September 24, 2006
Unveiling Newsletter # 14

       We have finally settled down for the time being, as most of you know, my husband and I travel around the country, and hopefully, will remain at present location for a few months longer before heading to Florida for the winter. Thanks for being patient with me, and with my slow response to emails that were sent. - Betty

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      Someone wrote asking for my opinion on 'heaven and hell'. This article will cover these two subjects, for they most assuredly will eventually find their way into just about everybody's mind at one time or the other during their lifetime on this planet.

       First, let me say that if there is a 'heaven' and a 'hell', then there must be a 'third', or middle ground, which we presently occupy as well - assuming that neither of us are presently in heaven or hell.  We all have an idea of where heaven isn't and have a dream of what we would like it to be; likewise we all know that hell is a place that we do not want to visit - not even for a little while. The mystery then, becomes - where is this middle ground - the place between heaven and hell, which we ultimately must experience to reach either of these two outer-most locations of extremity.

     The middle ground is a Training Ground where much wisdom gained through learning, becomes stored and sorted into various degrees of knowledge categories, which ultimately assist our growth as a spirit-creature. Here we learn what information to keep, and that which belongs in a lower level of existence and should be immediately discarded. In this training ground, the gathering of experiences, both easy and difficult, takes place, nearly on a daily basis. We learn from these experiences, and ultimately make better, sounder, judgments on how to deal with life in the future.

     Most people, while in this Training ground called life, prevail over the darker forces of evil [hell], where murderers, rapists, three-time losers, and ruthless dictators reside. Staying out of this 'Hell' comes easy for most people - when everything is going smoothly, however, many do find themselves unwilling, or unable to overcome the emotions of their 'lower animal self', and consequently give in to the ugly 'demons' of hate, anger, revenge, jealously, and bitterness. These emotional 'demons' can easily turn a seemingly normal person into a raving lunatic that can find him/her self in Hell, if allowed to enact upon such demonic powers of darkness. Hell is the negative force opposite of Love and Creativitiy, and  is the furthest place from Heaven.

     Heaven, aka ‘the kingdom of heaven’, encompasses the total essence of harmony, benevolence, and creativity. See: Good-Evil or Light-Darkness-table.html and the column on ‘the Spirit of Light’ for a complete list of Creative energies. Once obtained, through many lifetimes spent in the Training Ground, the accomplished Ascender becomes a Creative person who feels alive within his/her own soul - so much so, in fact, that external stimulus from the material world is not needed. This person has a strong sense of self and is independent in the truest sense, and is often seen as rebellious, untraditional, or revolutionary, when it comes to presenting facts to a society, which has kept its victims in darkness for years upon end. There is no need for the Creative person to cling to material things, or to other people for fulfillment because for the Creative person, their cup runneth over in all things deemed important to them. Power struggles are non-existent in the life of a Creative person, and he/she sees stumbling blocks and problems as challenges, and will thrust ahead where others put up big red stop signs.  A Creative person, about to enter the utmost realms of progression into the ‘real’ kingdom of heaven, never manipulates or deceives another, nor do they hold another soul back from progressing - they take charge of their own destiny outright and with great enthusiasm. Above all, a Creative person never censors him/her self, nor do they care what others say or think, for they see themselves as leaders, and insist on remaining way out ahead of the crowd, like any good scout - they make poor followers.

     The exact opposite of a Creative person, who has reached the highest point in the Training Ground, is the Destructive person who wants nothing more than to destroy Creative people. The Destructive person, by comparison, requires much external stimulus to feel alive, as he/she is unable to create on their own - they become takers and users. They are brain-dead without a world of objects and other people, as their life loses all meaning when circumstances force them to be alone. The Destructive person cannot bear to see others happy when they are not, so they strive to tear down the enthusiasm of Creative people. Destructive people are ambitious, competitive, manipulative, hypocritical, immoral, and feel a great sense of accomplishment from the loss and ruin of their victims, especially when they have done the dirty deed of bringing others down. They are abusers who destroy beauty, creativity, trust, and everything that they cannot control. Their biggest trait is fear, which triggers an array of emotions that ripple out amongst their environment touching all persons who enter their world. They often seek out a cause and thrust themselves into this cause to avoid responsibility, and when this cause goes hay-wire, the Destructive person becomes depressed, suicidal, and aggressive, hurting especially those who love them most. Held sacred to the Destructive person, is his own image, his own success, his material possessions, and his ability to destroy others. This person, without realizing it, has created his own Hell.


     The pattern for all three locations - heaven, training ground, and hell, has been given to us numerous times, throughout ancient writings, scriptures, and historical and archaeological evidences. The most famous one being Solomon's Temple, which consisted of the pattern for these three locations.

Highest of Holiness: The pattern for Heaven was the Highest of Holiness, called the Debir - which, when unscrambled spells 'Bride'.  This was the inner-most room, an oracle in the temple shrine where only the High Priest would, or could attend, as this place was much too holy for the common person to be admitted therein. Placed in this shrine room was the Ark of the Covenant, and it was said that this was the dwelling place of God. There was a Blue veil, reflecting the 'heavens' that separated the Debir from the other two locations - the training ground and hell. This room was overlaid with gold to show the purity of importance for which it was constructed.

Next Holy Place, which implies two words: Yakowl, which spells 'way', 'walk', 'oak' [as in sturdiness], and Hekal, which spells 'heal' for healing the souls of men and women. This was the main hall of Solomon's
Great Temple pattern - this great room was open to all who 'sacrificed' at the altar of 'ego', and wished to 'walk' the 'way' to higher levels. The word 'Yakowl' means to prevail, overcome, endure, have power, to have the strength of an 'oak', become victor against all the evils of the lower level, aka hell. This area is the middle ground where most people stand today, at some degree more or less. Some stand closer to the Blue Veil [entrance to 'Heaven'], and some insist on remaining closer to the outer edges of 'Hell'.  Each individual soul, or person, can choose where to 'walk' and when to progress upward along the way of life.

Porch Area - Ulam - which spells 'lamb' as in 'sacrificial lamb'- this was the porch or entryway, suggesting that we enter into this world through this porch [hell], which may capture the meaning of being 'born in sin'. The Porch area represents the pattern of all things physical, material, and animal-like - the Ego. Here stood the altars of 'bloody sacrifices', where young souls would learn, through experience and knowledge, that destructive actions, and reactions, would only keep their souls chained to the torrents of hell - usually of their own making. To ensure their release from these strangling bonds, they must 'sacrifice' [see link below on 'meaning of sacrifices.html'], those 'animal' traits and characteristics that were keeping them from rising to meet the 'kingdom of heaven'. Many souls never make it out of this area, aka Hell, for they give in to the forces of darkness. To determine what the forces of darkness entail, see the chart on 'light-vs-darkness table' at:

     This physical temple, erected by Solomon, was many times pillaged during the course of its history, and then finally it was destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. He burned the temple, and carried away all its material treasures with him to Babylon. Many of the sacred vessels were later restored to the Jews, but the meaning of the temple pattern has remained elusive. The teacher, known as Jesus, made a sincere attempt to reveal this pattern, but spiritual Babylon made sure that this teacher was over-ruled. The ancient nation of Babylon destroyed the physical temple pattern, and 'spiritual' Babylon has done much to destroy the spiritual pattern, but alas, not even the gates of hell can prevail against the patterns set forth by the Creator of all things. The pattern still prevails, as it is part and parcel of life, nature, and the science of whom and what we are all about.  Yes, Virginia, there is a Heaven, Hell, and a third place, called Life - which is the Training Ground for all Souls.

     May the Spirit of Light and Truth be with you always,

     Betty Rhodes

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