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51. Question: "How do you think we can ever have peace in the middle east?"

Answer: Get the Jews out of Palestine. They do not belong there. What was the case 3000 years ago should not apply today, and remember who put the Old Testament scriptures down on paper originally - the captives coming out of Babylon, who may not have been entirely from the tribe of Judah, but captives that Cyrus wanted to get rid of - out of his hair. They could have been, and most likely were, according to Jesus, non-Israelites. There will be no peace as long as the Jews remain in the middle east. The Elohiym never sanctioned the 2nd temple, it was rebuild by the decree of King Cyrus who followed the instructions of Lord Marduk. Remove the Jews to America, Canada, Australia. Think of the military expenditures we would save, how terrorists would cease to be angry, peace would eventually come to the world if we forced the evacuation of the Jews from Palestine - today! Otherwise nothing will change, but for the worse in the next 1000 years. My solution would quickly bring peace.

52. Statement: "I read Sounding the Shofar your last book and was thrilled to see someone finally coming out with such wisdom. You are different than most as you provide usable knowledge. I think Iesous (Jesus) would be very pleased with you for you have shown the world who has really killed Him and his apostles."

Reply: I am driven to deliver such information, and thank you.

53. Question: "In regards to this [book], how come you don't "like" black people? ...Unless I am not understanding your points because I have to read more.  I am going to read more now."

Answer: It is not that I don't like black people, I merely want to protect my own race from many things, including extinction. Certain blacks, or any other faction that wants to destroy the white race and adhere to that type of mentality don't deserve my respect.

54. Statement: "Greetings ! Honourable Betty, Yes, the situation is very sad. Every day is bringing a lot of non-White and anti-Christian in the Europe, in the USA and in Russia also. You do actually a great work !!! Yours very respectfully,"
Reply: Thank you for writing. Our governments are preparing for a One World Government and they can best achieve this goal by homogenization. Many voters here in the US are ignorant in so many ways - it really drives me crazy to see how gullible they really are. They don't realize what is happening right in front of their faces and they embrace trouble with arms wide open. I know how serious it is here in this country. Our government has sold out our nation to 'strangers' - we are a 'pancake' half done. Non-Israelites have zapped our strength and we are losing our blessing due to our own stupidity. I wish all white nations would read my book - especially the heads of state in each country. Russians are from the Hebrew tribe Gad, and all Israelite nations must form one alliance to remain strong against the threats in the world. The only adhesive I know of that could do this is the Christian church - not that I am much on religion, but it is a medium that just might work. We will be fighting off Islam in this country soon, and the blacks are becoming anti-anointed ones. Here is the link for my e-book of "Sounding the Shofar".

55. Statement:: "As, I'm reading your ebook, the name Picts keeps coming up.  I think that I've asked you about the Picts before................... I think these people carried the Ark of the Covenant and that may be why they painted their bodies blue. ................... I'm truly enjoying your book and know that I'm an outsider on this earth.  I've known since I was very young that I was different because I could see into the spirit world.  I have been drawn to our Creator and continuing to try to find him. Thank You very much, again, as I'm truly gaining knowledge from your work."

Reply: Thank you for reading my book and glad you find it enlightening.
Go to: question #29 for the answer regarding the Picts.

56. Statement: "Thanks, Betty, for your if people will take their heads out their b--- maybe they'll see there is time to keep from loosing all our technology and the freedoms so many other innocents sacrificed their lives for...
You're right about all the undeserved guilt causing twisted people to take advantage of the situations..."

Response: Thanks! Have had positive feedback from that last 'newsletter' - I would like to post my 'Unveilers Thesis' to the doors of every church in this country - to tell them to get over their petty differences and get serious about standing together as one voice.

57. Question: "Dear Madam , I am sure that you have very special spiritual mission. The Heavenly Father calls the women to be His witnesses in the most difficult times of history. You are actually the Prophetess of the re-gathering of the remnant of the House of Isra'EL. The USA, as I know, the promised land. The New JerUSAlem. How do you think will the High Priesthood be restored ? Yours very respectfully,"
Answer: Actually, I do not think the priesthood would be needed any longer here on earth. The first priests were anointed to be the date keepers and administer the sacrifices, and for various temple duties; they are no longer needed. The coming 'temple' is not a physical temple made of bricks and mortar, but a spiritual temple. The priests for the spiritual temple are stationed on the other side of the 'veil' that separates this world from the other spiritual world - and those priests will minister to the newly ascended souls who have progressed through the veil. The land of America was given to the tribes as part of their new homelands, but the kingdom of 'God' is not of this earth. The Kingdom of God is where the Ascended souls reside - those that make it through the veil.

58. Statement: "I am so excited to have recieved your book today!   YipHee!!   You have put much together for us in written word and I appreciate your 'gift' of information so much...and  in case we all may have a problem with our computers in the near future, we will still have the info.   I have been reading the e-book on-line. I LOVE IT!!!    Now that I have the literal book... I can go outside on my deck when I have some quiet moments and read it. I would rather read a book than sit and stare at my computer all day. Helps with the ol' back to be able to cuddle up in my chair and read."

Reply: I am glad that you are enjoying the book. I would encourage everyone to get the actual book - it doesn't cost much and may prove beneficial in days to come.  I too, would rather read a book in my easy chair than to read an ebook online. Thank you for being a great friend.

59. Statement: "Hello Betty, Thanks for the download of the book. What an amazing feat you accomplished! I wanted to become faint because, it was earth shattering. You have shown truth and now it is time for us to get finished. How prophetic!!!!!! Common misconception is that the Jews are from Judah. But, not so.  I had a group of people tell me that they were israelites and not jews!  Very interesting."

Reply: You are welcome. Glad you are enjoying the ebook - this is what my life has all been about - got sidetracked there for awhile, but hopefully, am back on track now.  The book is timely I believe, and even though several writers have touched on the subject, some in great detail, they never go the whole 'nine-yards', such as I wanted to accomplish.
Hope all is well with you and your family.

60. Statement: "Thanks for awakening the gentle, sleeping giants! Blessing"

Reply: Glad you are enjoying the book - give the link for the ebook to others.

61. Statement: "I've only just read the first 7 pages of your book...I'm already overwhelmed! For me to say that isn't lightly done, believe me. Thank you for sharing it with me and I'll read it the rest of today btw."

Reply: Thank you!

62. Statement: "I have ordered your new book and am excited to be able to read it soon. Hope you will sign my copy.  You are very generous to offer it so inexpensively;  however, beyond your control, the post office price is astounding."

Reply: Thank you for ordering 'Sounding the Shofar' - by ordering it from the printers, I will not have the opportunity to sign it for you, however, ordering the books directly from the printers keeps the costs down and avoids paying for the postage twice. I know the postage seems high - more than media mail [book rate] should be, but they probably also re-coup the price of the packaging, which is quite elaborate for a book. As a rule, it takes 8 days to receive a book from the printers. The price of the book goes to the printing charges and I am not keeping any of the money myself.

63. Question: "Hi Betty I am interested in buying the book Sounding of Shofar. How do l go about buying the item as l live in Victoria Australia. What would the costs be with postage and could l use my credit card. Thanks from Australia."

Reply: Yes, you can purchase my book directly from the printing company at LULU. There are various forms of payment that the printers accept. There are only two places in Africa that they don't accept payments because of fraudulent card history, but all other places Internationally are received by LuLu Printing Co.

64. Question: "I was wondering if you would be willing to advertise my book once it is out for sale. It is titled "The Assyrian Exile: Israel's Legacy in Captivity". If not, thanks for the consideration."

Reply: First send me details of your book that I may make a sincere response.

65. Question: "Can you tell me when Ezekials 390 days and 40 days took place in real life? Some people say it happened before Christ and some say it means years not days and end times not before Christ. I have heard the Isrealites were 390 years in Egypt and 40 years in the wilderness could this be why Ezekiel laid 390 days then 40 days on both sides?"

Answer: First of all, let me say that patterns do repeat many times throughout history. Secondly, Nearly all latter-day researchers try to calculate 'end time' events by using the modern 'Jews' as time markers, beginning, or centering around the year 1948, however, this date will never work out correctly for them because the Jews are not actually 'Judah'. These dates and years will come and go without any prophesied effect or major event, no matter how hard they try to manipulate numbers. The actual time countdown neither ended nor started when the 'Jews' were given the state of Palestine {Israel} in 1948, and not when the 'Jews' took control of Jerusalem in 1967, but rather, we must go back to when Scotland [the real 'Jews'], took the throne [David's], which was during the year 1603. Ezekiel's entire 430 'days', symbolizing years, would start with the year 1603 and end in 2033. The year 2033 would be the very 'end' year for Israel's latter-day pattern of prophecies events. Ezekiel laid 390 'days' on his left side for the 'sins' of Israel, and 40 'days' on the right side for the 'sins' of Judah. Why did Ezekiel do this 'punishment' and not the people in question doing the punishment? Because Israel and Judah, as reigning nations, upon obtaining their patterns and prophetic blessings, would not take place until the end of times, or in latter days. It was of these later times prophesied through Ezekiel, and possibly based on earlier times.  Year 1603 plus 390 years brings us to the year 1993 - the very year that Ephraim's half done time was up, which was half of Manasseh's time of 780 years. Manasseh's 'reign' lasted from year 927 to 1707, as the Kingdom of England. Ephraim's 'reign' of nations would be much larger in land mass and double the blessings and people, but would only reach a half done status - or half of Manasseh's time, which would amount to 390 years. 1603 plus 390 is 1993 - here Ephraim reaches his peak; and now add 40 years to 1993 for Judah's 'time' and you get the year 2033.
However, a parallel pattern could very well have taken place thousand's of years earlier. The Israelites may have been 390 years in Egypt and then 40 years spent in the 'wilderness' before reaching Canaan. After their combined 430 years ended, they were given a new promised homeland of 'milk and honey'. In comparison, the 40 years we are experiencing today [1993-2033], is much like their 40 years in the wilderness. Today, Ephraim has turned his back on the days when their country was self contained, self sufficient, and ruled by their own hand. Through these modern 40 years, Ephraim will experience great losses and dire hardships, which get worse as the days tick by. At the end of this latter 40 years, 2033, there will be a new 'Canaan', which I refer to in my book, "Sounding the Shofar", as Shiloh. The future Shiloh runs parallel to Canaan.  Patterns do repeat and can be predictable.

66. Questions: "You mention that you no longer believe that the "real" Jesus is not the son of YHVH of the Old Testament. First of all, this tells me at one point you did believe this. Will you please tell me how and why you used to believe this? Also, will you please tell me how and why you no longer believe this? Also, will you please tell me how and why you currently believe as you do? Who is the Father of the "real" Jesus?"

Answer: It was around age 13 when I realized that two and two were not adding up - I questioned my SS teachers and asked the Creator to let me see the truth and not be easily fooled like the 'multitudes' that the NT implied would be fooled. More than anything else, I wanted to know the truth and was not afraid to step out of the mental fear 'box'. I suspected that one or the other of the 'gods', YHWH/Jesus, were not the good Shepherd, and used my scale of good vs evil chart to determine the character of both. This is what the Spirit led me to do, and this is what most people refuse to do because they are still blinded by fear and tradition.
I believe as I do because it is now as plain as the nose on my face who is the good shepherd, and who is the deceiver, and I can't understand why the multitudes can't see the truth as well - when will they take off their blinders and see good vs evil?
Jesus is/was a teacher of truths, Jesus is my brother and is your brother, for we are ALL children of the Great Spirit Creator. He dared to step out of the 'YHWH fear box'. The 'father' of Jesus is the Great Spirit Creator and Father of every spirit alive and that has ever lived. The Creator is the originator of our Spirit/Soul. The 'gods' may have manipulated our DNA to produce human beings - races of people from Earth's creatures that was in existence at the time 'they' came to visit earth, but our Soul/Spirit belongs to the Great Spirit. You should read my book for it explains all this - "Sounding the Shofar". I make it available 'free' as an ebook to all those who want to know the truth. Satan, as YHWH, tempted Jesus. I trust someday that you will come to see this as well.

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