'Great Spirit', or 'Holy Spirit', out of respect.

49. Q: In the story about Mariam, Aaron, and Moses. Moses marries an Ethiopian woman (presumably black) and Mariam criticizes him for doing so, as it was forbidden. Aaron joins with the criticism to Moses. God pushes Mariam by giving her leprosy on her hand, and it becomes pure white. What is the lesson in this? And was Moses above the law put forth by God to not marry an Ethiopian?
A: Answered by 'The Sage' for the 'unveiler':
      "Read Numbers chapter 12 from most acceptable translations, and you can see that Miraim was asking and stating the wrong things in general. That said - some thoughts can be brought up about this person's concerns.
      OK, regarding the "Ethiopianness" of the woman [whom Moses married]. Look at Genesis chapter 10 and see if you can truly reconcile "Ethiopia" with Africa. You can't, especially if you look at verses 8-12, where you will see that the "Cushites" most assuredly came from what is now Iraq/Iran/Jordan and whatnot, but not from Africa. It is old hat news that those who interpreted "Cush" as Ethiopia in the 18-19th centuries were lacking in archaeological finds that later were discovered regarding the area, thus making their "guess" wrong regarding where Cush was. So in short, it wasn't about marrying a 'black' woman. Elsewhere in the Torah, it mentions that this "Cushite" is actually a Midianite, alluding to even being Zipporah's sister possibly. Another possible situation is that Moses married this Midianite to bring peace between them and the Moabites and Midianites. This peace falls a part a few chapters later. It's AFTER Moses' marriage to the "Cushite/Midianite" woman that God forbids them to marry, not before. Also look at Genesis 14:5 and look up the words - there again you will find the Zuzim from "Ham" as being from the Jordan area, NOT Ethiopia. 
      Next in line, Miriam and Aaron were obviously upset about the marriage, but they were upset of it in light of Moses' reasoning behind it, relating to whether or not he was still in touch with God. Numbers chapter 12 deals with this situation. Thus the main gripe that they have is his ability to be THE prophet still. This again plays well into the thoughts above, meaning that they, Miriam and Aaron, possibly thought that Moses was leaning towards a human fix between the different nations there as opposed to trusting in God. A marriage back then between warring kingdoms was a very common solution, even though the Middle Ages. SO, even here God steps in and defends Moses decision to marry and thus prophesy.
Bottom line is that Moses' authority on many levels was being challenged by Miriam and Aaron, who were not as close to God as Moses was. God tells them that when he speaks with Moses, He does so face to face or mouth to mouth as verse 8 of chapter 12 shows.
      Miriam's entire body was afflicted, not just her hand, and it was an advanced stage to boot. Miriam was given leprosy as a state of uncleanness, meaning that she was now separated from both God and the camp of the Israelites. She had sinned against God's prophet, Moses, as the prophet, not her brother, albeit, she may have been treating him as such when she questioned his authority. She would have to become ritually clean again to be brought back into fellowship with God, Moses, and the camp in general. She couldn't be a participant in any of the rites or other activities. In other words, she was expunged until she had followed God's instructions for her repentance. This instruction was a seven day separation. Leviticus 13:27 for example shows that once a person is suspected of having the disease, the priests will take another look at them after seven days. Lev. 14:3 shows that as well. Deut. 24:8-9 mentions that God did this to Miriam as a punishment for her sin against God and His servant Moses. In these verses, one will find a lot of instructions about following God, so again, it relates to her disobedience.

      Why wasn't Aaron punished? Well, I think it was what his job was that he didn't get leprosy here. What do I mean? He was Moses' mouth piece and you see here that he also acts as Miriam's mouth piece. Miriam doesn't say a thing, but immediately Aaron pleads to Moses to tell God that they recognized their foolishness and that God not let Miriam die. It's again, all about hierachial relationships. Moses is the prophet of God here, Aaron is his mouth piece, Miriam is their older sister and also, like Aaron, a minor prophet (see Numbers 12:2). Miriam of all people should have known Moses' place, since it was she that helped his Egyptian step-mother raise him. I believe that Miriam was possibly with him his entire life, something that Aaron was not possibly. Thus she was held more accountable than her brother Aaron.
      So, in short, Moses didn't marry a black woman, neither was he forbidden to marry her regardless of whether or not she was black per se... meaning, there are no verses regarding NOT marrying Hamites. The "forbidden" part came later and it was the Midianites/Moabites that were being referred to ten chapters later, another point showing where the Cushites were from, meaning not Africa. It was Miriam's whole body, not just her hand, that had leprosy. The main criticism was against Moses' ability to be their leader and his marrying this woman, possibly for political alliance with the Midianites/Moabites (keeping in mind that at this point, they were not a war AND that Zipporah, Moses' first wife WAS a Midianite, thus Moses already had some reasons for keeping married to one such). Moses thus was NOT above the law as it hadn't even been written yet... had the questioner read their Bible, they would have realized this. The lesson? Well, God himself came down and showed them that when He puts things into play, don't question or disobey them. The rest of the Israelites' history revolves around this one thing, God says "yes" or "no" and the Israelites reply "no" or "yes" respectively.
      OK, so this isn't the short answer and it does cover a lot, but by just using the same book that sprang forth these questions, I've tried to show the solutions in black and white. No esoterica here or metaphysics, just using one source material to answer the questions.

48. Q: You said:
 "Man's gods cannot hear when they [people] cry out, they cannot give you warmth, comfort, weather, food, water, light, knowledge, for all this comes from the Great Spirit - and we all get these things everyday without fail, even if we do pay homage to the enemy of the Great Spirit - for with the Great Spirit there is no separation of cultures, peoples, races, nations, or beliefs - for it is the laws of Nature, Science and Mathematics, utilizing the principles of logic, reasoning, and common sense that rules. Furthermore, it is this very Great Spirit of Love and Light that hears your prayers, and if your heart isn't too muddled with 'sin', the Great Spirit will hear you and provide help."
Where is this wonderful creator?  Is he busy sending the sunlight to greet you in the morning.  Is he busy winking at you through the stars at night?  Is he busy sending a gentle breeze to say hello to you? Is he just busy being sad because you didn't notice him?  It is too bad he is so busy with such important things.  There sure are a lot of little precious children all over the world that could use his help.
Some of them are too young to even know what prayer is.  They simply hurt, cry and die. Some of them were never taught about this loving Creator.  They could not help whatever religion they were born into or lack of.  None of us can help where or to whom we are born.  If I had been born in Iran or Palestine, today I would be a muslim. Children are the most innocent and pure among us and they suffer more than the rest of us. They never created one religion nor started one war, yet they suffer at the hands of both these ungodly creations. Why would a Creator allow such horrid things to happen to a child? If such horrors rips the heart out of a mere mortal, how the hell could a righteous creator turn a blind eye to the needs and cries of a little helpless child?!
Every few seconds a child is murdered.
Every few seconds a child is kidnapped.
Every few seconds a child dies of hunger.
Every few seconds a child dies of a disease.
Every few seconds a child dies of abuse.
Every few seconds a child dies of neglect.
Every few seconds a child is being raped.
Millions of children live day to day in poverty.
Millions of children live day to day in abuse.
Millions of children live day to day unloved.
Millions of children live day to day sick with no one to hug them and comfort them.

     ANSWER:  This is an excellent question - and one that has cried out for an answer since the beginning of time. You ask, "Why would a Creator allow such horrid things to happen to a child?" The Creator does not allow these things to happen to children – mankind does – and it all has to do with imbalance and disharmony - which was referred to as 'sin' in scripture. Mankind has upset the balance of harmony with the Great Spirit and the result is not a pretty sight. Not only do we need to start taking better care of our world by stopping the pollution and destruction, but we also need to balance the natural workings of our daily lives, in order to save the children. Imbalance in the heart of man causes abuse and mistreatment of children. Imbalance in nature causes abnormal weather patterns and soil erosion. Whether the imbalance is in the hearts of people, or in nature, imbalance creates devastation and destruction.
     Case in point, a mother that feeds her child artificial colors, refined sugars, and harmful preservatives can set that child up for diabetes and cancer, which may even result in death before the child turns 40 years of age. Do we blame the Creator, the government, the FDA, the food manufacturers, or, do we blame the mother? The act the mother choose for her child has caused the imbalance within the child’s body - why not blame her.
     The natural laws of the Creator are meant to work in harmony with humanity, not cause an imbalance. Mankind gets out of step with the Creator, the Creator is not out of step with mankind, for the laws of the Creator work the same today as they did a million years ago.
     Men and women have free choice in this life and are fully capable of making a peaceful, safe, and loving environment for the children of this world. However, mankind can choose to create a world full of imbalance, called 'sins', it all depends on whether mankind wants to walk on the balanced side of nature - or in disharmony and discord with the laws of nature.

Every few seconds a child is murdered, kidnapped, diseased, abused, neglected, raped, etc., this is true. However, these acts of violence and adulteration did not originate with the Great Spirit - they originated out of the hearts of people choosing to live in discord, strife, and disharmony. Mankind has done, and is doing, these things to the children of the world - this is not the workings of the Great Spirit Creator. Mankind has given himself the authority to override the laws of the Creator. Mankind has done the murders, the diseases, the abuses, the rapes, and all the trappings of poverty.
     A child touches a hot stove and becomes burned, he touches it a second time and again becomes burned, common sense [a gift from the Great Spirit] tells this child that to avoid being burned, do not touch a hot stove. Did the stove burn the child or did the act of touching a hot stove burn the child? Should we blame the stove - perhaps throw it out in a landfill somewhere? Should we learn from our mistakes -  our sins? Is it better to teach the world to love, or to teach the world to hate? Which act creates an unbalanced society? Which act creates harmony?
     Similarly, should we blame the Creator for a child being murdered - or blame the act of violence on the heart full of 'sin' [imbalance] who committed the murder? Where did the act of violence come from? The Creator? No, the seed of violence is the result of an imbalance in the mind of the murderer. The environment that mankind has created is full of imbalance - in nature as well as in the hearts of human beings. Should we still blame the Creator for creating the seeds of violence to begin with? Not hardly, for all nature, when first created, was balanced to the degree of perfection. Some may view thunder and lightning as violence, but the natural act of thunder and lightning, provide elements of life for growing plants and trees. Therefore, the act of violence that comes from a natural thunderstorm, provides life and is a good thing. On the other hand, when governments 'seed the clouds' in a man-made intentional manipulation of weather patterns, this causes disharmony and imbalance - resulting in more frequent and stronger hurricanes and increased tornadoes. Mankind upsetting the natural workings of balance creates 'sin' i.e., chaos and destruction.
     At one time, the indigenous peoples of the world could live off the land and be productive - self-reliant and self sufficient, in harmony with nature, and nature responded with resources needed to maintain productiveness. Then one day, industrialization, commerce, and religions, came to their country and the natives traded their self-sufficiency, simplistic lives, and garden vegetables, for automobiles, assembly lines, and fast food. Self-sufficiency went out the window, needed now was government money to buy food at the supermarket. The Great Spirit once was in harmony with folks living off the land and nature provided for them as needed. When mankind left the balanced harmony for a life of industrialized pollutants and un-recyclable products, nature became unbalanced - no longer in harmony with the Creator. Native people found that imbalance was taking place within their bodies, souls, and environment, resulting in health problems, loss of culture, and loss of nature. Before Europeans came to their land the natives had no diseases – for with the missionaries came disease – causing yet another imbalance.

Many children are killed from the angry wars of adults - these wars may involve two estranged parents, or two large nations in disagreement with each other. The underlying cause of any war is imbalance. The natural harmony of societies becomes severely imbalanced when religions enter the scene. Religions breed 'sins',  i.e. disharmony, and are all from the synogogue of satan.
     Nature, undisturbed, takes care of itself, whether it be in one’s body, within societies, or in the environment. When a forest becomes overly-populated with diseased and dead trees, nature sparks a forest fire and cleans out the forest so new healthy growth can take root. We cannot look at wars as weeding out the rift-raft in societies, as soldiers usually come from the cream of the crop young people - not societies unwanted.
     Mankind has drastically interfered with the natural workings of nature, within their hearts, bodies, souls - in many harmful ways, causing imbalances. Religions, like refined sugars, cause a devastating imbalance to society, with the predictable outcome being wars and destruction – hate, anger, and disharmony. Until we get the 'lead' out - meaning to dissolve all religions, which are the root cause of wars, hate, and anger; AND get totally in synchronization with our natural body and world, we will not have a safe haven in which our grandchildren can grow and prosper.
     Mankind has chosen to kill the children of today, and tomorrow's children as well. The Creator gives; Mankind, through his acts of disharmony, taketh away.

47. Q: I am a recipient of the Brit Am postings that goes back quite a few years now. I an aware that you once did the website for this organization as well as provide a popular section on genealogy. You are sadly missed by the most reasonable of the membership I might add. I enjoy reading your articles and postings on the red thread webpages............ The objective of the BAO is defined as the three R's (research revelation reconciliation). May I ask what your objective is?
ANSWER: For those who are not familiar with the Brit-Am Organization, their research is on the 'lost' tribes of Israel. How it differs from the Red Thread website and the work that I do, is two entirely seperate things. I do not put a lot of extensive work into the research of who the 'lost' tribes of Israel are or are not. Why? Because I include the entire white race as descendants of one common ancestor - that being Jacob. Jacob's task is to make the world a better place for all humanity, perserve the earth on which we live, and to bring peace to the world. We have so far, failed at our task because we have no teachers.
My purpose is to ENLIGHTEN, SHOW HOW TO FREE ONE'S SOULS FROM BONDAGE, TEACH, and REVEAL the GREAT SPIRIT - our TRUE CREATOR. My message is for all races, all peoples, all humans living on the face of the earth today - not merely for the 'lost' tribes of Israel. We cannot have peace until we ALL recognize the True Creator - the Holy Spirit. Any and all 'Gods' were teachers at best - they will never position themselves as high as the Holy Spirit, who is the Creator of all things. The Great Spirit holds the sovereign ownersip of all wisdom, power, and control - the 'Gods' merely used this wisdom, power, and control for their own benefit. Either to seat themselves in a high position - even as high as the Great Spirit, if it were possible; or to attempt to assist mankind in the process of progression, and were grossly misunderstood.
To sin against the Holy Spirit is unforgivable. Even Satan acknowledged the authority of the Holy Spirit. Ever wonder why the following verses were recorded:
"Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come." Matthew 12:31-32 - This is what I teach.

46. Q: To take ones religion away leaves a large void. Some folks are attached to their beliefs so much so that the biggest share of their day, which amounts to a major part of their life, is devoted to their religion in one form or another. What are you giving to these people in return? In otherwords, what I am asking is this, how do you suggest they fill the vacuity that will be left in their lives if they disregard their religious worship?
ANSWER: There will be no vacuum because I am not asking them to take away - I am teaching them to fulfill. Once a person becomes an annointed soul, which means to open one's mind and heart to knowledge from the Great Spirit, their life becomes overflowing with the Spirit of the Creator. They will have then opened their mind - freeing themselves from bondage. Religions were never made by the true prophets and teachers, they were made by their followers. Religions hold souls in bondage - the annointing frees these souls to become the best they can be. Peace and love will overwhelm them, they begin to see the Light, as knowledge from the Spirit enters their minds - wisdom to know the Creator - the desire to progress one's soul becomes overwhelming. When this happens  - they will no longer need a teacher, for wisdom will be written upon their hearts. 'Knock and it shall be opened unto you', is referring to just this.

45. Q: I want to ask you what the actual 'red thread' is all about? I read today that Madonna was wearing a red thread on her wrist when she met, recently, with the prime minister of Israel. she is not Jewish, but is studying the Kaballah.  Do you, Betty, wear a red thread? What qualifies a person to be a red thread wearer?
ANSWER: Good Question. I do not wear a 'red thread' or string around my wrist, as I believe it is merely a custom or tradition, and I do not follow such practices. On my website, the 'red thread' stands for the bloodline of Jacob through the twin son of Judah and Tamar. The 'red thread' on our website represents the bloodline only. Through the bloodline, we trace back our family trees [genealogy] to find our ancestors - going back as far as possible to connect with our ancestor, Jacob.
In Genesis 38:28 we find the following: “And it came about when [Tamar] gave birth, that [the infant] stretched out his hand. Therefore, the midwife took and bound a crimson thread on his hand, saying, ‘This one came out first’. This does not imply any type of protection per se, but rather is a sign as to which twin breached first. See our website for page on Zarah-Pharez.
Regarding the custom of wearing a scarlet or red string around one's wrist, there is a 'Jewish' tradition that says to tie a long red thread around the burial site of Rachel, the wife of Jacob.  According to the tradition, Rachel selflessly agreed that her sister, Leah, marry Jacob first, in order to spare Leah shame and embarrassment. This is only supposition not scriptural. Later, Rachel, as the tradition goes, willingly returned her soul to 'God' on the lonely way to Beit Lechem, in order to pray there for the Israelites who would later pass by on their way to exile and captivity. Thusly, it is thought that wearing the red string will bring protection from Rachel. Often one acquires the red string when giving charity, but anyone can wear the red string if they choose to - sometimes we can use all the protection we can get, and it doesn't hurt anyone as long as we realize that it is only a symbol of protection. As for me, I choose not to wear a red string and find it best to depend on the Great Spirit for protection.

44. Q: My question has to do with why we are here. You seem to be saying that we are here to advance our souls to a higher level by increasing our knowledge and seeking out enlightenment from your God-Spirit and by doing this and acting upon it we will advance our souls to the next level of ascension. You said that this is something that we must do for ourselves and that no one else can accomplish this feat for us. Why then do you suppose Jesus died for our sins so we wouldn't have to accomplish this growth ourselves, if this were true? And why should I go with what you say because being a Christian I don't have any worries because all can be forgiven and there is an easy way out of all my sins. With your theory I would have to be responsible for my own sins, be held accountable for my own soul advancement, ect ect ect. Why would I want to follow your lead? Why would I give up my easy way out for what you say? Bet you can't answer this one!
ANSWER: Believe me, I could not answer any of these questions if it were not for my connection coming in [some days] loud and clear from the Great Spirit. The Spirit knows all things as all wisdom first came from the Creator before it reached you or me. To start with, let me make it perfectly clear that I do not care one iota if anyone believes me, let alone takes my 'lead'. I put my information out there in cyberspace for those who are seeking answers and higher wisdom - all others need not concern themselves with anything I say. It is neither here nor there, to me personally, whether anyone takes me seriously or not. There are many people that are seeking answers - it is to these people that I write.
Now, to answer your question let me ask you, what kind of a 'loving' Creator would do everything for you so you can live out your life care-free and oblivious to higher knowledge and enlightenment, keeping you from building up your own character, and increasing wisdom in your soul to the point of being 'perfect', even as Abraham was perfect, even as Noah was perfect, even as Adam was created perfect. Dare we say that you, Mr. C------, stand perfect before the Creator and have no need to advance your soul? In addition, what do you think about parents who spoil their kids rotten by doing everything for them. These kids have it all and absolutely no chores whatsoever. The parents even handle all the little squabbles their kids have with playmates and team mates - to the point that parental interference becomes a dreaded interference to these kids. These same parents stay in the lives of their children well into adulthood, whereas the spouse-in-laws never are good enough for their kids so the parents need to be there to make sure this spouse is taking as good care of their baby as they did. All the kid wants is to say to his or her parents; 'Get out of my life and let me do it myself'. To this, the parent replies - 'But it is a hard cruel world out there and I don't want you to get hurt. It's because I love you that I want to help you so much.  I want things to be easier for you than it was for me.'
My answer to this kind of 'help', whether it be from a well-meaning parent, or from the words of an organized religion posing as a god: 'I want to do it myself - let me learn by trial and error - give me room to experience life - I'm a big girl now! How do you expect me to build up my own character if you take all responsibility from me? Surely, I will fall and fumble at times, but I will get back up and dust myself off, and then grow in my own way. When I get terribly down and out, let me come to you for advice, wisdom, and knowledge, and for that I am eternally thankful.'

   43. Q: A lot of the bible has passages that are can a person take it seriously...seems to me that's toying with a child...well if you're good...well you weren't good enough...well it didn't mean...You understand what I'm saying...seems to me a good God is honest and straight forward and wouldn't have any reason to talk in circles.  Go this way...but only go that way...And us stupid humans are trying in all earnestness to please something that is just trying to run you nuts. A schitzoid personality talks in vague ways.  Then says you figure it out...well who cares to fiddle around with a system that's designed to be miss led, misunderstood and misapplied...Stuff in that bible isn't what I believe our great spirit and creator of all things means for us.  I believe he/she knows that good for the sake of good is within our abilities... not because of conditions or rewards. Know what I mean?
Seems you have a good handle on that book about the gods and their subjects. One must read between the lines always, know a little about these 'gods' and 'lords' to be able to distinguish between them, know which god [El, YHWH, MARDUK, ENKI, BAAL, etc.] is speaking in particular book and chapter, why the subject concerns this particular god at the time, recognize that the people whom the 'lord' is speaking to are just as naïve [ancient word used was ‘innocent’], as they are today - perhaps more so, and above all, never consider that any of what you read is from the Great Spirit Creator, but was written by trusting, vulnerable men who heard the story from grandfathers who have passed the contents down from generation to generation for thousands of years. NOT one verse is written first hand - quite possibly the entire Old Testament was put into written form thousands of years after the fact. The New Testament was written a couple of hundred years after the fact - at least - by early Catholic monks.
Nevertheless, when trying to enlighten the masses out there, one must embark upon the situation using this book of partial history and prejudice gods in order to reach the masses at all - 'it' is what gets their attention - just have to put it into perspective for them. For this reason we need the Spirit of Light and Truth to anoint our heads with enlightenment giving to us the ability to separate true prophecy, levelheaded expectations, and higher wisdom; from damaging lies, deviating doctrine, bizarre tradition, and wicked pagan rituals [such as sacrificing animals]. The control that this evil system has over the masses prevents them from attaining their full potential, which entails the process of Ascension.

42. Q:   I needed  to ask the question,  I'm a type A-Rh negative so is my Mother type A - negative and my grandfather (a preacher) is type O - negative and in facts just about whole big my familys is all Rh negative (.So strange ! ) My Grandfather told me years ago.he said to me , we come from France. I discovered in France and Spain in the mid of it Basque is the Rh negative people there,  Does this mean I'm related to the Basque because of our Negative  Blood type ,is this our people ?  We sure look French and Spanish in some way but we been  here for at 200 years in USA,  I know Raines is French   however they spelled Raines before later came to England and they ended up in USA.  I have been trying to find my Raines connection ???  I want to know everything about Basque country and the people I wish I could write to someone in Basque  and the write back.. I don't know what it is, I feel  connected to the Basque. When I found out the Basque Rh negative blood it was a feeling of something I can't explained and take some times to think about what I felt.
ANSWER:  Actually, the origins of the surname 'RAINES' is English. You may also have a French or Spanish connection, but perhaps a grandmother on the Raines line was from France - check their maiden names.
    Many Celtic people came to the British Isles around 600 BCE - about the same time Assyria was destroyed - releasing the 'captured' tribes of northern Israel - who later became known as the Celtic people. Not all Hebrew tribes went directly to the Isles, however, as they spent time in Spain and France [as Gauls and as Bretons], before reaching the Isles. Gascogne, or Gascony in France, was historically inhabited by Basque related people, and according to Wikipedia, in this very same area during the early period of 32 CE,  many Celtic-Gallic people were found there. It is possible that this is how the Celtic came by the Rh negative gene, and then they carried this blood factor to the British Isles and other regions of Europe.
    More than fifty percent of the Basque population is Rh negative, as opposed to sixteen percent for the rest of Europe. Like the gene for group O, the genetic mechanism for the Rh negative blood type is simpler, hence undoubtedly older, than the gene for Rh positive, for the Rh negative factor came from the ancient gods of Sumer. Regarding DNA, bloodline, and the Basque people, "The English [Anglo-Saxons] are the odd ones out because they are the ones more linked to continental Europe. The Scots, the Irish, the Welsh, and the Cornish are all very similar in their genetic pattern to the Basque." Source: The study headed by Dr. Bradley and published in the 'American Journal of Human Genetics'.
    Prince Charles, Duke of Wales, has Rh negative, type 'O' blood, and for many Rh negative people with ties to a 'royal bloodline' of Europe, a
common ancestor certainly may be traced to the Basque. Many of the Kings and Queens of Great Britain were actually born in Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Denmark, Greece, Bohemia, and other places besides just Scotland, Ireland, and England. However, if we were to trace this negative factor back even further, we would find that the Rh negative bloodline originated with the ancient 'gods' of Sumer. Abraham was known as a Prince, and his sister-wife, Sarai, a Princess - they were from this same area of Sumer-Ur. In the last century, reseach has revealed that the true Hebrew people are the Caucasian people. These Hebrew people are in fact descendants of the ancient 'gods', and for this reason were called 'the chosen ones'. Their royal bloodline was once referred to as the British blue bloods, as Queen Elizabeth sits on the continuous throne of King David, 'blood le royale'. The gods were space travelers, but  they also lived for many, many, years in the Mesopotamian Valley before making their exodus.
If there are any Basque people reading this, and would like to correspond with this viewer, please email me at:

41. Q:  Are there any people immune from the Devil's influence?
ANSWER: The word 'devil' is evil with a 'd', as in 'death' and 'destruction'. There are no people immune from evil's influence unless they have gone through the veil that blocks out evil forever. Going through the veil means that one has achieved the highest form of Ascension, such as Jesus taught, but his teachings went right over the heads of most people. The 'devil' represents evil in it's most condensed form. The opposite of evil is purity and light. Light is knowledge in the form of Enlightenment. Evil rots the soul and mind for lack of light and wisdom, just as rust eats away the metal of a car, and the same principle rots an apple. By the same pattern, cancer eats away a person's organs until they die. Evilness, going by the name of Satan or the Devil, erodes away a person's logic, reasoning, and common sense, causing them to live in darkness.The Devil takes away one's freedom, keeping that person in bondage by permitting no LIGHT to enter into that person's mind or soul. Remember Light is Knowledge. Therefore the opposite of the Devil is Enlightment, which is Pure Knowledge from the source of that Light - the Great Spirit. The opposite of the Devil is Freedom, which is the ability to use one's own mind to 'see' the truth. The opposite of the Devil is obtaining true Ascension beyond the 'VEIL'. LIGHT takes away the DARKNESS of the world. Truth can cancel out evilness, knowledge leads one to the Light. The occupants of the synogogue of Satan refuse to reach toward the Light - thereof they have turned their backs on freedom and knowlege that would otherwise set them free - freedom to advance toward the light.  They prefer, as it would seem, to remain in a dark, dark, world without light, without hope, without a free mind, without knowledge. One must follow the highway toward the Light and rise above the pit of darkness where the 'devil' resides.