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40. Q: I have a few personal questions I would like to ask. I know there are different groups that all have different calendar dates for the High days, for example the fall Feast of Trumpets and the day of Atonement, Feast of Booths etc.. which of these do you observe? Can you tell me which ones to observe and what days you have charted for the correct TIMES? If you don't observe any of them... then do you have different ones you observe?  Do you observe the Sabbath ?  and what Holy days or High days do you observe if any?
Answer: All the traditional celebrated 'holy' days, which are common amongst many religions and within their various sects, were originally in association with, and designed by, the ancient 'gods' or Elohiym, who are/were actually beings from another world/planet. These ‘gods’, at times, ordered compulsory ceremonial rituals that became ageless traditions and rituals still remain within man's societies even in modern times. Most devout religious worshipers devote their entire lifetimes giving these ‘holy days’ special importance with sacred meaning. However, I do not hold any of these days in any higher esteem than I do any other day of the week or year. To honor any of these ‘holy’ days would indicate honor and tribute, and perhaps servitude, to one god or the other, or to the men from whom they originated. I do not respect this kind of bondage, servitude, or worship.

The Great Spirit Creator does not demand worship or servitude in any way whatsoever, so why would I pay tribute to any particular day that the ancient ‘gods’ established as ‘holy’ unto themselves? Worse yet - that man instituted as holy. These ‘holy’ days were set up to honor these ancient ‘gods’, not the Great Spirit Creator. In my opinion, to honor any of these ‘holy’ days would show zero respect for the true Great Spirit Creator, who is above and beyond all the nonsense of one day being more important than any other day.
Saturday is the day so-named to honor Saturn. The planet Saturn represents servitude to Enlil, YHWH, Judaism, harshness, and the strictest of obedience and bondage. I do not find this day to be representative of a 'sabbath' REST day. Sunday honors the Sun, which does give life to this entire planet, and has perhaps earned a special honor for without it we would all die. The ancient Egyptians recognized this fact and that is why they paid tribute to the Sun - of course, the 'gods' did not like that idea at all and ordered it stopped. I am thankful for the Sun, but it provides ‘life’ for us each and every day of the week - and knows no rest. I do not worship the Sun, or any day set aside to honor a ‘god’ or planet.
To be entirely honest in answering this question, I believe the Sabbath was intended for man, not man for the Sabbath. Gosh, guess that is what the teacher, Jesus, once said as well. The other 'holy' days are not important to me - they indicate servitude to the 'gods' or to men who caused them to be ‘holy’.
Men and women DO need at least one day a week to rest after long days of labor - we should perhaps honor the men and women who work so hard to keep our economy and the world's resources progressing forward - but then again, we have a day in September for that purpose - Labor Day.
A greater teacher than I has said, "The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath." Mark 2:27. Verse 28 should read, "Therefore is MAN the LORD of his SABBATH - [for it is man's day of rest]”.

The answers to these questions come from my heart as directed by the Spirit, but everyone should decide for himself or herself what their truth in all things should be.

39. Q: Hello, I am age 14 and want to ask you what exactly is faith what does it mean to have faith and what do you think about it? I love your website by the way and learn a lot from what you write.
A:  Using the word 'faith', when it comes to religious matters, is an incorrect expectation of the meaning. When it comes to having 'faith' in a God, the word should be 'believe’, having a 'belief' in a God, not having 'faith' in a God; as having FAITH implies an earned trust. Faith is more than a belief, loyalty, worship, or trust, in something you cannot see, hear, or touch. An entity, person, science, law of nature, theory, or even a God, does not earn one's individual steadfast loyalty and faith without demonstrating something in return to earn that complete faith. For example, the Sun rises every morning just as it has for thousands of years, therefore, you can be quite certain that the Sun will rise again every day of your lifetime, as well as your grandchildren's lifetimes. On this demonstrated dependability, you can have complete faith that the Sun will provide you, as well as the entire earth and everything on it, with life-sustaining gifts. The Sun has earned your complete faith and trust and you realize that without it all things would cease to exist.
Should a child have faith that at least one parent will be there to feed and provide the basic things to sustain his or her life? Before you answer that question, consider the fact that there are often times when young children cannot depend on even their mother to provide these things, instead they are beaten, sometimes killed, abandoned, or left in a dumpster. Therefore, for a young child, having complete faith in a parent sometimes cannot be guaranteed, instead the child may become fearful of that parent, as a result no faith or trust is earned on the part of the abusive parent. A parent must earn the faith of a child in order for this child to depend wholeheartedly on their protection and care without any fear involved. Faith therefore, is having complete trust in that parent to be there through thick and thin until the child becomes old enough to become self-reliant. Complete Faith means that you believe and trust in someone, or something, so strongly that you are willing to bestow 100% loyalty and confidence in the subject or matter, with your life, and without a second thought. This person, thing, or matter, deserving of your faith, should be something that has proved to be reliable, has demonstrated accountability, is worthy, and steadfast in it's, or their, professed role or function.
When it comes to a Supreme Being deserving of your faith, this entity must have a benevolent quality that is beneficial to your total being, as well as being beneficial to all creatures upon the earth - great or small, black or white, old or young, regardless of what that person believes to be true, and in an unbiased manner. Using the Sun as our example, consider how the Sun shines on all creatures great or small without demanding obedience, and without prejudice. Take the biblical verses from John 14: 13-14: "And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it." We know this is not true - many people have prayed and asked in the name of this God and nothing came to pass - even Mother Teresa questioned the truth of this matter. We also know we cannot rely on a God that professes the following: "For the Lord thy God is a jealous God among you, lest the anger of the Lord thy God be kindled against thee, and destroy thee from off the face of the earth." Deuteronomy 6:15. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that we cannot rely steadfastly on a god that professes to use the trappings of evil to instill obedience, nor should we. If a god uses evil to combat evil he is not a good god, nor is he worthy of your trust and faith. If a god professes to give you anything your heart desires and you receive nothing for the asking, these are lies and this god is undependable. See chart to evaluate good vs. evil.
Sometimes it may seem that there are no guarantees in life or in people either for that matter. To have faith in a 'God' is questionable because there are sooooo many gods - all depends on what religion, what culture, what time in history, and what AGE, to which you are referring or asking - and 'they' all cannot be correct.
The title 'god' is a title given to superior intelligences who visited the earth in ancient times - they came, they saw, they demanded allegiance; they punished and otherwise corrupted the innocence of earthlings of their natural instincts. They taught math, language, religious worship, and science - then left. Please refer to my 'good and evil' chart when evaluating these so-called 'gods', because they are not what they are professed to be - click here for chart.
Be advised, and rest assured that there is only ONE Great Spirit Creator that is reliable, worthy, dependable, loyal AND benevolent - ONE Creator Spirit, ONE Holy Spirit, ONE source of wisdom, ONE element of complete trust, and that is the Great Spirit that holds the Universe together, and from which all wisdom and life flows. This Great Spirit does not differentiate between race, creed, nationality, status, or belief - for IT is part of nature - natural, pure, and dependable. This Great Spirit has been around for millions of years and will never leave you - ever. Unlike any of those 'gods', who come and go like stylish fads. They cannot hear your prayers, nor are they all benevolent. There is ALWAYS a new god revered when the Great Ages change - about every 2016 - 2060 years, and these 'gods' take on the characteristics of the Age they represent. The next 'god' will take on the characteristics of the Age of Aquarius. To learn about the true Creator - click here.

38. Q: I can't help but notice that you assume the original people of "Shem" were of the white race. You are not correct in saying this because ancient writings say they were black haired and everyone know that along with black hair comes black or brown skin. How do you attempt to explain this?
A:     The peoples who were to inherit the lands of 'Shem', the Mesopotamian Valley, Egypt, most of the middle east, North America [see map], were of the white or Caucasian race, for example, consider the following from Mesopotamia:
  •    "Hammurabi, the exalted prince, who feared God, to bring about the rule of righteousness in the land, to destroy the wicked and the evil-doers; so that the strong should not harm the weak; so that I should rule over the black-headed people like Shamash, and enlighten the land, to further the well-being of mankind..." This quote is from Hammurabi of Babylon, which indicates that he was other than 'black-headed' like the natives.
  •      Ramesses II of Egypt, whose hair was thought to be a reddish-yellow color, due to a dye made of henna - [as many ancient Egyptians did dye their hair]. However, traces of Ramesses II's original hair color remained in the roots - beneath the scalp. Microscopic examinations showed that the hair roots contained natural red pigments, and that therefore, Ramesses II had been a natural red head. Analysis concluded that these red pigments did not result from the hair somehow fading, or otherwise being altered after death, but did represent Ramesses' natural hair color. Furthermore, a combination of additional features of the hair and facial bone structure, showed that Ramesses had been a "leucoderm" (a white-skinned person).
  •     The name 'Laban' means white skinned, as does the name, Lebanon. Laban, as you will remember was Rachel and Leah's father - Jacob was also related to Laban - they were white-skinned people. The twelve sons of Jacob would have been white, as are the descendants of the lost tribes of Israel.
  •   The native [indigenous] people found in the 'Shem' regions were, without any doubt, black-haired and brown skinned people, as they were on every island, continent, and landmass of the earth, right up until modern times. However, the people to whom the lands of 'Shem' were appropriated to by the Elohiym were not the same as the indigenous people of the area. The Caucasian people entering the land of 'Shem' came from the east to the land of Sumer - this after the Continental drift. The ancient term or word, 'Krishna' indicated a color - specifically hair or skin color, but it has been misinterpreted as to what color was actually meant. I believe it was referring to white skinned, blonde-red haired people - the people of 'Shem'.
  •  Remember, the 'Cauasian' peoples built up cities and establishments, then upon their abandonment of said cities, the native peoples of the land came in and claimed these abandoned cities as their own. This happened in Sumer, Ur, Nippur, Jerusalem, across Egypt, and still happens today. If this is not sufficient evidence, perhaps you will believe a scholar who has more accepted 'clout' than I do on the subject. According to Andis Kaulins, whom I am in agreement on several points, has found that the misinterpreted 'black haired' incoming people to the Mesopotamian Valley, should have been interpreted as 'blonde and red haired' Cauasian peoples. The following is what Mr. Kaulins has to say on the subject:
"Sumerian Hair Color = Krishna = Reddish and Blonde Hair. Orientalists hold to an unfounded misconception based on a misreading of Sumerian writing, that the Sumerians were "black-haired"  invaders. ALL of the indigenous peoples in the Fertile Crescent have Black Hair, so they would not call immigrant Ubaidian Sumerians "black-haired". This is nonsense. An ancient word having another meaning has simply been mistranslated. We can demonstrate on the basis of the Indo-European words for COLOR, that red and blonde have been confused with black and blue.
These terms are e.g. Latvian KRASAINS "bright, MANY-colored", allegedly found also as Sanskrit KRSNA "black, dark" (incorrect and a similar source of error in Sanskrit translation), Russian KRASNYJ is "the color red" Old Church Slavic KRASINU, Latvian KRASNS is "beautiful". The description of the hair of the Sumerians by indigenous peoples clearly meant "blonde, red-haired, colored hair", i.e. in CONTRA-DISTINCTION to the black hair of the native inhabitants of the more southerly regions.
The KR- word root is found in English CL- (CoLor), i.e. the well-known conversion R//L although the KR- forms have already lost the interceding vowel. In Latvian the words for blue, green and yellow differ only as to the internal vowel (ZIL, ZAL, ZEL) showing a particularly ancient form of the Indo-European proto-language."
 [notice how the following words resemble the 'Zil-pah', mother of Asher]:

We find the basic root KR / CL in:
Latvian ZIL- "blue" - also the word for "pupil" of the eye and the blue-grey "forest"
Latvian ZAL- "green" - also the word for grass. [Note: Zal-zal in Hebrew means, sprigs, shoots, tendrils, twigs i.e. green sprigs]
Latvian ZEL- "gold, yellow-colored" and DZEL- "yellow" (Latvian) [like the color of Amber]
ZILumas - "grey" (in Lithuanian)
[Note: Mr. Kaulins ties many Latvian words to ancient Sumerian words & meanings. In my 'lost tribe identity articles', I have identified the Latvian people as being the tribe of Asher - not on my own accord, but as the Spirit has guided me. Asher, remember, was the son of Zilpah, handmaiden to Leah. See what the name Asher means by reading the article. About the name, Zilpha:
Zilpah {zil-paw}: from an unused root apparently meaning to trickle, to fall in drops, as MYRRH;  Zelpah = "a golden trickling", she was given by Laban to Leah as a handmaid, a concubine of Jacob, mother of Asher and Gad. MYRRH = #3910 lot {lote} myrrh is an aromatic gum exuded by the leaves of the rock rose. NOTICE HOW MYRRH IS VERY MUCH LIKE AMBER, which comes from Latvia - a hint in locating the tribe of Asher !!!  Myrrh is a red-brown resinous material, the dried sap of the tree Commiphora myrrha. Amber is the common name for fossil resin or tree sap that is appreciated for its inherent and interesting mixture of colors, ranging from yellow to reddish orange to light brown. Perhaps Zilpah was named for her yellowish-red hair color - like Amber or  Myrrh.
Kaulins: "Note as below that the white-black-grey (brown) system of black and white color has a different root which is BL- viz. BR-. BL- viz BR- forms are:
PELEKS "grey" (Latvian) duBLI "mud",  Sumerian DUB "dried mud writing tablet" -  whence Old Irish DUB "black",  BLACK "black" (English),
BLUE "blue" (English), i.e. our modern "blue" derives from steel blue-grey, BLONDE "white" (English) - note BALTS "white" (Latvian), from Latvian BALINATS (bleached) = BLONDE, BRown "brown". The Sumerians did NOT have BL-ack Hair."
Andis Kaulins:          The rest of his website is quite informative as well.

37. Q: My question has to do with speaking in languages that you don't even know.  What is your knowledge or opinion of 'speaking in tongues' and why God allows both good (Christian) people speak in another language and not so good people speak in another language and even interpret it? I have spoken in Chinese and other languages and interpreted it without knowing or ever speaking the language in my life.  Also I have had it confirmed that I was actually speaking in Chinese and my interpretation was very close. My opinion has been that we are spiritual beings knowing all languages in our spirit being and God gives us the ability for his purpose to use these gifts.  Although I believe others use them for not so good purposes in the wrong spirit (e.s. manipulation, control, pride, etc.)  Thank you.
A: In order to speak in foreign tongues, one must be 'in the spirit' - or connected to the Spirit. How this works is just as any other law of nature and science, and can be accomplished by anyone of any faith, and of any moral character. The laws of the natural world know no bias or judgment, and the Spirit is definitely of the natural world. All knowledge and wisdom can be tapped into if one has first, the desire, and be on the right - shall we say, wavelength. Just as I 'pull' wanted information from the source of the Great Spirit, who is the owner and creator of all wisdom and knowledge; another person might be able to 'pull' in an unfamiliar language and speak it well for a period of time. It is not a constant ability usually, but there are many cases when the talent remains with a person indefinitely. In this same manner children, who have never had a piano or music lesson in their lives, are able to sit at the piano and play a complicated Mozart piece perfectly. All knowledge is out there in the universe - even knowledge of languages and music. When connected to the Spirit, one has the ability to 'ask and you shall receive', 'knock and it shall be opened unto you', 'seek and you shall find'. Not all persons experience the same capabilities, however. For example, I have never spoken in tongues - but then I do not have the desire to do so. There are many spokes on a wheel and they come from different points around the circumference of the wheel, but they all lead to the center, or nucleus of the hub; in this case, the center is the Spirit source. It is much easier for children to find this Spirit connection than it is for adults, for they have no preconceptions about their abilities.

36. Q: WOW Betty Rhodes! Your BOOK " Keeper of the Celtic Secrets" is AWESOME!  I am SO glad I ordered it.   I have been reading it  for the past two days between other chores and duties. I can't put it down!  This book along with your web-sites really help to make the understanding more complete.  I am an admirer of your timely reseach, dedication and sacrafice for the information you have on your websites. The information is enlightening!   Would you consider a movie being made of your book?
A: Thank you from the bottom of my heart - I am glad you found my book worthy of your time. I don't actively promote the book, as I am more concerned with setting right what has been wrong for way too long and I can reach more people with this website. Sometimes I get side-tracked in one direction or the other, but hopefully I have my head where it needs to be now, and will do the task I was put here to do - to the best of my ability. A movie??? Perhaps we should wait until after the 2nd book - it will shed a lot more light on what this is all about.

35. Q: The question is being asked by many people, who are the original Israelites.  The book of Deuteronomy chapter 28 gives a clearer picture of who the original Israelites are than any other book in the Bible!  If anyone is truly interested in determining the true identity of the original Israelites, all they need to do is to concentrate on what is written in the book of Deuteronomy Chap.28:68 . So I have a question for you: what group of people, (and you can include ALL 6 Billion plus earthlings), were taken into Slavery in Slave ships, and SOLD as male and female slaves world wide as the Bible says in Deut 28:68? Even if we leave the 400 year time element out (which the Bible states is God's punishment time frame), who are the ONLY PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH THAT THIS HAS TO BE REFERING TO??
A: Usually we don't use one little bitty verse to validate a very large issue as to the identity of the true tribes of Israel. Deuteronomy 28:68 says, "And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you." AND NO MAN SHALL BUY YOU, would rule out black African slaves right there, as they were bought and sold for money and profit. Many races of people were slaves at one time or another - not just black man. This punishment happened to the Jews of antiquity at least twice, one at the fall of the 2nd Temple in 70 CE, and once again after the Rebellion of Bar Cochba. If we study what peoples have prominently been slaves and servants to other nations, we find there are no particular races or people that have been slaves solely based on their skin color or ethnicity. During ancient times every nation had slaves and servants, and these slaves came in all colors, races, nations, and tongues. The Babylonians, Assyrians, Hittites, Egyptians, Indian, Greek, Roman, and yes, the British/Celtic nations all had slavery. As evident from Old Testament Scriptures, slavery was an acceptable institution, a way and means of handling labor and worker shortages, debt payments, a way to punish criminals, and for the best and most efficient use of prisoners of war. Owning servants and slave workers was deemed a 'right' for the ancient Israelite people. This right ordained and blessed by the ancient gods. As per the book of Leviticus, foreigners as 'bonded slaves' were allowed: "As for your male and female slaves who may belong to you, you may buy male and female slaves from the nations all around you. In addition, you may buy slaves from the children of the foreigners who reside with you, and from their families that are with you, whom they have fathered in your land, they may become your property. You may give them as inheritance to your children after you to possess as property. You may enslave them perpetually. However, as for your brothers the Israelites, no man may rule over his brother harshly." Leviticus 25:44 - 46. Many civilizations have been slaves at one time or another. Today most people are slaves and don't even recognize their position. The are in bondage to their false gods and religious worship - to 'Egypt',  to 'Babylon',  to Rome.

We must look at the larger picture when seeking out the identity of the true Israelites. For example, they will at one time, control or own all the'gates' [seaports] along the coastal regions. They will be a great and influential power over the entire earth - a 'super power' nation or group of nations. They will have symbology [see the coat of arms section] that represents the Lion, the Eagle, the star of David, the Bull, and the Unicorn. They will be a blessing to all other nations because of their generosity, patterned after their forefather, Joseph. They will be a people first in line to help disaster victims across the world. Joseph feeds, the rest of the world stands with their hand out to receive. They will leave their mother land to go North West to live not as slaves, but led by the Spirit to a bountiful new homeland - a land their fathers knew not. These people Israel will have an abundance of agriculture and share it with the world in good times and in bad times. They will teach the world to take care of themselves, they will [in their futile attempt] try to bring justice to brutal and hostile nations. The Israelites will possess a powerful military, directed by the hand of God. They are sea-farers. They are a Light unto the Gentiles, bringing knowledge, wisdom, and medical know-how to the less fortunate. They bring forth the 'Law' in the form of a book called the Bible - enabling the entire world to learn of their ancestors, and of the gods who were instumental in creating a habitat for humanity here on earth.  Above all else, the Israelites will have a sense of fairness, justice, altruism, and be loyal seekers of peace for all people and nations. That's what it means to be an Israelite. The Israelites are descendants of the gods - but always remember,  the Great Spirit is Creator of them all.

34. Q: Read your very important prophecy... they steal the birthright away from the true Israelite!!!!  who is the Israel?  The Jewish Nation, who were given the Torah at Sinai. Who stole it from them??  Esau.  Who is Esau/Edom??= ROME. Esau's descendants went to Rome.  Rome and todays western world represent Edom today.  Red refers to the blood of the millions who were killed in the name of the Roman god.
A: These questions probably refer to the article on Esau, found at: In the article I do not mention who Esau is, but give all the identifying prophecies and scriptures that point to Esau's ID. I leave it up to the reader to figure out the answer to protect the young and innocent. Esau has taken back his birthright as 'first born' for a time, but will lose it again to Jacob's descendants.  The name 'Israel' belongs to the descendants of Ephraim, Joseph's son, who are found among those with British-Celtic ancestry. The Jewish Nation did not receive the Torah at Sinai, but rather, all the tribes of Israel received the ten commandments from Moses at that time. The tribe of Judah, sometimes mistaken for modern Judaism, makes up but one tribe out of 12 - 13, when you count Joseph's two sons combined. No one stole the Torah from anyone; King James I of United Great Britain, in 1611, took on the responsibility of printing the King James Bible for all the world to read. Esau's identity becomes quite apparent when reading the entire article at: Rome is not Esau, but some descendants of Esau were in Rome, yes. The religion that came out of Rome, and spread like a flood across the world, does not represent Edom, but it does represent a spiritual 'Babylon'. Things are not what they seem to be at times, there are wrongs that will be made right in the days to come. The color 'red' can represent many things, from bloodlines to sin; from bloodshed to scarlet thread and rope. Red can also represent Edom because of the red lentils - not for red hair like some may have been taught. Esau was hairy, but did not have red hair - but King David did have red hair.

33. Q: When are you going to post more information from the St. John journals? Will you be writing another book?
A: The St. John journals are in a vault in Canada presently because of their condition, handling them causes more damage. I do have some notes taken from them, such as the information I included in the article that I just posted on 'Noah's Sons'. The journals reveals that the names Ham, Shem, and Japheth represent the land masses of Africa, Mesopotamia-Egypt, and Europe-Asia, not the sons of Noah.
I am in the process of putting a 2nd book together presently.

32. Q: My question to you has to do with your last posting at #31. Are you saying that G-d confounded the language at Babel by bringing in other ethnic groups that already spoke different languages? Am I understanding you correctly on this?
A: Yes, this is the pattern that has repeated throughout history and those in power, who are savy enough, utilize this tactic to keep the masses under control. TPTB do not want their subjects to become too strong, too united, and too intelligent to become a threat .
From another viewer:
Regarding diversity in communities:
"It's a human nature problem. We are not comfortable with people who look, act and speak differently. It contributes to loss of social capital."
The term "social capital" was popularized in 2000 by Harvard University sociologist Robert Putnam, whose best-selling book "Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community" noted a drop in the social networks that allow civic engagement to thrive. In a recent study done on community diversity, Putnam found that as the diversity within a community rises, the number of people in that community who vote, volunteer or give to charity falls. The politically incorrect findings have been used as ammunition in the ratcheted-up immigration debate. Several conservative groups have taken a "told-you-so" stance and jumped on his research to seal their own arguments against diversity.
The notion that immigration strengthens society has been the backbone of the American psyche since the term "melting pot" was coined at the turn of the 19th century. After civil rights legislation in the 1960s, racial diversity was considered irrefutably good for America. On the face of it, Putnam's study turns that notion on its head.
"There are big payoffs with immigration, but in the short run our research does show none of us is comfortable with diversity, and we all hunker down like a turtle," Putnam told Source: ABC NEWS

31. Q: The USA and Canada, along with nearly all Caucasian nations, are becoming more diversified in race, even to the extent that the Caucasian race will be a minority in each of these countries before too much long. I would be interested in hearing your opinion as to why our respective governments are vehemently promoting this, and is it prophesied? Thank you for your answer.
A: Remember from the book of Genesis, when the gods came 'down' and confused the languages because they feared that the people were getting too smart for their own good - or for the good of the gods.  In short, the reason our governments are diversifying our white western nations is to drastically weaken the Caucasian - Israelite voice. There is a plan to 'dumb down America' by doing away with everything that made America strong in the first place, and this goes for all the other white nations around the world as well. Governments have never wanted the masses to become too strong - it doesn't serve governments well to allow this to happen. In ancient times, the people could not work together effectively after the confounding of the languages, so their big plans of building a 'tower' that reached the heavens were scrapped. Think about it. The same thing is happening today. By bringing millions of foreign-speaking people into our countries, the governments are confounding our once majority voice, by replacing that strength with such a multi-cultural diversification that the Israelites will be merely a weak minority voice crying out from the flood of foreigners. The Assyrians were famous for implementing their 'dumbing down' policy by mixing conquered peoples with other cultures and races to keep them from organizing a revolt. Was this prophesied? Prophets are good at reading patterns - patterns repeat.
Reader response: Adlai Stevenson in 1952, said:  “The tragedy of our day is the climate of fear in which we live, and fear breeds repression. Too often, sinister threats to the Bill of Rights, to the freedom of the mind, are concealed under the patriotic cloak of anti-communism.”
Today the Bill of Rights is being jeopardized under the cloak of anti-terrorism. It would be much more effective if we just closed our doors to new immigrants and send all illegals packing rather than destroy our original Bill of Rights, but something tells me that TPTB know that. Could it be that their objective is to dissolve our Bill of Rights and thereby dissolve our right to a VOICE as you say? Please tell your readers about the website. Much good information can be had there.

30. Q: I have a question to ask you about your article "Beauty and the Bands". I think your  exegesis on this portion of Zechariah is very penetrating, and its the best i've yet to read on it by anyone. I would like to know if you  would be kind enough to allow me to print that article for my own personal study. I do not wish to pass it around, or use it in any other way other than what is stated above. Look forward to answer. Thanks for your time.
A: This answer applies to anyone wishing to print off material from the red-thread website. Anything on my website may be printed off and used for study purposes. The only 'string' I would attach to that statement is that you make note of where you found the material and properly give credit. If you have a website you may use a link to any of my articles as well.

29. Q: Can you tell me who the Picts were?
A: The name 'pict' means 'painted' and comes from the word 'picti'. They painted themselves blue before going into battle to make themselves more fierce looking to their enemies, on the same order that native Americans applied 'war paint' before entering battle. The Romans called these people 'Picts'; the Irish called them 'Cruithni'; the Welsh called them 'Prydyn'. The Isles and the people were referred to by the Greek and Romans as 'Prettan-ikē', which is pronounced pretty close to the Welsh term, 'Prydyn' if you remove the 'ike'. Prydyn later became Breton, and today Britain. No matter the circumstances of the name change, the outcome is 'Bret' and means 'covenant' people [Hebrew 'bereth'].
The Picts are said to come into the Isles from the North prior to Roman Caesar's time, and swords and spears have been found that belonged to the early Picts as early as 600 BCE. These people left numerous drawings and other artwork differing greatly from Celtic or Gallic art, and were more comparable with Babylonian or Assyrian art.

The Romans were one and the same as the ancient Assyrians, who captured Babylon, thereby releasing the enslaved of Judah that remained [alive] in Babylonia. It is my opinion, that the Picts were originally from the tribe of Judah that were released from Babylon by Assyrian forces. The Neo-Assyrian Empire ended in 612 BCE and a few years later the Kingdom of Rome was born. Why the Picts traveled the coast northward around the Isles, from the Mediterranean, entering the Isles via northern Scotland, was probably due to the fact that they heard that Jeremiah had, after the Babylonians captured Jerusalem, taken the remnant Judah [women, elderly, the young], to the northern Isles. The 'Picts' traveled north to the land they figured Jeremiah went 70+ years earlier, however, instead of stopping in Ireland they continued further north along the coastline until they reached northern Scotland. The Picts painted themselves blue [the inference of 'blue-blood' from Judah]??? They filtered down throughout Scotland and mixed with the Celtic peoples. In this manner these people, once known as Picts, were actually from Judah, and are today part and parcel of Scotland. Judah's people came in two waves into the Isles, first with Jeremiah bringing the remnant Judah [not known how long afterward, but at least 70 years or more, came the Babylonian prisoners - the freed of Judah, called by Caesar, the 'Picts'. The Celts may have called these people 'Cruithni' from the Hebrew word, 'Kuwthah', which was a place from which king Sargon of Assyria imported colonists into the kingdom of Judah; probably a location approx 20 miles northeast of Babylon. When all is said and done - the Picts are from Judah.

28. Q: I've read on the red thread site and there is good information there.  However, I was wondering if you had any information on the Ark of the Covenant being in America?  It would seem if you read the old English Bards that Tea Tephi has writings of Jeremiah parting to the land to the west of the British Isles to plant the Ark of the Covenant.  The legend says that he went up the Mississippi river to the blue ridge mountains, in the crystal caves and placed the ark.  Do you think this is why Arkansas could be named Ark-an-sas?  The Indians there is where they got the name Arkansas has legends about Olam and who do you think was called Olam in Britain but Jeremiah.  I think if anyone would do extensive research into this you would see a connection here.  Look at the Arkansas state flag and what do you see?  I think there is 25 or 24 white stars around 4 stars that surround the ark-an-sas, in a diamond, get it?  The Picketts live all around this area and are said to be descended from the Picts of Scotland.  They painted themselves blue to carry the ark that itself was covered with a blue veil.  And what about the papers that Jeremiah buried around Jerusalem. Well, we have the stone of destiny being planted with the little princesses of Judah in the British Isles and the ark going to America, could Jeremiah have also brought with him the papers that he buried?
A: While all of the above seems to paint a nice story, I have never heard that the Ark went to America and do not believe that it did. It would have taken Jeremiah decades to travel from Egypt to Ireland, across the Atlantic Ocean to America, across the vast wilderness to Arkansas - and who knows what the river system would have been at that time, as this would have been around 600 BCE + or -. The land of America would have been so heavily forested at that time that traversing for thousands of miles to the land, which would later become the state of Arkansas, with the Ark, would have been quite impossible. The story of Olam in Britain was, without a doubt, told to the Indians by early missionaries. If you look at the 1880 US Census, there are no more Picketts living in Arkansas than there were any other state, and perhaps even less so. While the name Pickett is English, spelling variations of this family name include: Pigott, Piggot, Piggett, Piggott, Piggot, Pigot, Pico, and were first found in Virginia. The name Arkansas is a French pronunciation of a Quapaw word meaning land of downriver people. The pronunciation "arkansaw" was made official by an act of the state legislature in 1881.
The Ark of the Covenant was either left in Egypt, or is in Ireland to this very day.

27. Q: This is an astrology question.... we are in australia...victoria...... On the 27th of august , after 12.30pm , if the sky's are clear..we are going experience, planet mars And it will look like 2 moons, it will be 34.65 millions miles from earth.... the next time will be in 2287. Also the planets will be the brightest ever..
We are told it will look like 2 moons... will the USA see this also......... does anyone have info on this.
A:  "Mars did make a close approach to Earth four years ago with optimum visibility on August 27, 2003. But Mars only appeared the size of a full moon if you were observing it with a 75-power magnification; the information about needing a telescope to see Mars at this size was carelessly dropped when the report was reproduced, and the inaccurate version has reappeared every summer since then."  from Internet source

26. Q: What is your opinion of the US president Geo Bush forcing democracy on the Arab world? Do you agree with him?
A: It is the duty and requirement of the Israelite nations to bring peace, prosperity, justice, serenity, and success to the entire world - in other words bring forth a state of Shiloh (for definition of Shiloh - see #15). However, the Israelite nations, such as America and Great Britain, Russia, Germany, France, Canada, as well as others, MUST establish a state of Shiloh amongst themselves FIRST, and be successful with the development. After the Israelites have obtained a state of Shiloh, then and only then, will it filter out onto all the other nations. Christians have fooled themselves into thinking some knight in shining Armour is going to do all of this for them, but they have had the power to reach a state of Shiloh since day one but have been lulled to sleep in a state of denial. They owe it to the world to reach this state of harmony.
There is an Irish song that goes something like this; "When Irish hearts are happy, all the world seems bright and gay", but when Irish eyes are crying, the whole world cries with you."
This goes double for the Israelites - when they are doing good, the entire world benefits, but when they are in a state of confusion and turmoil, the entire world will be in a state of confusion and turmoil. It is quite necessary for the Israelites to hate evil and love good while establishing judgment, doing justice and judgment, but it is also necessary to have happiness and peace as a state of mind amongst all Israelite peoples. This means that Scotland and England must consider themselves ONE and be happy for the union, all of Ireland will work toward harmony and peace; France will love all Israelite nations as they love themselves; Russian will work as a team with America as a united people with connecting family ties that go back to Jacob. If we can't establish this harmony and love for each other - how can we teach the world to sing?

25. Q: I would like to know more about the two sticks that form one stick in the book of Ezekiel.
A: This question is in reference to the two sticks in Ezekiel chapter 37. Pictured at right are the two sticks. First, they are separate, and then the two sticks [the crosses on the flags] have joined together. Notice the + becomes superimposed on the x making the two one symbol. Strong's Concordance for STICKS #6086 `ets {ates} is tree, wood, timber, stick, gallows, staff, stock, branches, helve, planks, stalks. Now look at the flags - what do you see? Crosses - yes, that is right - they symbolize wooden crosses cut from a tree. Ezekiel's sticks are the crosses seen on Great Britain's flag. Please read the following article:
Isaiah 11:13: THE JEALOUSY OF EPHRAIM [Anglo-Saxon England] SHALL DEPART, AND THOSE WHO HARASS JUDAH [Celtic-Scottish] SHALL BE CUT OFF; EPHRAIM [England] SHALL NOT BE JEALOUS OF JUDAH [Scotland], AND JUDAH [Scotland] SHALL NOT HARASS EPHRAIM [England]. Scotland and England [inferring the Celtic and Anglo Saxons must 'GET OVER IT'. Unification was prophesied and is a good thing. What makes these sticks identifiable? They symbolize the cross where Jesus died - the cross of wood from trees!
flag of scotland

flag of england

flag of great britain

24. Q: Would you give me biblical indication of the new homeland for the Israelite people to show a land other than Palestine? I believe you when you say America and other countries were given to the chosen people but where does it indicate this in scripture? Please post answer for others to read as I'am sure I'am not the only one wondering this.
A: The Israelites were promised by the Elohiym, a land of their own from which they would never have to move, unless they choose to leave - a land unknown to their fathers. A place where the throne of David, through his seed, would reign forever.
"Moreover I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own, and move no more; neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them any more, as beforetime, And as since the time that I commanded judges to be over my people Israel, and have caused thee to rest from all thine enemies. Also the LORD telleth thee that he will make thee an house. And when thy days be fulfilled, and thou shalt sleep with thy fathers, I will set up thy seed after thee, which shall proceed out of thy bowels, and I will establish his kingdom. He shall build an house for my name, and I will stablish the throne of his kingdom for ever. I will be his father, and he shall be my son. If he commit iniquity, I will chasten him with the rod of men, and with the stripes of the children of men: But my mercy shall not depart away from him, as I took it from Saul, whom I put away before thee. And thine house and thy kingdom shall be established for ever before thee: thy throne shall be established for ever. II Samuel 7: 10-16
The Lord speaking to David above  - written around 1042 BCE. The Israelites were already in the land of Palestine when this prophecy came to David, so this was foretelling a time many years in the future of a new land. David's seed [descendants] would continue his throne for all time. This prophecy tells of a new place where the Lord would 'PLANT' [by Jeremiah] the Israelites.  If we look at Isaiah, chapter 49, written about  712 BCE, we see that the Israelites had been relocated to their new homeland - in the Isles [of Great Britain].
Isa 49:1 "Listen, O isles, unto me; and hearken, ye people, from far... Thou art my servant, O Israel, in whom I will be glorified."
When Jeremiah 'planted' the remnant of Judah in the Isles, they joined the Israelites who were already there. This land would always remain the homeland for the Israelites, from which they branched out in all directions. The tribe of Joseph was so numerous that it overflowed the land of the Isles, so they set sail for America and Canada and claimed this land for their own as well, while always referring to the British Isles as their 'mother land'. Many other European countries, as well as other lands also belong to the Israelites today. See article: for these locations.

23. Q: I find your answers to questions quite amazing, are you a person of the cloth? As a Baptist minister I find myself in anticipation of your next answers to questions. Bless you for your work.
A: No, I am not a minister nor a clergy member, I am merely a female voice calling out from the wilderness. My answers come from the Great Spirit, and I write from the Spirit. I do not worship any god or God, I revere only the "Holy Ghost", whom I refer to as the Great Spirit Creator.

22. Q: Who are the group of 144.000 mentioned in the last book of the Bible - do you have any idea of them. This book is said to be written by John the apostle, what is your opinion of who this John is. Thank you for your reply.
A: The 144,00 from the tribes of Israel are, in order of verse; 12,000  from each of the following: Scotland, France, Russia, Latvia, Norway, England, Ireland, Wales, Manx, Cornwall, America, Sweden. Whether this means 12,000 from each country, or 12,000 from the descendants [no matter where they are living during the sealing process] I do not know. One may ask why Dan is missing - Dan is Germany  - perhaps Dan is at odds with the other tribes, such as during WWII - when the sealing took place. The descendants of Dan will be counted among the multitudes who stand before the throne with the others.
The book was written by John, but not the beloved disciple of Jesus, but rather, the author of the last book of the bible was written by Mary Magdalene from Patmos, where she was taken for safety reasons. The name 'Patmos' means 'the killing'. It was John the son of Jesus who was given credit for writing the book of Revelation.

21. Q: Is America the Babylon mentioned in the book of Revelations and do you think this [America] is the seat of Satan?
A: I do NOT think America as a nation of people are evil, nor does America represent Babylon. One must consider what is good, what is right, just, and decent. Are the Americans the ones with evil, anger, and hatred in their hearts? Or are the Americans the nation that seeks peace, justice, democracy, and freedom for all peoples? How can a country who seeks freedom for all peoples be evil? The problem with America is they are too generous for their own good. They give away all their blessings, open their hearts and doors to their worst enemies, spend all their resources on hopeless causes just because they feel it is right, and fail to look out for themselves. Modern 'Babylon' represents a nation who has a ruler that compares with King Nebuchadnezzar; a religion that adheres to old Babylonian traditions - one that does not recognize the Great Spirit Creator, but instead partakes in god-worship. The 'Babylon' mentioned in the book of Revelations was referring the the 'unHoly Roman Empire and the religion that came out of that era. To better determine what nation or religion is Babylon, it is wise to discern the difference  between good and evil, please refer to my G/E chart: to refresh your memory.

20. Q: What is your thoughts on the Talmud, Judaism, and the Khazars?  Thank you in advance for your reply. 
A: I will answer this without going into great detail here. The Talmud came out of Babylon by people who were not even Israelite or descendants of Judah. From what I have read of it - it is not a book I would be proud of, nor would I want a copy in my home. The Talmud was brought out of Babylon by the Sephardi 'Jews' who were not really descendants of Judah either. These are the 'Jews' Jesus rebuked. The majority of 'Jews' today are made up of Khazars, who were not Israelites, but rather, they were the same as the Turks. I believe the Khazars were descendants of Esau, who intended on reclaiming their birthright from the descendants of Jacob. Judaism is not an Israelite religion. True Israelites should never, never, convert to Judaism. If one just has to have a religion, then  it is best to remain Christian until all truth is revealed.

19. Q: There is much to-do across the Internet, especially by David Icke and others about there being a race of people called the reptilian humanoids or an amphibian race have you heard of this and your view point please.
A: The idea of reptilian humanoids is fiction. The misinterpreted meaning of the word 'serpent' from the Garden of Eden is how these erroneous stories gravitated and spread around the world like any other fantastic yarn. I don't care if it is in the Bible - there are a lot of things in the Bible that aren't literally true. Have you ever seen a Unicorn? They are in the Bible too. There are two Hebrew words that are identical in spelling - see for yourself:
1) Nachash {naw-khawsh'}, which does mean a serpent, snake, or even an image or carving of a serpent.
2) Nachash {naw-khash'} one of great wisdom, enchanter, learned by experience, diligently observes, practicing divination, diviner, one who prays to unseen gods, observer of signs, learn by experience, fortunetelling, take as an omen,  to observe the signs or omens.

You tell me which of the two Nachash [listed above] can speak a language that would be understood by Eve? Early interpreters were mind set on just one 'god' so the voice of controversy [to EL] must have been a serpent. Fact is, there were two 'gods' in the Garden at that time, EL and his brother, Enki - they didn't get along. Those dueling brothers started in Eden folks.
These two words look identical but have two completely different meanings. The 'serpent' in the Sumerian Garden of Eden was the brother of EL - his name was Enki. Enki was a scientist who used a copper snake wrapped around a pole [to symbolize DNA no doubt]. From this initial misinterpretation came thousands of bizarre legends about talking serpents, fire-eating dragons and the like. Serpents that talked can be added to the same category as mermaids, winged serpents, werewolves, vampires, unicorns, fire-breathing dragons, bigfoot, Loch Ness sea creatures, sasquatch,
gnomes, fairies, ghosts, centaurs, leprechauns, phoenix, zombies, gryphons, trolls, demons. Everybody likes a good story but using logic, reasoning, and common sense tells us that serpents don't speak languages and they don't cross breed with humans - they are fictitious.

18. Q: I have the sense that you are really trying to bring great truths to the forefront but I am a little confused. My question to you is this, is the spirit creator and the Elohim same person? Also is the great spirit the same as the Holy Ghost of the New Testament Bible? And who is God and who is father of Jesus?
A: The Great Spirit Creator is not the same as the Elohiym gods. The Great Spirit is [remotely] likened unto 'Mother Nature'. Can you harness the wind, control gravity, change the laws of physics and nature, alter the electro-magnetic spectrum, or stop the lightning? The Great Spirit is the wisdom behind the workings and laws of science, in other words, the Great Spirit Creator is above all creation and all beings, including the ancient gods who walked and talked amongst our ancestors and were called lords. All religions, and the worship of gods, stem from the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian gods of old.
Jesus was a prophet and teacher who tried to set the record straight on just why we were here on this earth, but his message was grossly altered. Jesus may or may not be a son of one of the Elohiym. That legend may have been added by 'Rome' to make Jesus more divine and sacred - all the better to gain control and power for Rome. Religions did this very thing prior to Rome as well, to set themselves up as being heavenly divine. They wished to set their throne above that of the Creator Spirit, and the masses have allowed them to do just that. There have been dozens of virgin mothers having divine babies, children of the gods. These children may be the sons and daughters of the Elohiym, but there were NOT the children of the Great Spirit Creator.
The Elohiym 'gods' manipulated DNA of the evolved creators that were living upon the earth, thousands of years ago, 'creating' the Adams, using DNA from these earthlings, and by mixing their own DNA, they created the hybrid Adams and Eves. These Elohiym were scientists likened unto today's scientists - only much more advanced of course. Modern scientists  - are they gods because they clone creatures and create test tube babies - should we worship modern scientists as gods? I think not.

The word 'god' in the Old Testament is #430 in Strong's Concordance and in Hebrew, it is elohiym {el-o-heem'}, it is a plural word indicating 'gods' and is used over 2600 times in the Old Testament. Elohiym is plural for Elowah - which is singular for god. The singular word for god is used only 57 times in the Old Testament. The word Elohiym means Gods,  judges, goddesses, great ones, the mighty, angels, exceeding powerful, rulers, divine ones, godlike ones. If it were in their vocabulary a few thousand years ago, they may have called these 'gods' SPACE TRAVELERS from the Heavens instead of gods from the heavens.
Gods are not the same as the Great Spirit Creator. The word 'god' is a title much the same as the word 'government', or the 'feds'. The Elohiym was the reigning political party in their home in the heavens at the time.
The Holy Ghost is the same as the Great Spirit, and Jesus said that the greatest sin of all is to deny the Holy Ghost, for he knew that the Great Spirit was above ALL things. Rome wanted a religion to fill the void of something they had previously lost. They wanted something greater in fact, a religion that would take over the entire world, and they would hold the reins. Therefore, they created a religion based on a mere three years of the life of Jesus to suit their own purposes and intents - this is a great travesty. Read 'Who is our Creator'.

17. Q: Are the Jews not 'Judah'?
A: Logical question and one I expected above all others. I will first allow the Bible to answer this question.
"I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee."
source: Book of Revelations
I believe that today's Jews are made up of part Israelite, part Ishmael, and part Esau. Read article on 'Identifying Esau' and you tell me.

16. Q: Are you a Christian or not?
A: I do not belong to any organized religion and do not believe in such institutions. My faith is in the GREAT SPIRIT CREATOR, who is above all things and all persons, including the Elohiym. I believe that Jesus was a great prophet and teacher inspired by the Great Spirit to guide us to the truth, steering us away from these tired old religions and useless traditions, but he was grossly misrepresented. People who did believe in his teachings were all tortured and killed, and the message that he was teaching was distorted and altered to suit Rome at the time. See article on 'Beauty and the Bands'.

15. Q: If you believe love, peace, and tranquility is to come to the Israelites, and to the rest of the world too, how can Judah and Ephraim be involved in war - at the neck of their enemies throughout history and even today?
A: There is a time for war and a time for peace. Such as the CONQUEST of Canaan by Joshua, once the enemies of 'Israel' have been subdued, then and only then, will SHILOH come. Shiloh, meaning prosperity, peace, tranquility, and happiness. This state of 'Shiloh' can only be reached when we, as a united [Hebrew] people, learn the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. See G-E chart.

14. Q: Do you think you are a prophetess or what?
A: Again, I will let the Bible answer this question.
"And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon ALL flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:  And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit. And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke."  Joel 2:28-30

13. Q: Do you think Ephraim's blessings will be taken from them if they do not follow the biblical law of God? This is what Armstrong taught.
A: The Elohiym gods still maintain a powerful influence over our daily lives today. In spite of their immorality and mortality, they are our ancestors, 'for is it not said, that we are all gods?', and for this reason they had/have a special kinship with the Hebrew people. Today, we can see how speedily our material blessings, once bestowed upon us by the Elohiym, are eroding - but primarily we are doing it to ourselves. We are not using logic, reasoning, and common sense in all things, and we are not discerning between right and wrong, which we are surely capable of, for these are gifts from the GREAT SPIRIT CREATOR. We are not seeking to preserve our material blessings, but merely giving them away as if we were bored with them. We claim to know the Holy Spirit Creator, but deny the power thereof.

12. Q: How can you believe in astrology when the bible condemns it?
A: The Creator created the patterns, cycles, and ordinances of the stars and planets to be signs and rulers of things upon the Earth and in our Universe. Bad men, because they wanted to promote only their man-made religions - and not truth, are the ones who put the taboo on the logical science of the stars. This may explain why the Kabbalah does acknowledge astrology.  The Kabbalah was originally 'saved' just for priests, and not intended for the public to know. This science was set in motion by the Creator and is nothing more than cycles and predictable seasons, signs and patterns - why would any logical person find this realm of science taboo, when these same people allow garbage to enter their homes on a daily basis via the television. Read my article on the subject of Astrology.

11. Q: Where have you been for months, we missed you?
A: Thank you. Family matters kept me busy for a time [May - August], but perhaps I needed the break more than I realized.  I am back now and plan to pursue my mission full steam ahead while I am able to do so. My 'mission' is to enlighten the masses by bringing forth truths.

10. Q: Who do you pray to?
A: I pray to the Holy Spirit, Creator of all things. When praying in Thanksgiving, I pray to the Great Spirit Creator. When praying for assistance and answers, I pray to the Great Spirit Creator. When praying for protection from my enemies, I pray to the Great Spirit Creator.  See article on 'The Art of Effective Prayer

9. Q: Are you involved in witchcraft or wizardry at all?
A: No not at all. These things are the imagination of some, but I DO NOT practice or adhere to these things. There can be good and or bad things accomplished via wizardry, but I do not  partake of its practices. Nearly all of my 'prophecies' and visions come from dreams. The Spirit of Creation inspires me as to what is true and what is not truth, and I try to utilize a BIG helping of LOGIC, REASONING, AND COMMON SENSE in everything else.

8. Q: I read where you say you believe in Jesus as a great teacher but not in the Christian church. Are you suggesting that people leave the church?
A: No, I do not suggest that unless you feel strong enough to stand on solid ground, with enough faith in the Holy Spirit to guide you. Christian people have come a long way since the days of the un-Holy Roman Church and I do give them credit for the desire for truth and peace for all peoples. If one does not have a strong enough constitution to stand alone on the principles of the Spirit Creator, then generally speaking, Christianity is the next best thing to obtain Shiloh, meaning peace. Protestant Christianity may be the very instrument in which peace can be obtained for the entire world, but only if we do not forget that the Great Spirit Creator is over and above all else.

7. Q: Do you believe in Zionism? Should the Jews be in the state of Israel?
A: It was once said, 'Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's', I say now, Render unto Ishmael that which is Ishmael's. I believe the middle-eastern countries belong to the Arab races of peoples - it is their heritage as descendants of Ishmael. True Israelites don't need the land, nor are they inspired to live there, as they were given a new homeland - a land that they would never have to leave, as we see in the British Isles, America, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Russia, Europe, etc. For the land of Palestine there will not be any peace unless it first comes to fruition in the western Hebraic nations. True peace will be initiated by the Scottish blooded peoples - from the throne of David, or by the descendants thereof of these people. Today's Jews are made up of part Israelite, part Ishmael, and part Esau, some can claim an inheritance to the middle-east, some cannot.

6. Q: What about the thought that Christians and Jews alike need to get back to the original laws and practices of the old testament?
A: Here is where a very large heaping of LOGIC, REASONING, AND COMMON SENSE goes a long way. Much of the OT was written of the life and time when the Elohiym 'gods' were at war with each other. YHWH was a warrior-god and the OT has much to do about his wars and lands that he conquered by using the Israelites to do his bidding. What was written depended upon which Lord was speaking to our ancient ancestors at the time - usually it was EL or YHWH, but others are also implied. The traditions, practices, and laws were mainly set up to worship, serve, and pay tribute to these particular Lords, and had nothing whatsoever to do with the Holy Spirit Creator who is greater than all these things, including the Lords. However, some laws were given to benefit mankind as a whole when followed.
The True SPIRIT CREATOR will be pleased tremendously when we have allowed SHILOH to happen, which is to say, when tranquility, happiness, joy, prosperity, serenity, and peace for all is brought to successful fruition.

5. Q: Let me kindly ask You one question... As far as I understood You do believe that in a soon time will be rise the man who will re-unite all House of Isra'EL and shall be its great Emperor?
A: Yes, I do feel this is to occur in the very near future. This man, or could be a woman, would be from the royal line of King David, with Celtic ancestry - Scottish predominantly, and have a prominent seat of authority from which to preform this task. Ephraim and Judah have been reunited under King James I in 1605, as I believe, however, the union of all 12+ tribes must also take place - incorporating all Israelites [Hebrews] in one body, mind, and spirit. With this renewed united bond, these people will stand together to subdue their enemies and be victorious. A house divided cannot stand. Then, and only then, will they see Shiloh.

4. Q: Another word for 'the state of Shiloh' as you mention, could be the connection of love. Dr. Leonard Laskow in his book, "Healing With Love", says love "is the impulse toward unity, nonseparation, and wholeness.  While love can take many forms, its essence is relatedness." The opposite of love, Laskow believes, isn't "hate" but separation. How would Shiloh work to bring peace to the world if we, as Israelites, see ourselves as separate from say, Ishmael?
A: Human beings exist in a living world of unlike and unrelated creatures, patterns, and cycles of existence. While love is important when dealing with one's spouse, family members, and close friends; obtaining world peace does not require we love all things and all people. Nor does it require that we all become one people in culture, dress, mannerism, and way of life under one government.
What is needed above all else, is acceptance. We must ALLOW others to be different - not insist that we all become the same in thought, dress, mannerism, and belief. We do not need to mix all the races into one homogenized vat of grayness - what a dull world that would be for sure.
We are all different and it should remain that way. Homogenizing humanity causes the cultures to lose their individual identity and beauty - this is best left alone. All races were given a special location of the world in which to prosper and grow - because that location was beneficial for these particular peoples. It is like taking the kangaroo out of Australia and placing them in Pennsylvania. This would not only upset the eco-system of Pennsylvania, but also cause a negative reaction to Australia as well. Look how the 'killer bees' are terrorizing North America, once taken out of Africa. To take a race of people out of their intended native lands only causes an imbalance of harmonic rhythms within the spectrum of life for everyone on the planet. No amount of love can overcome that wrong.
Your words of unity, non separation, and wholeness disturbs me, as it would eventually lead to that homogenized vat of grayness with no diversity or natural beauty and would cause, for certain, an imbalance in nature - as we are now seeing.
All nature must be balanced and in harmony to have Shiloh, but it doesn't mean homogenization. Healing comes with acceptance and living in the location that the Creator intended for our particular race of people. This is why I believe true Israelites need to get out of the middle-east and accept their new homeland. The middle-east is best suited for the Arabs. To remain in the state of 'Israel' in my mind, is to say one is accepting the Arab way of life and turning down the blessings bestowed upon Jacob.

3. Q: Being Scots-Irish I want to learn more about my Israelite heredity. Could you tell me where the best place is to start this learning process?
A: 1)  I would suggest you look over the articles on the Red-Thread website; which gives a basic understanding of where the tribes are to be found, but not an in depth profile of them by any means.
2) A turn of the century writer published: Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright (1902), by Rev. J. H. Allen, it can be found right here on this website in it's entirety.
3)  Also read Armstrong's work:  "The United States and Britain in Prophecy (1967), by Herbert W. Armstrong.
4)  Yair Davidiy, co-founder of Brit-Am has done extensive research on various tribal identification and has much to offer as well.

While I am not in total agreement with the above writers on all things, much can be learned from them nevertheless.

2. Q: What do you think of the Da Vinci Code book?
A: Dan Brown's book, 'The Da Vinci Code', was written as a book of FICTION. However, I do think it is a good thing to get people thinking - if it takes a book of fiction to accomplish that, then it has done a good service. If you are asking, 'was Jesus married', then I would answer - why wouldn't he have been married?  Afterall, the first commandment in the Bible is, 'be fruitful and multiply', and Jesus was raised a religious man. There was no requirement at the time that would have prevented him from getting married and having children, so yes, more than likely, Jesus was married and probably to Mary Magdalene. One must remember, as it is written, Jesus' mission of teaching and traveling with his disciples only lasted for 3 years, from age 30 - 33. What's to say that from age 20 - 30 that he wasn't married and having children? The only voice opposed to that thought is the Vatican - who would also have been the ones to suppress this knowledge. Why would they suppress this? Because if there were children of Jesus, they would naturally receive all the glory and recognition - not in the best interest of Rome at the time, and we all know how TPTB likes to suppress data. [Read also Q # 22 above].

1. Q: Are we seeing the 'last days' in our lifetime?
A: Yes, all natural occurrences considered, it does appear to be the time of 'end times', as prophesied. End of times, meaning the end of an Age - end of a cycle. 'Last Day' prophecies, when they refer to natural disasters such as earthquakes, meteorites crashing to the earth, extreme weather patterns, floods, famines, celestial changes, earth tilts, etc., are all easily predicted when one knows the cause and cycle of events that have occurred in the past. Every 3600 years [a time, times, and half a time], just like clock work, a large red planet enters our solar system [called Nibiru, which is actually named Hibiru], and the orbit of this planet has always created havoc in our solar system, as well as on the earth. The huge asteroid belt that exists between Mars and Jupiter is evidence of one such orbit; the Great Flood was another event from such an orbit. The Dead Sea and Sodom & Gomorrah could have been victims of this intrusive planet as well. The ancient 'Lords' liked to take credit for these disasters to make themselves look powerful, but thank goodness we are much more inclined to use LOGIC, REASONING, and GOOD OLD COMMON SENSE, today.
Relating to prophecies such as the 'Jews' returning to Israel, etc., when prophecies involve people, these predictions can be forced to happen, in order to prove one's legitimacy, and are very unreliable upon which to gage the truth of the matter. People have the tendency to act upon the power of suggestion.

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