and what spurs me on my 'mission'

by Betty Rhodes

1)  I believe the Great Spirit, aka the Holy Ghost is the True Creator of all life and is the polar opposite to the powers of darkness aka the satanic force.

Click here for chart separating these two polar forces.

2) I believe that a satanic dark force has deceived the masses of people throughout centuries of time, holding most individuals prisoner in religions that seduce and control the souls of man thereby preventing men and women from obtaining their ultimate purpose for their lives, which is to progress up the spiritual ladder of Ascension. Humankind’s ultimate goal is for a perfected state of existence, but is never achieved because of pseudo-god worship.

3) I believe that the ancient gods, deriving out of the Mesopotamian Valley, did NOT represent the Great Spirit Creator - but were in fact 'space travelers' - themselves a creation of the Spirit Creator and were like 'loose cannons' in the Universe -  some quite warlike -lacking any morals whatsoever, and perhaps some were/are good and decent.

4) I believe the reason for the bible to recognize 'holy ones' or 'chosen people', aka 'Israelite', is because these particular people are in fact, descendants of these early space traveler-gods and that the blood of the royal ‘god-head’ family of Elohiym runs through their veins. That may or may not make them any more 'special' or 'holy' to the Great Spirit Creator, however... but to the Elohiym gods they are 'descendants'. The Great Spirit Creator on the other hand, gravitates toward peace keepers, doers of righteousness and justice, promoters of good and right, humane actions, clean living, with wholesomeness and pureness in those who seek to preserve - rather than destroy, regardless of race, creed or religious beliefs. The qualities of the Great Spirit of Truth, Light and Love are entirely benevolent and those same qualities found in humans are naturally drawn toward the true Creator of such things and vice versa. 'You will know them by their fruits' as 'the fruit does not fall far from the tree'... 'evil is as evil does', etc.

5) I believe that a 'being', known as Lucifer originated as a great energy force, with influence and energy given him by the Creator to represent the Great Creator of Light – meant to be the original Messiah. However, Lucifer developed his own lofty aspirations and instead chose to serve the adversary, Satan, the polar opposite of the Great Spirit Creator. Lucifer is to Satan as the ‘Messiah’ is to the Holy Spirit Creator.

6) I believe that the Creator, aka, The Great Spirit of Light, allows Lucifer to influence our lives because we are going through a process of refinement - and the influence of this force seems to be the 'gravel' that brings forth the 'golden' nuggets of great worth.

7) I believe that once the identity of Lucifer, aka the man of sin or Satan’s advocate, has been made known, the world will then be ready to receive the Anointed 'Messiah' who will represent the Creator in truth and light . This redeemer will proclaim this truth across the entire Earth and to all nations. Descendants of the lost tribes of Israel and especially from the tribe of Joseph, seem to be the most humane of all races of people on Earth presently - as far as I can tell. Lost tribes of Israel are found within the Celtic, Anglo Saxon, and other white races of peoples found in America, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Europe, and other white nations, etc. The true tribe of Judah is mingled in with all the other tribes.
Click here for the Re-Unification of Israel.

8)  I do not believe that the bible is 'the word of our Creator', but that is not to say that it does not contain words of wisdom and knowledge. I believe the bible speaks about the Elohiym godhead in particular, and speaks on the existence of the force of evil. That it does contain basic underlining principles on how things should be - if there was not a Lucifer and if there was not a Satan. Some of the gods mentioned participated in much destruction, war, demoralization and other forms of destruction - which is the opposite of Creation. I also believe that these same gods took credit, or was wrongly given credit, for naturally occurring activity upon the Earth, such as the Great Flood, volcanoes erupting, earthquakes, the parting of the Red Sea, etc.

9) I absolutely do NOT believe that the act of animal sacrificing, or any kind of sacrificing, was from the Great Spirit Creator, nor is a sacrifice required of the Creator - except to rid one's self of Lucifer's influence, and stay clear of the Satanic forces of evil. To denounce Lucifer may prove to be too great a sacrifice to many people, for they fear to step out of their darkened caves. Click here for article on 'sacrifices are pagan'.

10) I do not believe that any religion holds the truth about why we came to this life, but rather, the purpose of these 'Babylonian-Lucifer-based' religions is only to serve Satan. I believe that Jesus came to teach us the way to Ascension, but Lucifer, with the help of the satanic forces, replaced this truth with their own lofty agenda.

11) I believe that King David, of the ancient Hebrew people, was aware of the Great Spirit Creator of Light and Its great Wisdom and that is why he was put into the position of King in the first place, but the kings thereafter and the authors of scripture, all lacking in understanding, turned 'knowing' into a molten-like calf of religious idolatry, which brought, or brings, service only to Lucifer.

12) I believe that the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon peoples ONCE represented biblical 'Manasseh' in the past, in a combined race of people; but today, combined, they all represent the power of 'Ephraim'. Most of today's powerful 'Jews' are not who they say they are - they are Khazar descendants and not descendants of the true Hebrew or Israelite people, but that of Esau. The prophet Jeremiah, in about the year 600 BCE, as per scripture, brought the true remnant Jews to the British Isles where they mixed with that of the other tribes of Israel. I believe that the religion of Judaism and the Talmud... is a religion of YHWH.

13) I believe that the city of Jerusalem will be 'overturned' in the future - as they were once overturned and then a 2nd time overturned, and a 3rd overturning will also take place. Why? Because as a people, the real Judah was to be the 'leaders' of peace, righteousness and a benefit to all mankind - today's Jews do not represent this - nor do today's Jews represent the tribe of Judah. Consequently, many true descendants of Judah have in fact gone to Israel so the population is mixed, which would be proved in their DNA if such a test was taken.

14) I believe those doing the true work of the Great Spirit Creator will never have the need to beg for money, such as TV evangelists and Internet religious scammers do - the Great Spirit provides all things as needed - but first it helps to denounce Satan.

15)  I do not believe that the Khazars, nor the Shepardi Jews, are descendants of the original tribe of Judah, as Judah today is mixed in with Ephraim, Manasseh, and the other ten tribes and that the re-unification of Israel was planted in a new land by Jeremiah. Remember that the Great Spirit Creator is not a discernor of any race - but the Elohiym on the other hand, probably do intend on claiming their descendants when they return. I do not know how this will all turn out in the end, for the Great Spirit may decide to destroy these space traveler gods before they get a chance to return. The Elohiym gods were merely advanced beings of superior intelligence and can be destroyed - just the same as they destroyed much life on this planet before Abraham's time.

16) I believe that the ancient Elohiym godhead manipulated the evolved life forms here on Earth thousands of years ago, resulting in the 'Adams and Eves', who became the indigenous peoples of the Earth, i.e., the brown skinned and the black skinned races of humankind. That the Asians are descendants of the Nefilim, the ousted political party from Hibiru [aka planet Nibiru], and were no less moral than any of the other space travelers - aka the Anunnaki; and that all white races are descendants of the Anunnaki citizens. The Elohiym, known as 'gods', belonged to the 'royal' family in political power on planet Hibiru - where the name Hebrew originated.

17) I believe that most of the space traveler-gods were immoral, including the Elohiym godhead, which put no or little value on human life and morality, and they committed many acts that would today be considered great sins. Nevertheless, they are our ancestors in one sense and wield more power than we do as Earthlings who have lost our ET-like abilities, unless the Great Spirit Creator, the source of our very souls, were to intervene on our behalf through an Anointed Messiah that has been given power to intervene on our behalf.

18)  I believe that some of today's Jews are probably descendants of the original Israelites, but as a people, the true descendants of Judah are those of Scottish ancestry - with lineage to the throne of Great Britain. I also believe that the identity of the Khazar Jews fit more the pattern of Esau - and not that of Judah, thus the identity of the true Jews has been hidden until now. Esau, in redeeming his birthright, has taken on the secret identity of being from the tribe of Judah. From this action Esau has 'regained' his birthright - until the Messiah comes to set the record straight.

a)  I have NO religion and do not believe in religions as the space traveler gods who did not represent the true Creator, but themselves, caused or created all religions for their own benefit. These same ‘gods’ may be found to actually represent ‘Lucifer’. I no longer belong to any organization, except to that of the human race and sometimes I wonder about that.... seeing that I find it difficult to relate to many of this distinction.

b)  Some of the articles that I write have been in my heart for many years but I've always hoped that someone else would write them, so I wouldn't have to, but of late the Spirit Creator has deepened the urge within me to make known to the world many wrongs that need to be made right. If you don't agree, if you don't like them, aren't moved by them, don't want them - then by all means, suit yourself - I am only sending forth what the Spirit of Truth moves me to write. I have been taken in the spirit many times and have been given messages of what to write - and this I try to accomplish above all else. I realize it is a dangerous 'mission' and I have many who pray for my ‘lost’ soul as well as those who wish I would cease and desist.

About Betty Rhodes

Betty Rhodes is first, a researcher, a truth seeker, an advocate of the Great Spirit, who she earnestly believes, is the TRUE Creator of all beings, as well as Creator of the Earth, the Universe, all knowledge and wisdom. She pays homage to NO 'gods' but acknowledges their ancient existence, some of whom seems historically evil, while others, recorded historically and mythically, appear to be benign. As far as their divinity - that is not for her to say. As a 'truth seeker’, Betty examines all subjects - nothing is off-limits - for she will leave no stone unturned in the quest for man's origins, knowledge and for higher truth. This quest for knowledge may not be another person's preference, but it is her preference, and she will not be told what to think and what is worthy of examination, or not worthy.
Betty has been labeled a Judas, a neo-pagan, a witch, a traitor, a betrayer, and an anti-Semite, among other things by narrow-minded people – but these accusations are ridiculous. While it is true that she is against organized religions of any type - and believes that religions have led people far from the actual truth of man’s origins, she recognizes other’s need for such organizations. As to the prophets and saints, on whose name the religions were initially instituted, she believes that they had a predestined mission to come to this Earth in order to carry out a particular mission; albeit, greedy, ruthless, power-thirsty men converted the work of these prophets into a dangerous organized institution that has caused much harm to humankind over the centuries.

Betty Rhodes believes that souls come to this life to progress spiritually, rather than materially - to achieve a higher realm of perfection, to learn through wisdom and knowledge and to assist others in this progression. She calls this process the Ascension of the human soul, which ultimately will enable souls to go through the veil that presently separates humans from the Great Spirit. This may not set easy in some people's minds, but this is her belief. She also believes that the man, known as Jesus, taught Ascension, but it went way over the heads of most close-minded people and was lost to humanity at that time - mainly due to the outright 'hands-on' influence of Lucifer using Satan’s power. Personally, she thinks Lucifer instituted the biggest conspiracy of all time and his advocates keep the facade going over the centuries.

Betty believes in reincarnation, predestined missions for the benefit of humanity, the Creation of the science we call Astrology and astrological cycles and patterns. She believes that the patterns and cycles of historical events are repeated during each Age, with humankind learning from mistakes or what actually benefits society. That there are natural inborn abilities such as prophetic dreams and visions seen by plain ordinary people; she also believes strongly in intuition, inspiration, instinct and certain psychic abilities. She believes she came to this Earth at the time that she did, to bring important messages to specific people.


  1. Feelings and a sense of knowing about a special mission since youth
  2. As a youth and young adult she had the ability to influence the weather many times
  3. The Waterfalls dream/vision/experience, so remarkable and real that it changed her life
  4. Her application to the Great Spirit for a 'job' at age 16
  5. Receiving true dreams, visions, and premonitions about events that actually took place later
  6. Great obsession, since youth, to 'slay' the 'beasts' mentioned in Scripture
  7. No religious affiliations, but has studied several
  8. Knowledge of the science of Astrology - a Seer - was led supernaturally to study this amazing science of the Creator
  9. Is against the idea of being 'politically correct' - believes that it is harmful to society as a whole
  10. Has Rh negative type O blood - purest form of blood - a universal donor
  11. From 'royal' Hebrew bloodlines on both sides of parents [Celtic & British], which deepens her confidence as a true 'Israelite'
  12. Ability to pick up on other's pain and suffering, i.e. empathy pains
  13. Unafraid to give the facts, even if it means loss of friends, family, and life
  14. Possesses a genius, open, and penetrating mind
  15. Been to the 'Mountain Top' with a Holy figure - and has been taken in the Spirit many times
  16. Knowledge, belief in, the Ancient Hebrew [Hiberian] People
  17. Acknowledgement of the Elohiym godhead's true identity - as Extraterrestrials from planet Hibiru
  18. Willingness to forsake all things to complete mission regarding the Great Spirit Creator
  19. Receive knowledge and wisdom through divine intervention [comes much the same way as empathy pains]
  20. Communication with the Great Spirit since days of youth - ability to 'tap' into precise wavelength for communication
  21. Money, material things, & friends, are not as important to her as her mission
  22. Obsession to correctly locate the 'lost tribes of Israel'
  23. Experienced 'Black Sunday' [September 23, 1950), and knew that it was an omen for the final days
  24. A natural talent that developed overnight for the use and capabilities of the computer and Internet
  25. As a rule, receives a literal circle of protection from severe storms that can actually be seen on radar screens [localized circle involving an approximate one mile radius]
  26. A truth seeker at heart, with an Astrological Natal Chart set up for precisely the kind of work & research that she does
  27. A 'been there - did that' memory that allows her to see the pattern for the lost tribes of Israel, which aids in further identification
  28. Heritage from the tribe of Joseph
  29. Has had various enemies who have wanted to stop her mission, with hopes of preventing her from revealing information pertinent to today's time
  30. Amazingly put at the right place, at the right time - in order to receive important clues, messages, and information, which proves to be vital to her mission of 'the unveiling'

May the Spirit of Truth and Light be with you always